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FC Bayern Munich: Apparently a decision about the future of Robert Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski and FC Bayern apparently go separate paths at the latest in 2023. As the bild reports, the striker announced the person responsible for the German record champion last week that he will not extend his contract that expires in one year after the coming season.

In the summer transfer period, FC Bayern has the last opportunity to sell Lewandowski for a transfer.

Recently, however, the FCB bosses had emphasized several times that the Pole will also play in Munich in the coming season. Nevertheless, there had been rumors about an immediate farewell. FC Barcelona should show interest.

When asked by bild, sports director Hasan Salihamidzic avoided a clear Dementi: “As I said: We will have discussions…”

Lewandowski is said to be annoyed that the talks about an extension of his contract have been delayed for so long. Even at the recent meeting between Salihamidzic and Lewy consultant Pini Zahavi, there is no official offer. In addition, the pole was angry that Bayern allegedly showed Haaland interest until the very end.

In addition, one could recently interpret the behavior of the striker so that Lewandowski has been completed with FC Bayern for a long time: he had left the master celebration early, when handing over the shell he had only sparsely celebrated with his teammates. He then left the Allianz Arena still.

Lewy wants to go: These strikers could inherit him from Bayern

Lewandowski: Relationship with Nagelsmann supposedly clouded

The relationship between Lewandowski and coach Julian Nagelsmann is said to also be burdened. Accordingly, Lewandowski and other veterans are dissatisfied with the lack of direct communication by the trainer and above all with the training content and the tactics.

“They find training to be annoying and too complex,” said an insider. In addition, Lewandowski in particular is bothered by Nagelsmann’s system change away from the 4-2-3-1 system because this has a negative impact on its final chances.

How realistic is a transfer to FC Barcelona? “First players have to go before new ones, it is complicated,” coach Xavi had recently emphasized on the possible transfer of a striker: “Barca has to strengthen every year, especially if we (the title) do not win, but The financial situation is as it is. ” According to information from Lewandowski and _Goal, Barca sees six players as unsalable.

LEWANDOWSKI unhappy with Bayern contract offer_HAALAND'S future reveals.

“I am 100 % assuming that Robert Lewandowski will play at Bayern next season,” Bayern patriarch Uli Hoeneß emphasized at the beginning of May: “Because he has a contract. Very simple.”

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Robert Lewandowski: Statistics at FC Bayern

Games Tore Templates yellow cards
373 343 72 36

How Nagelsmanns everyday life has changed since Dortmund

Now that the “Championship” point was ticked off on the checklist, Julian Nagelsmann starts his working day more relaxed. “I love that I have a little more time in the morning to drink a coffee more,” the Bayern coach replied grinning with the question of how his everyday work against Dortmund and the associated title grinning on Friday. has already changed.

He exchanged his coaching team in peace, added Nagelsmann, and has more time to “talk about the things that affect the medium -term, long -term future”. And of course he also talks to sports director Hasan Salihamidzic, the technical director Marco Neppe and with CEO Oliver Kahn about the management planning for the coming season.

Nagelsmann, although he naturally wants to take the games against Mainz, Stuttgart and Wolfsburg, also want to take a maximum of serious view of the coming season in which the pressure will increase for him. “I have a few general topics that I am working on, which you can otherwise work out less in everyday league life.”

Julian Nagelsmann's Bayern Munich Tactics Explained | Bayern Munich 2021/22 Tactical Analysis |

“Lists created to changes that we want to make”

For example: “Create position profiles, feed it with video. That every player simply can quickly fall back on the video on his cell phone next year, if he may play in an unusual position, and then see the four or five points for the position are asked. ” In addition, Nagelsmann has created a few lists of changes that we want to make for the new season; the content of things that can be made a bit better. “

These topics will determine the next two or three weeks before Nagelsmann, after a “not very simple” first season as a Bayern coach, also temporarily say goodbye to vacation.

FC Bayern: Return? Alexander Nübel renews rejection

Alexander Nübel has emphasized again that he will definitely be returned to Bayern in the coming season. Even a comeback in 2023/24 is currently excluded for the keeper.

The bare facts are clearly: Alexander Nübel stands after his change from FC Schalke 04 in the summer of 2020 until 2025 at FC Bayern Munich under contract. To collect game practice, the goalkeeper is currently borrowed at AS Monaco. The lend is dated until the end of June 2023. After that, the 25-year-old should start in Munich. But that’s probably nothing, because Platzhirsch Manuel new does not think of stopping.

Therefore, a premature return is anyway from the table. “At the moment it is not an issue. If Bayern is about anything else, we have to talk about it. But for me it is not a topic right now,” Nubel explained in “picture”. And then, too, it should be difficult with playing time for the former Schalke and Paderborner.

“I do not think Manuel newly puts on the bank. If he is there, he will play,” the goalkeeper was pessimistic and added significantly, “I do not think I’ll come back to Bayern during the time “

Nübel: Would not put me on the bank at FC Bayern

Fallout from Bayern Munich’s elimination from Champions League | ESPN FC
At the current time, Nübel does not seem to be a head to do the situation in Munich anyway. “If Manu is extending three or four years now and continues at the level, that’s the way. If not, that’s different. The club decides in the end. But that does not matter to me now,” said the 1.93 meter Great keeper, which is currently in the fight for the Champions League places with AS Monaco.

Nubel does not regret the change to FC Bayern about two years ago, despite developments. “I would do it right again. 100 percent,” he stressed.

“From the quality this is the top in world football. I would always do it so much. You see where it goes, where you are for yourself, but the goalkeeper led, but I would not work out:” But now I would not have myself put more there on the bank. “

Mainz loan Kilian hopes for whereabouts on 1 FC Cologne

Luca Kilian wants to run over the next season for the 1st FC Cologne.

“Regardless of whether we play internationally in the coming season, I feel comfortable in Cologne and the FC. And that’s why I really want it to help me here. The chances of my whereabouts at FC are not so bad ‘I think, “said the central defender in the interview the” coming seasonsbouth “.

The 22-year-old football professional is borrowed from the Bundesliga rival FSV Mainz 05, against which he achieved the winner last weekend at the 3: 2 the winner and at the same time his first Bundesligator at all. Problems to cheer his decisive hit, he had “absolutely not. I was happy, because it was a decisive goal for the FC. Since I left my emotions free run. Just from these emotions, the football lives,” Said Kilian.

FC Cologne produces stunning comeback vs. Mainz | Bundesliga Highlights | ESPN FC

The Cologne are five gaming days before the end of the season with 43 points on table spot eight and has real opportunities on an international starting place in the coming season. “We do not play around the golden pineapple in the remaining five games, but to achieve something for the club. And one thing is clear: jumps out in the end of Europe, then no one says no.”

His grandfather Amand Theis introduced around 300 Bundesliga games for the 1st FC Nuremberg, Kickers Offenbach, Borussia Dortmund and Fortuna Düsseldorf. And he gives his grandson tips. “He’s always a fire and flame, writes me before every game and looks at every game. Then we’ll talk about what was good, and what may not be so good. However, I believe that the grandpa was a bit more rustic “Kilian said.

Gladbach | Virkus: Thats why the future of Adi Hütter is open

Gladbach Gladbach sportss director Roland Virkus has spoken openly about communication with coach Adi Hütter in terms of the coming season. Whether it continues with the Austrian, it is still open.

Before the season, Adi Hütter moved for a transfer of 7.5 million euros and hoping for great successes of Eintracht Frankfurt to Borussia Mönchengladbach, but just before completion of the current season, the class yet stopped with Oh and Krach to be booked. There is disappointment on both sides: both the Gladbach sportss people and Hütter had promised more.

Asked by the “kicker” whether a constellation could arise that Hütter is no longer coaches of foal eleven in the coming season, Virkus said, “Our goal is clear: We want to go to the new season with him.”. Then, however, the 55-year-old gave insights into the procedure of the club, which shows that a whereabouts of the coach does not consider certainly.

It is “but the most normal in the world that we put together and talk about the project that lies in front of Borussia. Therefore, there was no time because we had to cope with other tasks through the athletic situation,” said Virkus. It seems possible that Hütter, who was lured by other promises for the future to Gladbach, wants to reorient.

Gladbach Gladbach sportss director Virkus: These questions are to be clarified with Hütter

Vorstellung Roland Virkus als neuer Sportdirektor
“The prerequisites under which Adi Hütter has given his commitment were others, that’s right,” Virkus admitted. “That’s why it’s about putting themselves together in peace, looking at each other deep into the eyes and talking absolutely over everything.”

The upcoming questions are therefore for the Gladbach sportss director: “Does the coach assume the changed circumstances? What do his transfer requests look like? Can he identify with the goals of the club? You have to discuss that. To find a common way in the end. “

Anyway, he did not get signals of doubts from Hütter, explained the 55-year-old. “The exchange is good, we are in many things of the same opinion,” Virkus described the relationship between the two.

Record number of messages for the Regionalliga Nord 2022/23

The NFV speaks in a message from Friday from a “message for the new season”. Accordingly, a total of 35 football clubs from northern Germany – including the third division TSV Havelse and SV Meppen – requested approval for the regional league North of the gentlemen for the coming season 2022/23 on time and submitted their documents to the NFV test. This means a record number of messages.

After examining all documents received, the NFV Commission will decide prevention & security / approval at the beginning of May on the granting of the approvals.

From the individual national associations of the NFV, the following clubs have set an application for the Regional League North of the Lords for the coming season:

Lower Saxony (19 clubs):

1. FC Germania Egestorf / Langreder
BSV NFVs Emden
BSV “black and white” rehden
Hannover 96 U 23

HSC of 1893
Lüneburger SK Hansa
Sports Club Spelle Venhaus
SSV Jeddeloh
SV Atlas Delmenhorst
SV Drochtersen / Assel
SV Meppen
SV Ramlingen-Ehlershausen
TSV Havelse
TuS Blue-White Lohn
U.S.I. Lupo Martini Wolfsburg
Vfb Oldenburg
VfL Oldenburg
VFV Borussia 06 Hildesheim

Hamburg (6 clubs):

Altona 93
FC Eintracht Norderstedt
F.C. Teutonia Ottensen 05
St. Pauli U 23
Hamburger SV U 21
Wandsweier TSV Concordia

Bremen (3 clubs):

Bremer SV
Brinkumer SV
SV Werder Bremen U 23

4. Spieltag Regionalliga Nord der Herren - Finalrunden

Schleswig-Holstein (7 clubs):

1. FC Phoenix Lübeck
Heider sv
KSV Holstein U 23
SC Soft Flensburg 08
SV Eichede
SV death fields
VFB Lübeck

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