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The sensation of Munich: As Germanys basketball gamer, the only EM

This Thursday night (8:30 p.m.), the German national basketball group will certainly begin the begin of the European Home Championship in Perfume against France. A home European Championship is not the initial time for the Germans virtually thirty years back, yet it was an extremely special one.

In 1993, today’s train of title aspirant Serbia is particular: his team can achieve a great deal at the residential EM-even if the finest placement of a West German team is a fifth area in the 1985 European Championship. Our goal is Munich, he states. The last round takes location in the Bavarian resources, however the trainer wants also a lot more: Our objective has to be a medal.

The time is interesting when the European Basketball Championship is to take place in Germany in 1993. Political turmoils have shaped brand-new countries as well as new national groups with them. At the 1992 Olympic Games, the American Dream team around Michael Jordan makes certain basketball interest, German gamers like Detlef Schrempf appear in the best organization, the NBA.

Our objective needs to be a medal.

Svetislav Pesic

In an incredibly impressive documentary that Bayerischer Rundfunk generated for the 20th anniversary of the European Championship title in 2013, the Serb later on remembers its building job in German Basketball, which began 6 years before the tournament. Pesic does not speak German when taking workplace, however believes in the capacity.

Pesic develops rubbing, yet likewise welds the group together

Regular for Pesic: The controversial trainer produces friction, takes gamers like Welp or playmaker Kai Nürnberger hard-to-do to provide self-confidence as well as weld a group together.

The intermediate round after that nearly obtains to the calamity. Versus France, the German selection deserves the first game, against EM beginner Croatia it established a 63:70 loss. Whatever depends on the last game versus the Turks, which are numerous supported in Berlin.

A great deal goes incorrect prior to the competition even started. Super star Schrempf is missing because of injury. Pesic also generates Christian Welp. The trainer desires to delete it from the squad because the Center of Permanent Master Leverkusen will not come to prepare in time. The Organization Presidium is transferring, ultimately Pesic leaves the team the choice. Welp, that had not played for the DBB group for years, travels late, yet is in the team at the beginning versus Estonia.

In the last group game, the DBB choice draws a challenging video game versus Slovenia on its side, enables the challenger’s a secret fave that arised from the former Yugoslavia after half-time only 15 points (79:57). The viewer for the target market still remains low, however at least: the initial stage destination has been reached.

Svetislav Pesic at the party two decades after the European Championship title. Imago sports photo service

The complete final round happens in Munich, the DBB-Tross moves from the resources to Bavaria. Throughout the flight whatever diminished from us, we were released, had reached our objective, the passionate defender Michael Koch later on recalled at the BR. The brand-new beginning factor? We remain in Munich and can currently play easily.

The initial European Championship game ends up being a big dissatisfaction. In the Berlin Deutschlandhalle, which was knocked down in 2011, the German team accumulates a 103:11 defeat against outsider Estonia at the start.

Spain is rioted by the Greek fans after the semi-finals

The world stands still for a portions of a second, since the emergency toss is coming close to the ring damn hazardously. Rather of whiz via the reuse, he jumps off moments later on the German gamers tear their arms up. The Olympic Hall blows up in a solitary jubilee cry, the German players can barely think their luck, lie in their arms, slap with followers and holler out their pleasure.

The Iberer, a kind of anxiety challenger, had previously lost one game in this tournament, against Greece-on that the German group currently hit in the semi-finals. In any type of situation, the DBB option hardly provides the European champion in 1987 a chance. Just when leads Greece, and also need to be defeated after a focused performance by the Germans with 73:76.


Components of the Greek followers then begin to trouble, the cops need to step in and clear the Olympichall. For the Germans, on the various other hand, the cheers are limitless. For the first time they are in an EM final as well as have a medal. Hardly any individual believed that was feasible.

Captain of Germans: Hansi Gnad versus Greece.

Russia leads 10 seconds before the final alarm with 70:68. Point player Nürnberger brings the ball into the opposing half-female, he is applauding on the rate from the target market. The Guard is trying to find and finds Welp with a perfect, creative plug-in pass past 2 challengers. The center climbs up 3.9 secs before completion and satisfies by dunk to make up as well as is fouled. Weeeeeelp, Fritz von Thurn as well as Taxis, who discusses the ready the ARD, howls into his microph1. What did I inform you? Confetti is currently being thrown on the rankings.

Welp is seeking the magnitude again, makes a course through the big festivity grape and literally storms right into the cabin. In the television program, you can see just how it just vanishes from the ideal edge of the photo, virtually came across the shut-off strap. As after the Spain video game, the match winner needs a little rest.

A free toss is now dividing from the title. Welp steps on the line, lets the sphere jump a couple of times, takes a breath through and also fulfill safely. Germany is European champ, calls by Thurn and also Taxi cabs.

The time is amazing when the European Basketball Championship is to take area in Germany in 1993. In an extremely amazing documentary that Bayerischer Rundfunk created for the 20th wedding anniversary of the European Championship title in 2013, the Serb later on remembers its building job in German Basketball, which began 6 years before the tournament. In 1993, today’s trainer of title aspirant Serbia is specific: his team can attain a whole lot at the residential EM-even if the best placement of a West German group is a fifth area in the 1985 European Championship. The initial European Championship game ends up being a big disappointment. Germany is now calling for Russia, which, as the successor to the 14-time European Champ of the USSR, will certainly take part in an EM for the initial time.

Since the DBB option narrowly makes the dive out of the intermediate round, Spain is waiting for a real heavyweight. Germany fulfills the extremely favored Spaniard at eye level.

Later on he proudly puts the trophy with his teammates. He is also recognized as a tournament MVP. He that would certainly practically not have been there. And Welp, that died surprisingly and also much too early in 2015, after that decides to give a television interview. Being European champion, he whispers, almost timid. Not every person can say that.

After four quarters, the overtime has to decide, in which the debatable Welp of all locations initially brings the rebound and then decided to determine points for the 79: 77 triumph. The very first large exclamation mark is established, and there is later talk of the biggest day of German basketball in the ARD.

As well as the instructor knows that his team can now do well. Germany is currently calling for Russia, which, as the successor to the 14-time European Champ of the USSR, will certainly take component in an EM for the very first time. The Germans be successful in keeping the video game open for a long time-the significant final seconds start.

To be European champion… Not every person can say that

The European champions from 1993: Stephan Baeck, Gunther Behnke, Hans-Jürgen Gnad, Henning Harnisch, Michael Jackel, Moritz Kleine-Brockhoff, Michael Koch, Jens Kujawa, Kai Nürnberger, Teoman Öztürk, Henrik Rödl, Christian Welp; Trainer Svetislav Pesic, assistant instructor Bernd Röder and also Burkhard Prigge, Delegation Head Jörg Trapp, division head competitive sports Jürgen Molitor, team physician Dr. Jürgen Klein, physiotherapist Klaus Braus, physio therapist Dieter Happ and manager Adi Zaar.

Semi-finals to house and also we have an away game.

Hansi Gnad about the Greek fans in the hall.

How Nagelsmanns everyday life has changed since Dortmund

Now that the “Championship” point was ticked off on the checklist, Julian Nagelsmann starts his working day more relaxed. “I love that I have a little more time in the morning to drink a coffee more,” the Bayern coach replied grinning with the question of how his everyday work against Dortmund and the associated title grinning on Friday. has already changed.

He exchanged his coaching team in peace, added Nagelsmann, and has more time to “talk about the things that affect the medium -term, long -term future”. And of course he also talks to sports director Hasan Salihamidzic, the technical director Marco Neppe and with CEO Oliver Kahn about the management planning for the coming season.

Nagelsmann, although he naturally wants to take the games against Mainz, Stuttgart and Wolfsburg, also want to take a maximum of serious view of the coming season in which the pressure will increase for him. “I have a few general topics that I am working on, which you can otherwise work out less in everyday league life.”

Julian Nagelsmann's Bayern Munich Tactics Explained | Bayern Munich 2021/22 Tactical Analysis |

“Lists created to changes that we want to make”

For example: “Create position profiles, feed it with video. That every player simply can quickly fall back on the video on his cell phone next year, if he may play in an unusual position, and then see the four or five points for the position are asked. ” In addition, Nagelsmann has created a few lists of changes that we want to make for the new season; the content of things that can be made a bit better. “

These topics will determine the next two or three weeks before Nagelsmann, after a “not very simple” first season as a Bayern coach, also temporarily say goodbye to vacation.

Nagelsmann after championship title: The year was not so easy

Only Matthias Sammer became a coach still younger champion as Julian Nagelsmann. The coach gone to Munich in the summer has thus brought his first title with FC Bayern, his first great title ever. “It all went very fast, the year was not quite so easy. I am very glad we crowned it now with the championship title,” says Nagelsmann after the encounter at “Sky”.

Of course, a first analysis of the game was not missing in the meticulous 34-year-old: “I think we’ve made a good game and have earned masters, I am very satisfied. If we had not won today, it would have been an unnecessary damper. We have to close the game earlier, but then have defended very well and passionately. “

Nagelsmann after Bayern Munich's loss to Villarreal 'We were lucky it was only 1-0' | UCL
At the end it was said against the direct competitors from Dortmund 3: 1 for Bayern, the tenth championship in a row was perfect. From Cup and Champions League the Munich are out, so it’s sporting this season nothing more. The right time to turn off. “You should enjoy this for a few days now, we have analyzed a lot in the last two weeks and worked up. Now you have to leave all five times a few days,” said Nagelsmann.

Nagelsmann: “Made right in the championship”

Nevertheless, the coach looked back on hard depths, such as the crissful cup in Gladbach (0: 5 in the 2nd round) or the Champions League failure against Villarreal. “The game in Gladbach, where I was at home, was hard. The excretion against Villarreal hurt, because we have done more. The week after that was extreme Tristesse,” the coach reported, but also the positive things showed out: “We played outstanding good football in the first round. In the second half we had a few fluctuations. But in the championship we did a lot right.”

And that ended now in the tenth championship title in series, which was not successful in the top 5 leagues yet. The evening in Munich will now end wet-happy. “I’m prepared with fresh clothes,” laughed Nagelsmann, who had to survive the one or the other beer shower before.

DFL plant VBL Grand Final offline

Actually, on the virtual media round of the DFL on Wednesday last questions about the final of the VBL Club Championship has been clarified. Towards the end of the press conference, Christopher Wolschier, Head of Internal Communication and Innovation Communication of the DFL, said the individual competition.

After completing the VBL Open at the end of March, this looks first the play-offs on 7 and 8 May, in which 128 participants fight for 16 finals. 100 players come from the VBL Open, 24 from the VBL Club Championship and four have qualified through the newly introduced community cups.

“If the conditions allow it”

The 16 play-off winners include the 16 finalists of the German FIFA individual championship, which were determined by a top 4-placement of their clubs in the VBL Club Championship. 32 FIFA professionals, only a shell – The successor search for defending champion Umut ‘Umut’ Gültekin will be pursued with tension.

And not just about the traditional live stream and in the free TV, but possibly on site: the DFL is planning the VBL Grand Final as an offline event – under the presence of audience. “If the conditions allow, even with spectators,” Wolschier formulated the objective on Wednesday.

Showdown by 100,000 euros

GCA - One Day 6 (50) - Grand Final - Highton v Newtown & Chilwell

This is strongly assuming that the DFL is already working under high pressure at a corresponding hygiene concept for this project. Already the upcoming finale of the VBL Club Championship celebrates its premiere on the offline stage, but only some press representatives are loaded.

For the Grand Final of the individual competition, the next step is to be done in returning to normal. The final round will be held in the event location XPost in Cologne, 100,000 euros are available as a prize pool pool at the game. Further information about the framework should follow in the coming weeks.

VBL: Head-An-Head Showdown around Play

For numerous teams of the Virtual Bundesliga (VBL) Club Championship by Bevestor is on the last major round game day again. In particular, the struggle for the outstanding play-off tickets promises voltage to the end.

It is particularly close to the South East Division: The seats four and seven are currently separated by only four points – even the 1st FC Nuremberg, who never noted in the course of the season never been worse than rank four, may not feel safe.

The francs next to their current placement but on their side: against the TSG Hoffenheim and the SPVGG Greuther Fürth, Nuremberg has been in hand to keep two direct pursuers at a distance on Wednesday night.

Reconcilient degree for Hertha?

It is particularly exciting for Hertha BSC. The capitals are currently only ranked seven, would therefore miss the final round after the current state. Does the curling course of Cihan ‘Cihan’ Yasarlar & Co. with previous placements between the ranks 6 and 13 a conciliatory conclusion?

The decision falls in the games against Frankfurt and Regensburg, in which the Hertha (93) needs as many points as possible to overtake at least one of the better placed teams from Hoffenheim (93), Augsburg (94) and Nuremberg (97).

Two high hurdles for Ingolstadt

Finals (57kg) DIAZ JAVIER (BUL) vs KHALOKOV ABDUMALIK (UZB) | Strandja 2022
A photofinish is also at the top to be expected – with a completely unpredictable exit. While for the leaders FC Ingolstadt 04, the current two-point lead speaks, RB Leipzig seems to have the better cards at the view of the contracts.

While the Leipzig, in which sparklers different from different ‘Vejrgang in the previous week, gave a promising debut to do with Sandhausen and Darmstadt, it goes for Ingolstadt against Hoffenheim and in the Featured Match against Heidenheim.

“Difficult opponents” have the competitor, Leipzig’s ‘RBLZ_Gaucho’ said in advance of the VBL: “I think we have all the chances of turning the situation.”

Gold plated Rostock the final spurt?

Even a little closer is at the top of the North-West Division in which the SV Werder Bremen and Hansa Rostock are separated by only one point. With a 18-point evening Rostock had again catapulted in the front week near the top and made clarity in the play-off race.

With Siegen against Schalke and Hannover, on Tuesday, there could even be the leap to the top for the VBL debutant to Henning ‘FCH_Henning’ Wilbusse and Levy Finn ‘Levyfinn’ Rieck. Meanwhile, Bremen meets Bochum and – at the end of the evening – on Paderborn.

Cologne is forced to watch

The 1st FC Cologne looks forward to the 1st FC Cologne, because the seven-point lead in place Seven only looks comfortable at first glance: the Cologne only seems again – from 18 clock against Hamburg – can be a maximum of nine points on Tuesday Retract.

Subsequently, the ceiling bats are for watching and bonding damn. On the perfect evening, the pursuers Schalke (7 points residue), Bochum (8) and Gladbach (11) hope to be intercepted by the Cologne.

Hannover wants to eliminate residual doubt

Significantly better is the situation for the Hamburg SV and FC St. Pauli: both are currently in the peak sex and thus have the final round participation in their own hands. Hamburg still meets Wolfsburg after the game against Cologne; St. Pauli joins Wolfsburg and Bochum.

Hannover hopes to a conciliatory main round end: The team around Riad ‘H96_riad’ Fazlija had first place eight gaming days in a row, but then crashed. As a table profit with ten points ahead of rank seven missing the Lower Saxony only a few meters to eliminate the residual doubt on the play-off participation.

65 000 euros VBL Club Championship for the first time with prize money

VBL Open ESPORT: The anniversary season will stop soon, ten years VBL – how do you look back at the time and where you want to stand in ten years?

Jörg polite: I believe that today we are talking about ten years of VBL, is a success for the DFL. We can already look back with proud of what the colleagues at that time are extremely farsighted with EA SPORTS. Of course, the whole topic has changed fundamentally over the years.

It started all this is a bit far as activation of a partnership between EA and DFL. But we have more and more recognized that there is a social trend in the topic of esport. We have accepted this and developed the competitions accordingly.

The most important milestone was certainly the founding of the VBL Club Championship three years ago in the 2018/19 season, previously there were developments in our clubs who have turned more and more to the espport.

The prize money provides an additional sporting incentive behind the performance of a club.

Jörg Polite, Head of VBL

And the future?

When we look at the next ten years, prophecies are extremely difficult because the whole ecosystem continues to be in a young stage – also globally seen. There are great development potentials where we want to stay tuned.

In addition, we pursue perspective the goal of having all the 36 clubs organized in the DFL, want to approach the logical step. I think there we have done good work in recent years, will make good work in the coming season and I m confident that we will do that in the next few years.

The changes communicated so far compared to the preseason of the VBL Club Championship are very highly limited. Is this as a sign of satisfaction or ideaslessness?

It is simply that we have developed the competition very intensively together with clubs in recent years. The core is an integral competition, among other things, on the basis of the feedback from the community we could identify what the other Needs are. This further development, which has also striked quantitatively many adjustments, have now completed first, but remain flexible at any time if there are further adjustments.

These clubs are included in the new season. DFL

It is also important if we talk about professionalization that the planability becomes binding and the novelties become less. This does not mean that we exclude changes in the coming season. We have some qualitative adjustments that are also necessary to achieve the further professionalization of the competition.

There is already a lot to tell. But we talk about fine adjustments. That s a very good development in my eyes, because there is more and more satisfaction both on the club and DFL side as well as on the community page.

An Integral Competition is always related to the financiousness. Just on the sides of the clubs who now pay the players. Is there any changes regarding the financial aspect?

That s a good point, it s a topic where there is actually a news. We had already increased the prize money pool in individual competition last year to 100,000 euros. For the coming season, we decided to deduct a prize money as part of the VBL Club Championship – totaling 65,000 euros.

This is a decision we have taken together with the clubs and from whom we believe that they depict the good development of the VBL Club Championship. The prize money represents an additional sporting incentive behind the performance of a club.

Can you already reveal how the 65,000 euros are broken down?

Unfortunately, no.

Which surprise announcements do not expect us before it starts again in November?

I think the prize money was already a surprise. On November 1st our season starts with the VBL Open by Bevestor, where we look forward to seeing. We continue the only league whose mode is integrated into the game.

We have spotted a little bit there after appropriate community feedback and will extend the VBL Open in the game by a month – from four to five months. So you will go from November to March. We also have also reduced to community feedback the number of matches to be disposed monthly from 90 to 60.

Umut Gültekin won the last VBL individual championship. imago images / motivio

What is new in the VBL Club Championship?

When we talk about the VBL Club Championship, which starts on November 9, we first have two new clubs [Hansa Rostock and FC Ingolstadt; Note d. Red.], Which have risen from the 3rd league. The media product has also been further developed and, moreover, some things that contribute to integrity. We have created comparable structures to the Bundesliga in some places.

The fans know from the Bundesliga maybe the gate system, via the player messages take place. We have now launched a comparable system for the Virtual Bundesliga. And – as I said – we also adapted the media product after the feedback was very positive about the VBL Grand Final last season. There is one or the other surprise waiting for the viewers.

Basically, we are satisfied with the number of participants stabilized at this high level.

Jörg Polite, Head of VBL

The extension of the VBL Open would mean that the qualification inspection for the VBL Open Playoffs is handled differently. Will less players in the Open Playoffs per month, or will the number remain the same and a total of more players in the Open Playoffs?

There will be a bit different. We will return to the topic of integrity. For us it is important to continue to have a competitive size of 64 players per console in the VBL Open Playoffs, ie 128 players. Because the end also allows different formats.

To explain what that means everything exactly, would go into more detail again. Basically, the number of participants for the VBL Open Playoffs remain identical, consequently, however, the respective qualifiers will be distributed a little differently in these five months.

You have just addressed the two new clubs. Besides the second division rising levels no further new additions could be proclaimed. Before the past season, it had been four new clubs even without changing the league. What is the stagnation to explain?

Basically, we are satisfied first that the number of participants has stabilized at this high level. We welcome 26 of the 36 clubs of the DFL E.V. in the Virtual Bundesliga, which is a sign of professionalization in our eyes. That so many clubs are and stay, I interpret that you also see potential in Efootball.

With Eintracht Braunschweig and the Würzburg VBL Opens have left us two clubs. But not voluntary, but because they excreted their descent from the 2nd Bundesliga from the DFL circle. As far as the clubs are concerned, which has not yet decided to participate in the VBL Club Championship, the motivations are not lump-sum through us, but by the clubs themselves.

In the place briefly inherent: In the last season, the essence money has been introduced. Do you think that the gain of clubs that did not only have to earn the sporting authority for participation, especially with them?

As I said, after the motives you would have to ask the clubs. I believe that some clubs have simply recognized the possibilities of Efootball and continue there – without this fundamentation would probably not participate in the competition. As far as money flows between the DFL and the clubs are concerned, we also proceed in our classic competitions so that we do not comment.

For the coming year […] we are at the present time good hope to have live events again.

Jörg Polite, Head of VBL

For said VBL Grand Final, for example, Elias was connected as community darling, other great names of the scene even moderated. What measures are taken in terms of popularization of transfers?

I had already mentioned that we have considered the media product, always listening to opinions of the community and there have been a lot of positive feedback around the Grand Final. We orient ourselves to rotate on appropriate set screws.

We are always with well-known names from the scene in exchange and look, which ways there is to involve them purposeful and meaningful. And we are sure that we can also proclaim one or the other for the start of the season in this area.

In the past, the DFL was always reaffirmed the importance of storytelling in the transfers. What progress has been made here?

I believe that it is not just about storytelling, but above all about making the spectators and followers of the Virtual Bundesliga as well as possible. Of course, this means a high-class competition for us as an interior, but it also includes good entertainment.

And exactly with these formats, for example, we want to approach the fans, for example, the players. We have already shown in the past season that smaller stories over players or clubs are interested in interest. This is our goal in the coming season.

Heidenheim has just introduced his new VBL team. Imago Images / Press photo Baumann

What opportunities are you looking for the current state of the pandemic regarding the VBL show? Will a remote production be made again?

In the last season, despite the challenges of the pandemic, all matches of the VBL Club Championship for the fans were seen. We will also guarantee that in the coming season – without if and however. As far as the type of production is concerned, we have produced very successfully in the last season, even this will be our state in the coming season.

Of course, a bit of course resulting that the health of all those involved for us continues to be the highest good. On the other hand, we have to see how the winter develops and have a greater flexibility with this procedure.

For the coming year, when the Club Championship finale and the VBL Grand Final take place, we are at the present time good hope to have live events again. As these are to be shaped then, we have to wait and depends on the pandemic location and the regulations of the various institutions.

The FIFA 22 Global Series is PlayStation-Exclusive, why not the VBL?

We looked at the clubs together with the clubs, which players we have in Germany. And have seen that the Xbox continues to play a role in console distribution. Of course, how that develops in the next gene, we have to wait.

In principle, however, it is so that we have decided on both the relevant amount of Xbox players in the past to subscribe to our competitions on both consoles. The highly qualified and highly talented Xbox players in Germany wanted to take on this year.

We will watch together with the clubs how the whole thing is moving in the coming season with developments around Global Series. Of course there can be a shift. But for this season, the decision was clear to continue to play on both platforms.

WEADER GAMING NEWS UND Everything from the world of ESPORT is available on earlygame.


Everything about FIFA 22

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FIFA 22. Rumors, Infos, Leaks, Publications of EA: All you find here.

65.000 Euro: VBL Club Championship for the first time with prize money

FIFA 21 vs. FIFA 22: Graphic comparison on the PS5

Riot Games 2021 Rolled Cup Winning Ring with Mercedesventz

[Data provided: Riot Games]

\ – Mercedes-Mercedes – Benz and special winning ring production

\ – We will present directly to the championship at the trophy ceremony

\ – Riot Games YouTube production process Documentary disclosure

Riot Games released the Championship Ring Design Awarded to the World Championship Championships on the 21st 2021 World Championship.

The World Championship ring that the team to win the World Championship this year, the World Championship Ringiel Games and Mercedes-Mercedes-Benz made strength.

Riot Games Brand and Event Design Team and Mercedes-Benz s Extorer Designers in Mercedes – Benz, the World Championship Ring, co-produced by special designs, and the symbolic colors, which represent the cup of a summoner, Sports 2021 unique decorations and patterns are engraved.

Located in Los Angeles, Good Art Hollywood, handmade work, has been made in 18 carat white gold and custom cut sapphires, and the part of the hand of the summoner is decorated with genuine diamonds.

The Championship ring specifically designed for the team for members, such as the 2021 World Championship Championship Team s players, directors, and coaches are given. The winning ring is designed to fit the fingers for the fingers of the athlete s summoning mission and the abbreviation of the team. World Championship Ring will be awarded to the championship with the Cup of the Summoner at the trophy awarded with Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Mercedes-Benz and Riot Games will disclose a short documentary that exclusively illuminates the World Championship Ring Production Course through the Mercedes Championship Finals.

Riot Games Naz Aleta League of Legend> e Sports Global General World Championship Ring Represents a tradition that has a history in the field of sports, indicating excellent excellence and best achievement.

Since 2020, Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-Benz has been achieving the League of Legend> e-Sports s best players, League of Legend> E sports s best achievement in the process of making the best achievement in design and innovation I am very happy to express the enthusiasm of the cooperation.

Mercedes-Mercedes-Benz AG s Stepipen Call Advanced Exterior Design, I have accepted the championship ring production offer, he said, he said to express the identity of the two companies and design philosophy through the unique ring design.

In addition, I am expecting a moment to win a winner at a trophy ceremony, he said, This ring is a real work that is reflected in Mercedes DNA.

Pok mon VGC is back key dates and details of the next world circuit

Pokémon (pronounced [pɔ.ke.mɔn]; in Japanese ポケモン, Pokemon, pronounced [Po̞ke̞m̞ɴ̞ɴ]) is a franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1996, presents in particular in video games, in series edited by Nintendo. According to Nintendo statistics in 2010, Pokémon games sold about 250 million units. The red and blue Pokémon video game has sold more than 30 million copies, making it a record record in the history of video game.

Tournament Winning Games | 3 Minor Regions | RLCS Fall Regional 1
The franchise is also exploited in the form of anime, manga, and collectible card games. In the animated series homonymous, the main character, sacha, travel through various fictitious regions in order to catch new kinds of eponymous monsters, a concept that is also found in the video games of the franchise. Pokémon has had a very important cultural impact in the countries where it has been introduced, including Japan, the United States, Canada, France and other European countries.

The competitive of Pokémon will return to normal next year 2022 . After playing the bulk of the last two seasons in line format, those responsible for the circuit have confirmed that the return of face-to-face events next year. A return that affects the main games and its characteristic format VGC , but also to alternative franchise products such as the game of cards, Pokkén Tournament DX and even Pokémon Go. The latter, incorporating the official circuit for the first time.

The return of Pokémon VGC

Although some previous tracks indicate that the competition could be kept in sword and shield, since The Pokémon Company have not wanted to assure him in his last statement. Be in these games or in the new remakes Pokémon pearl brightness and gleaming diamond , it is clear that international and regional tournaments return. A circuit ranked with many stops in Europe and the United States that will lead to a great world championship next summer.

The key dates for Europe are the following:

Days 26 and 27 March : Liverpool Regional Championship, UK
From April 22 to 24 : Frankfurt International Championship, Germany
Days 7 and 8 May : Regional Championship of Bilbao, Spain
Days 4 and 5 June : Milan Regional Championship, Italy
From June 24 to 26 : International Columbus Championship, United States

Depending on the results obtained by the players throughout these events, they will be able to qualify for the World Cup that will take place in London during the month of August 2022 . A somewhat shorter season than other years that will return to the competitive circuit of Pokémon, which curiously has an extraordinary dependence on holding face-to-face events.

Keep in mind that there will be a few restrictions regarding the celebration of events . For example, it will be mandatory that any player who wants to compete present a vaccination certificate. Identical situation for the public or tournament staff.

European players with enough classified points can request the payment of the trip to The Pokémon Company to compete in the Tournament

FIFA quartet extended TSG relies on continuity

Founded in late summer 2020, TSG Esports launched a few weeks later in the first VBL Club Championship season. After smaller start-up difficulties, Hoffenheimer in the course of the regular playing time came into progress and in the end was a strong fourth place in the Süd-Ost division to be booked – and the entry into the final chance round.

There, the slightly favored Bayer 04 Leverkusen was beaten to the then German Vice-Champion Kai Deto Wollin, who has ended his active career now. And although in the great final of the association competition as a group regulator, the reaching of the K.-Phase was handed, the performance as one of the six best German clubs may be considered success.

bassinho and lukas 1004 remain first row

Especially Jan-Luca Bassinho Bass and Lukas Lukas 1004 Seiler, who had previously collected their experiences in the Club Championship for VfL Bochum and the VFB Stuttgart, carried the TSG to a remarkable first season. With 15 wins each, both moved into the top 10 of the south-east player in this regard, just the balance in the squad made Hoffenheim to the dangerous opponent.

Speaking of: The duo from the first row extended his contracts as well as Marcel Plaplup black and Jonas Bit0911 Conservation. The former was still active in the past season as a player coach, caterers were increasingly integrated as Content Creator. Both also made their contributions to the debut success in the VBL Club Championship. In addition, Bundesliga striker Munas Dabbur – under the Gamer Day Moanesdabbur9 – is again part of the team.

No interplay in Hoffenheim

A real reason to pour the squad fresh, the TSG did not – it was failed. While elsewhere despite strong placements, a joyful interplay was performed, the Hoffenheimer put on constancy and its well-rehearsed troupe. Whether the result is confirmed from the last season or can be improved, the coming weeks will show – worries you do not seem to be done in the Kraichgau.

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