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CL-Reform: Club organization asks for drastic changes in the distribution of money

The space in between the poor and also the rich clubs need to not split, emphasized the association of 37 European professional leagues with even more than 200 clubs on Thursday after an on the internet conference.

From the 2024/25 season, the Champions League will certainly be boosted from 32 to 36 participants as well as held in the initial round after a brand-new layout with 4 nine teams. This increases the revenue of the European Football Union enormously by the rewarding premier class. The designated reform was adjusted in May, as well as the circulation of the funds has actually not yet been made a decision.

A lot of the money proceeds to stream to the CL clubs

When the current circulation key is kept, the concern is remarkably cautioned that the fear is that the gap between the bad and also the empire would certainly expand even better.

It is expected that these earnings is currently raising from 3.6 billion euros at the start of the Reformed Champions League in the 2024/25 period. A lot of the cash would certainly likewise stream to the presently 32 clubs in the premier class, currently there are two billion euros in the disadvantage of Europa Organization (a total amount of 465 million euros) and also Meeting League.

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FC Bayern – Oliver Kahn: Reform of the Champions League provides added kick

Every item requires an overhaul. At the current style, I am more than that the team stage is usually chosen fairly early as well as by the exact same clubs. Further development with a table and a league is amazing, said Oliver Kahn intwist _: Whether the brand-new one Model of wisdom is the last conclusion, yet I can not anticipate. It needs to be loaded with life first.

Oliver Kahn, CEO of FC Bayern, eagerly anticipates the reform in the Champions League from 2024. He likewise sees this a chance. Kahn additionally discussed the future of the Bundesliga and remembered the elevations as well as midsts of his CL occupation.

The Champions League will certainly be played with 36 teams from the 2024/25 period, the previous team phase is gotten rid of. A restructuring that is well received by FC Bayern.

The style additionally offers an extra kick. In enhancement, the premier course in this kind is likewise more economically appealing.

Oliver Kahn: FC Bayern will not leave Bundesliga

Kahn emphasized that FC Bayern will not leave the Bundesliga for a worldwide competitors. One point I can state: It will certainly never ever take place that FC Bayern will only play in a European and no much longer in the nationwide league. When asked whether the Bundesliga will stay in its existing type, Kahn claimed: That’s exactly how it is.

In a global comparison, Kahn sees the German Oberhaus directly behind the Premier League next to the other leading organizations in Europe. He commended European League winner Eintracht Frankfurt, who, according to Kahn, broke the Spanish Phalanx with a great deal of emotion.

Oliver Kahn: Extremely completely satisfied with Champions League equilibrium

Furthermore, the numerous world goalkeeper spoke concerning the regular duels versus Real Madrid, who was afraid FC Bayern as Bestia Negra at the time. It was always an honorary title for me since this expression revealed that we had actually left the last impact, Kahn remembers: Once we traveled to Madrid, when the sporting activities newspaperMarcawas just illustrated. El enemigo ‘, the opponent.


On the whole, he was really pleased with the equilibrium of his 103 video games in the premier course, yet would certainly have liked to win the Champions League once more. Really I won it when again, in 1999 I was still a champions League champion for myself Saved. I simply omit for the last two minutes.

Kahn also dared to look back right into his own Champions League past and called 2 gamers who prepared specifically challenging moments for his profession: Inzaghi and Weah. Both commonly fulfilled against me. By George Weah, Kahn had actually received his initial goal in the Champions League on September 14, 1994 at the guest appearance versus Paris Saint-Germain.

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FC Bayern: Days in the overview

Day Opponent Venue contest
Wednesday, July 20 D.C. United Audi Field, Washington D.C. (U.S.A.) Test video game.

Saturday, July 23 | Manchester City | Lambeau Area, Green Bay (United States) | Examination game.
Saturday, July 30 | RB Leipzig | Red Bull Field, Leipzig | Supercup, last.
Wednesday, August 31 | Viktoria Perfume | Sportpark Höhenberg, Fragrance | DFB Cup, first round.

Further growth with a league as well as a table is interesting, claimed Oliver Kahn intwist _: Whether the brand-new one Version of wisdom is the last final thought, yet I can not anticipate. Kahn also risked to look back right into his own Champions League past and also called 2 players who prepared especially difficult moments for his job: Inzaghi and Weah. By George Weah, Kahn had actually received his first goal in the Champions League on September 14, 1994 at the guest appearance against Paris Saint-Germain.

Oliver Kahn, Chief Executive Officer of FC Bayern, looks forward to the reform in the Champions League from 2024. Kahn likewise commented on the future of the Bundesliga and kept in mind the heights and also midsts of his CL job.

Toni Kroos 3 times, that would not be so efficient

What is your initial memory of the competition? When it started, they were two years old.

The hymn mostly tells me that a really special video game begins. Not the everyday life of the league. Other challengers, different stadiums, constantly evening games. I shoot thoughts of large games in the quarter or semi-finals. On top of that, there is this special atmosphere. There are absolutely a great deal of stunning memories of this tune. And also if you have a problem with the motivation, you should not have it at the newest currently.

That was the endgame in 1999 in Barcelona. Bavaria against Manchester United. At that time I was nine years old. When Manchester turned the last at the last min, my papa is a big Bayern fan and also I keep in mind that the remote control unexpectedly flew through the room. I was faced with these feelings for the initial time, with what makes success and also failure with the fans. I had never experienced my father by doing this.

Mr. Kroos, the hymn, keep stating footballers state that they eagerly anticipate the hymn before playing champions League. Do you feel similarly?


With Real Madrid, he had the semi-finals against Manchester City before his upper body at the time. A couple of weeks later on it is clear: Kroos is one of the most successful German in this crucial competition, he won it five times: 2013 with Bayern, from 2016 to 2018 as well as 2022 with Real Madrid.

Toni Kroos does not have a great deal of time in April 2022, but that’s good for him, since it implies that he can play a great deal of video games. When this interview for the unique issue of the twist was led on the occasion of the 30th wedding anniversary of the Champions League, the midfielder wished for his 5th stroke of genius in the premier class, the spoken exchange of strikes with Nils Kaben was still away.

league store: Right here you can purchase the special issue

Twist special concern: 30 years of Champions League.

That was your childhood years tale? That did you play in the garden with your brother Felix?

You don’t take care of 13 best games in a competitors of such top quality as well as performance density.

Toni Kroos.

A streaming solution supplies a real docudrama, throughout which the heroes of once praise today’s group. Does that mean something? .

He is still my neighbor here in Madrid, he kept his house. As well as I can imagine that after the career he will certainly not stay in Manchester as well as that we might see each various other more typically here again.

A sworn trio: Toni Kroos, Casemiro, Luka Modric. Imago/pa images.

Mr. Kroos, the hymn, keep claiming footballers state that they look ahead to the hymn prior to playing champions League. You won the Henkelpott 3 times in a row with Real Madrid. Real won 2017, 2017 as well as 2018 with almost the same teams. Zinedine Zidane as well as Carlo Ancelotti are the most successful trains in the Champions League. ** A streaming service provides an actual docudrama, in the program of which the heroes of once praise today’s group.

There are so many gamers in every generation that have actually attained excellent ones, spontaneously I remember Clarence Seedorf, that won the Champions League with 3 different clubs. I do not see this one ideal. Since it is tough to compare that does what on the pitch and just how the video game has transformed over the years.

We played one versus one really often in the garden, yet there was no link to the Champions League. An emphasize was specific when my dad went to Bremen to a Champions League game with me in 2004, Werder played versus Inter Milan.

_ Meeting: Frank Lußem _.

The cover of the special booklet 30 years of the champions League.

If the fun subsides, I stop.

Toni Kroos.

The very first title win with Real Madrid 2016 is the most beneficial for me. At that time I transformed also real, among other things, to win the Champions League with this huge club.

I think so. The mix was best. Genuine knew exactly how to create players and also to go shopping extremely skillfully over the years. This raises the opportunity to get titles. Gareth Bale or Cristiano weren’t inexpensive. But with them the high quality was best and they satisfied the prerequisites for the team spirit. Simply fetching one of the most pricey gamers to embellish themselves with them would not have actually stuck. Nor would it have actually been done with gamers from their very own offspring alone.

These minutes have a lot to do with the family. You are taking a trip a lot as a professional club.

It is due to the high quality. Then that each of us knows their properties specifically and also appropriately generates to make sure that they operate in the network. Toni Kroos three times, that would not be that efficient. Because we want to play together as well as have success together, we complement each various other on the pitch. And also we have a wonderful team around us that safeguards at the back as well as performed in the front.

Is there a title win that was better to you than others? .

I have to honestly say that I have actually not taken care of it.

I do not see it ideal.

Toni Kroos

It attaches a lot. Which is additionally as a result of the reality that Zizou was already a co-trainer under Ancelotti. Both control handling the players effectively. They experience us at eye degree, which specialists like quite. And also they have a clear concept of how they let football play. In this rating you flee as well severely like Jupp Heynckes-Mitunter. I had various instructors throughout my profession and accordingly impacts of their job. Certainly, as for the techniques were worried, Pep Guardiola was really excellent. That additionally applies to the others.

The triangular Casemiro-Modric-Kroos-WHAR does it work virtually perfectly in the 7th year? .

_ The Champions League commemorates his birthday: Europe’s best league is thirty years old this year. The twist dedicates an unique problem to the wedding anniversary with a considerable sight of the history of the competition, all successes as well as German.

2024 the setting is changed. .

Actual won 2017, 2017 and 2018 with almost similar teams. Is it much better than shopping? .

What is your unique minute you get in touch with the premier class? .

The Triumph 2016 is above every person.

In any kind of instance. I have a lot of contact with symbols like Emilio Bubraueno. He works in the monitoring of the club. All of these generations of course players made the club excellent, and also the players later on have actually kept this size. It makes you proud to be praised by you. As well as we acknowledge the commitment behind it: It is our work to continue the excellent custom of Reals.

The checklist of document players as well as record goalkeepers is currently mentioned by Cristiano Ronaldo. Is he additionally her all-time no. 1? .

Not eleven good friends, but eleven players who subordinated the success and also were always all set to go on the pitch as a team. In enhancement, there was likewise the suit good luck in some video games that you require. You do not develop 13 best games in a competitors of such high quality as well as performance thickness.

You won the Henkelpott 3 times in a row with Real Madrid. What was the trick of this age? .

If you desire, you are just effective. If you no longer feel this will, you can stop. I wish to have this feeling over and over to win every game. In every competitors. That is the basic concept of Real Madrid. Much less does not function and also is not accepted. I stop quickly if the enjoyable subsides at some factor. This needs regard for Real Madrid.

Just how is your contact with Cristiano given that he no more played in Madrid? .

What inspires you besides the years as well as all the victories in football? Particularly the Champions League? .

Zinedine Zidane as well as Carlo Ancelotti are the most successful trainers in the Champions League. What connects as well as what differentiates it? .

Real Madrid: Over 400 million euros are available for transfers

The partnership with Sixth Road and also Legends to take care of the industrial passions of the converted Santiago Bernabeu additionally rinses 363 million euros.

According to information from Champions League and goal, Champions League winner Real Madrid is available in this summer transfer window. A lush budget plan is readily available: Blancos can go on a buying excursion for around 410 million euros.

In addition, triumph in the Champions League final against Liverpool also repaid monetarily. Madrid’s complete profits for the past season quantities to 132 million euros, of which 35 million euros are not yet consisted of in the group budget, given that the Blancos usually only presume that they reach the round course.

Among various other things, you take advantage of your success at the European degree and also the departure of a number of top-class players. The contracts of Marcelo, Gareth Bundle and also ISCO go out, where according towage Sport _, exposure around 88 million euros. The possible sales of Jesus Vallejo, Marcos Asensio, Dani Ceballos, Luka Jovic or Mariano Diaz would certainly not only better reduce the income tons, yet also generate brand-new funds.

Genuine Madrid: 742 million for gamer salaries

Far, just Antonio Rüdiger has actually been repaired at Actual as a new enhancement. The German moved from FC Chelsea to the Spanish funding complimentary of cost.

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It has not yet been determined exactly how the association will invest the 410 million euros offered for transfers. Kylian Mbappe recognized a termination, the Frenchman chose to stay with PSG. This likewise releases resources, besides, Mbappe would have devoured enormous hand cash consisting of income.

According to estimates by Champions League and objective, Real Madrid will certainly be offered for gamer salaries in the coming season. Last season only 350 million euros were paid to the group.

It has not yet been figured out just how the organization will invest the 410 million euros readily available for transfers.

The agreements of Marcelo, Gareth Bale and ISCO run out, wherein according toincome Sporting activity _, exposure around 88 million euros. The possible sales of Jesus Vallejo, Marcos Asensio, Dani Ceballos, Luka Jovic or Mariano Diaz would not only additionally minimize the wage load, but additionally bring in brand-new funds.

Paris Saint-Germain: Jose Mourinho apparently hot candidate on Pochettino

Jose Mourinho is obviously said to be a hot candidate for the successor of Mauricio Pochettino near Paris Saint-Germain. TheTelegraphreports. According to details from Mourinho as well as Goal, there is absolutely nothing in this report.

Pochettino still has an agreement for the coming season, yet has actually been guessing for some time as a result of the very early failing in the Champions League. According toTelegraph _, a decision must be made as well as Pochettino’s farewell within the following couple of days.

For a long period of time, Zinedine Zidane was considered the best contender on the PSG instructor message, yet the ex-real coach is additionally traded as the future national coach in France. Should Didier Deschamps stop after the World Mug, Zidane could take control of the Equipe tricolore.

Mourinho still has an agreement with AS Roma up until 2024. At the Giallorossi, the Portuguese has great online reputation, in the previous period he additionally commemorated the win of the Meeting League.

The fact that Mourinho ought to now have relocated right into the PSG emphasis as a new train is generally pertaining to Luis Campos, the sports supervisor Leonardo inherited. The Unique One has actually been incorporating a relationship with Campos at Real Madrid considering that times with each other.

Mourinho’s sayings: Sorned with Sarri cigarette

Jose Mourinho: Next season one hundred percent in Rome

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At that minute every little thing is quiet due to the fact that I have two even more years of agreement. The club has actually not yet attempted to transfer to extra time, so do not bring me right into a situation in which I need to approve or do not have to approve something, claimed Mourinho: Everything is calm, steady and that’s exactly just how it needs to be.

In mid-May, Mourinho indicated at a press seminar that he was not considering stating bye-bye to AS Roma.

I will certainly begin one hundred percent next season due to the fact that I am not trying to find a modification, my people understand that, he added in a diverse way: I could not leave the club in my 2nd period, I could refrain from doing it to him. Am I’ll be here next period.

FC Liverpool vs. Real Madrid: Ending of the Champions League currently in the online ticker

Das langersehnte Champions-League-Finale zwischen dem FC Liverpool und Real Madrid findet am heutigen Abend statt. Wer kann sich heute im Stade de France zu den Königen Europas krönen? Hier bei Vor könnt Ihr pass away komplette Begegnung im Liveticker erleben.

DAZN-Abo sichern und das Champions League-Finale zwischen dem FC Liverpool und Real Madrid live erleben!

Alisson-Alexander-Arnold, Matip, van Dijk, Robertson-Fabinho-J. Henderson, Thiago-Salah, Mané, Luis Diaz.

Vor Beginn: Der Kampf um die Krone Europas beginnt am heutigen Abend 21.00 Uhr im Stade de France in Paris.

Vor Beginn: Schon knapp 2,5 Stunden vor dem Line hat Real Madrid die Aufstellung bekannt gegeben. Train Carlo Ancelotti hat sich für diese erwartete Development entschieden, Halbfinal-Held Rodrygo sitzt dementsprechend nur auf der Bank, Federico Valverde beginnt dafür auf dem rechten Flügel: Courtois-Carvajal, Eder Militao, Alaba, F. Mendy-Casemiro, Kroos-Fede Valverde, Modric-Benzema, Vinicius Junior.

Aufstellung FC Liverpool .


Bangen um Thiago: Das könnte bitter sein für den FC Liverpool. Der Spanier hat das Aufwärmen abgebrochen und mit Jürgen Klopp geredet.

FC Liverpool vs. Real Madrid: Ending der Champions League heute im Liveticker-Vor Beginn.

DAZN Tonight shows the Champions League last between the Liverpool FC and Real Madrid live and also completely size on television and also live stream. The preliminary records for the game start on DAZN 1 today at 7.30 p.m. The DAZN group includes the mediators Laura Wontorra and Alex Schlüter, Jan Platte as analyst as well as Sandro Wagner and also Sami Khedira as professionals this evening.

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  • Liverpool stars with arrival in Paris.
  • Vinicius? Trent: “Have our strategy”.
  • Ancelotti wishes to “create background” with actual “.
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FC Liverpool vs. Real Madrid: Ending der Champions League JETZT im Liveticker.

Aufstellung Real Madrid.

| Courtois-Carvajal, Eder Militao, Alaba, F. Mendy-Casemiro, Kroos-Fede Valverde, Modric-Benzema, Vinicius Junior.

Gates .

Bangen Thiago: Das könnte bitter sein für den FC Liverpool. Vor Beginn: Und hier ist pass away Startformation, pass away Jürgen Klopp ins Rennen schickt. Vor Beginn: Beide Teams sind bereits im Stadion angekommen. Vor Beginn: Einige der Fans haben dabei einen ungewöhnlichen Anfahrtsweg auf sich genommen. DAZN Tonight reveals the Champions League final in between the Liverpool FC and also Real Madrid live as well as in complete size on Television and also live stream.

Year | team.
— |–.
2021 | Chelsea FC.
2020 | FC Bayern Munich.
2019 | Liverpool FC .

TERUGKIJKEN: VINÍCIUS IS DE GROTE MAN BIJ REAL ???? | Real Madrid vs Liverpool | CL 2020/21
2018 | Real Madrid .
2017 | Real Madrid .
2016 | Real Madrid .
2015 | FC Barcelona.
2014 | Real Madrid .
2013 | FC Bayern Munich.
2012 | Chelsea FC.


Vor Beginn: Hallo und herzlich willkommen zum Liveticker des Champions League-Finales zwischen dem FC Liverpool und Real Madrid.


_ Der Artikel wird fortlaufend aktualisiert.Klicke hier für den Refresh der Seite. _.

Anstoß verzögert sich: Wegen der chaotischen Verkehrsverhältnisse rund um Saint Denis und der tausenden noch vor dem Stadion auf Einlass wartenden Zuschauer wird der Anstoß verschoben, der Block ist noch nicht wirklich gefüllt. Die UEFA gibt als neue Anfangszeit jetzt offiziell 21:15 Uhr an.

Vor Beginn: Und hier ist die Startformation, die Jürgen Klopp ins Rennen schickt. Thiago kann spielen, auch Fabinho ist fit. In der Innenverteidigung erhält Ibrahima Konate den Vorzug vor Joel Matip: Alisson-Alexander-Arnold, Matip, van Dijk, Robertson-Fabinho-J. Henderson, Thiago-Salah, Hair, Luis Diaz.


Vor Beginn: Beide Teams sind bereits im Stadion angekommen. Auf die Aufstellung der Reds warten wir jedoch noch.

On the Free television, thezdfreveals the last of the Champions League live this night and totally from 8:25 p.m. The game comments on the public broadcaster Bela Rethy tonight. Thezdfadditionally uses a complimentary livestream of the video game that you can locate in thezdf _- mediathek or on zdf.de.

Champions League: The champions of recent years.

FC Liverpool vs. Real Madrid: Ending der Champions League heute online im television und Livestream.

Champions League Finale: FC Liverpool vs. Real Madrid 0:0

Yellow cards .

  • FC Liverpool: Alisson-Alexander-Arnold, Matip, van Dijk, Robertson-Fabinho-J. Henderson, Thiago-Salah, Mané, Luis Diaz.
  • Real Madrid: Courtois-Carvajal, Eder Militao, Alaba, F. Mendy-Casemiro, Kroos-Fede Valverde, Modric-Benzema, Vinicius Junior.

Aufwärmen gestartet: Pass away Torhüter des FC Liverpool Alisson Becker betreten den Rasen und machen sich nun warm. Kurz darauf kommen auch Thibaut Courtois und Co. auf den Platz.

Vor Beginn: Es ist angerichtet! Mit dem FC Liverpool und Real Madrid treffen sich am heutigen Abend zwei Schwergewichte des Fußballs im Champions League-Finale.

Vor Beginn: In Paris geht es schon intestine ab. Vor allem die Followers des FC Liverpool dominieren und singen sich für den Abend ein. Natürlich darf der neue Klopp-Song dabei nicht fehlen.

Vor Beginn: Einige der Followers haben dabei einen ungewöhnlichen Anfahrtsweg auf sich genommen. Adam und Tom Dring erzählten demLiverpool Mirror ihre kuriose Geschichte, nachdem ihr Flug gecancelt wurde. Die Brüder griffen zum Hörer und charterten ein Speedboot von Kumpel Paddy O’Toole, das sie über den Ärmelkanal nach Frankreich brachte. Von dort ging es per Zug weiter zum Ending nach Paris.

Im Finale der Königsklasse duellieren sich heute Abend der FC Liverpool und Real Madrid. Hier im Liveticker erfahrt Ihr es.

FC Liverpool vs. Real Madrid: Ending der Champions League heute im Liveticker-Die Aufstellungen.

UEFA changes Champions League

From 2024, 36 instead of 32 teams will take part in the Champions League. One of the disputes of the much -discussed reform: Who should the four additional places go to? The model originally provided for a coefficient rule to award two places to clubs that have had success in the European Cup in the past, but had not qualified for the Champions League in terms of sport. This project was heavily criticized by the Association of European Football and fan representatives.

At the meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee in Vienna, adjustments to the reform were now made, as UEFA announced on Tuesday. Accordingly, the two starting places will go to the two national associations that have cut the most successful in the previous season. This results from the total number of points of a national association divided by the number of participating clubs. So England and the Netherlands would benefit from the current season and would get another starting place in the coming season.

EXPLAINED! How 'Wildcards' could change the Champions League! ????

fewer preliminary round games per club

Nothing changes in the distribution of the two other additional starting places: One goes to the third -placed people of the association, which is in fifth place in the UEFA five year ranking -currently France -and another results from the increase in the “Champions Path” in the Qualification.

_ Read here: This is what the Champions League looks like from 2024 _

The reduced number of group games is also new. The originally planned preliminary round games per club are now to be reduced to eight.

The new format was approved on Tuesday and thus the final, the UEFA continued.

La Liga: Atletico Right Real Madrid B

A week after his 35th Spanish football championship title and four days after moving into the Champions League final, Real Madrid and his B team clung. In the fast -paced city derby at Atlético Madrid, the team of coach Carlo Ancelotti deserves 0: 1 (0: 1).

NO GUARD OF HONOR! Atletico Madrid defeat Real Madrid in the derby | LaLiga Highlights

The fourth of the table has as good as certain at Atletico due to victory. Three game days before the end, the lead over Betis Seville is six points. Yannick Carrasco scored the golden hit (40th) by penalty.

Compared to the memorable 3-1 success after extra time in the semi-final second leg against Manchester City, Ancelotti had fundamentally rebuilt his eleven, only ex-international Toni Kroos, Eder Militao, Nacho and Casemiro started again. His opposite Diego Simeone changed to six positions.

Atlético appeared significantly more agile right from the start and developed some options. Kroos narrowly missed the gate on the other side shortly before the break whistle. In the second round, both teams awarded promising opportunities.

5: 0 against Newcastle: Mancity is expanding ahead of Reds

After the bitter departure in the Champions League, Pep Guardiola made four changes in 1: 3 in Madrid: Zinchenko, Gündogan, Sterling and Gralish began for Walker, Bernardo Silva, Mahrez and Foden.

After the 0-1 at Liverpool, Eddie Howe switched to three positions in the starting eleven Newcastles: Schär, Shelvey and Willock gave way for Lascelles, Longstaff and Wood.

Sterling opened, burns compensation does not count

City started dominant as usual and had the first top chance in the tenth minute, the laporte. Just five minutes later, a defensive colleague missed the second great possibility of the Skyblues with Cancelo, which was only successful shortly afterwards: Gündogan served Cancelo, who crossed Sterling, who in turn nodding from a short distance (19th). But at that point, Newcastle also had his moments and achieved the supposed compensation by Burn, but in front of Bruno Guimaraes was offside.

It was the last offensive sign of life of the guests who were lucky in the 34th minute that the last ball of a wonderful combination of the favorite did not find a buyer. A failure that made the laport forgot shortly afterwards by using a dust into the 2-0 half-time lead (38th).

Even after the break, the picture did not change. The Citizens remained the much more dangerous team and after a good quarter of an hour in the person of Rodri (61.). Even the decision initially did not pretend to turn back a gear. Instead, Zinchenko missed the fourth goal a few minutes later (68th).

Skyblues succeeds possible preliminary decision

In the final phase, City then took back a bit, which is why the guests came to the best chance of the game: Ederson parried against Joker Wilson (83.). Attacredly from the possibility of Wilson, the home side struck again – and that was twice: First the substitute Foden himself (90th), before he prepared the end of Sterlings together with Geralish (90.+3).

Due to the 5-0 win, the Skyblues sit three points in front of Liverpool (only 1-1 against Tottenham on Saturday) and end up in the title fight. And in two ways: The goal difference is now also better than that of the Reds.

The next step on the way to the championship can go on Wednesday evening (9:15 p.m.) at the Wolverhampton Wanderers. Newcastle is only challenged again on May 16. Arsenal is a guest in St. James’ Park at 9 p.m.

Big Union show in the fight for Europe: Berlin is convincing in Freiburg

SC Freiburg no longer has the qualification for the Champions League after a 1: 4 (0: 3) against Union Berlin. The guests play again in the European Cup through the victory.

SC Freiburg - Union Berlin | Highlights | Matchday 33 – Bundesliga 2021/22
Christian Streich waved off, swelled and shook his head. The coach of SC Freiburg was visibly served after the possibly decisive setback in the fight for the Champions League. And while the Europa Leagues club licked its wounds after the 1: 4 (0: 3) against Union Berlin, the guests celebrated their second international participation in Red European Cup shirts in front of their enthusiastic fans.

“Our defense performance was the crux of the matter today. It was very bitter goals,” said Europa Leagues director Jochen Saier at Sky: “It was a deserved defeat.” The Freiburgers are still in fourth place, but RB Leipzig can pass a point against FC Augsburg on Sunday (7:30 p.m./DAZN). “We want to get points in Leverkusen on the last match day. If we succeed, we have achieved a huge goal with the Europa League,” said Saier. The goal of Lucas Höler (59th, after video evidence) was probably not enough for the premier class.

Grischa Prömel (11th), Christopher Trimmel (30th), Sheraldo Becker (41.) and Andras Schäfer (90th) met for the mercilessly effective Köpenickers. For the team of coach Urs Fischer from the Champions League, everything is still possible to the Europa League to Conference League. “Incredible. What we do as a small club here is not a matter of course,” said Prömel. “It’s amazing,” said Fischer.

Streich had given up computing games before the game. “I don’t want to be nervous, but relaxed,” he said, after the Europa Leagues club had already secured the move into the European Cup the previous week.

Freiburg with anger in the stomach

In the last home game of the season, the Breisgauers got rid of 34,700 fans. Streich’s eleven was noticeable at the beginning that it was about a lot. Union made a better impression – and rewarded himself early. Maximilian Eggestein clarified on his own post, Prömel dusted.

The Berliners, in which Andreas Luthe stood in the goal after Frederik Rönnow injured himself when warming up, lurked on counterattack. In one of the quick counterattacks, Captain Trimmel was on hand. Previously, the supposed compensation by Höler (23rd) had been withdrawn due to a handball according to video evidence.

The Freiburg print fizzled out with the second goal. Instead, the defense against Nico Schlotterbeck, who announced his move to Borussia Dortmund this week, was challenged. But Becker hung off the SC defenders and completed dry. Streaks raged on the sidelines in such a way that he saw yellow.

The SC trainer reacted and brought Joker Nils Petersen for the second half. The Freiburgers came out of the cabin with anger in the stomach, so that an intensive game developed with clear advantages for the home team.

Hope returned with Höler’s hit. Freiburg continued to try, but was rarely dangerous in front of the Union goal. The guests, on the other hand, managed the lead and did not invest much on the offensive until the substitute Schäfer hit.

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