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Disappointment and frustration at BVB

The release of head coach Marco Rose near Borussia Dortmund is said to have left deep traces. With the designated successor Edin Terzic, not everything has apparently yet been clarified.

On Friday at the best lunch time at 12:30 p.m., the proverbial bomb hit: Borussia Dortmund announced the separation from Marco Rose. This is the result “an intensive season analysis on Thursday,” reported BVB.

According to the media reports, the Dortmund “elephant round”, consisting of managing director Hans-Joachim Watzke, the outgoing Roses director Michael Zorc, his designated successor Sebastian Kehl and consultant Matthias Sammer, as well as Rose himself. “Late” and “partly also loud” it became, “Sky” reported.

On Saturday, more details seeped through. Watzke in particular was skeptical about further cooperation with Rose, supposedly “in months”, as “Welt” wrote. At Rose, doubts were also matured in the course of the conversation with the bosses.

“Disappointment and Frustration” after season analysis at BVB

According to the “Ruhr Nachrichten”, the 45-year-old finally asked the question of trust. Specifically, he wanted to know whether he would sit in the saddle even in the event of a bumpy start of the season.

When Borussia Dortmund Nearly Went Bankrupt
There was no clear answer to this question. Rose did not promise the Roseing leadership either. The end of the collaboration as the best solution for everyone involved came up with the agenda.

The course of the meeting ensured “disappointment and frustration” among some participants, according to the usually well -informed sheet.

BVB: Edin Terzic’s obligation not yet perfectly

Roses designated successor is an old acquaintance: Edin Terzic, former interim coach and current technical director of BVB.

However, according to “RN”, the second term of the 39-year-old as head coach is not yet in dry cloths. Terzic, however, only have to “commit” after initial negotiations.

Further talks are scheduled for Sunday, it is said. After that, enforcement could be reported quickly.

BVB | Thanks to every Borussia: Marwin Hitz announces goodbye

Marwin Hitz will leave Borussia Dortmund in summer. The BVB goalkeeper officially announced this before the last game of the season against Hertha BSC.

“Even if I didn’t like it easily, I decided to accept a new challenge,” Hitz confirmed his upcoming farewell to Instagram. The Swiss turns back to BVB after a total of four years.

“I am very grateful for the time, the experiences, the success and above all the games in front of you fans in Signal Iduna Park. Thanks to every borussia for the support in good and bad times,” added the 34-year-old.

The BVB has now responded to the post office. “Thank you, Marwin,” commented the district club under the contribution.

The fact that Hitz is leaving the black and yellow is not surprising, after all, the veteran had indirectly announced the end of his BVB period a few weeks ago after the Bundesliga top game against FC Bayern (1: 3). “The Last classic,” Hitz wrote under a photo at the time that showed him during the game against the record champions.

Hitz and Bürki leave BVB together

It is currently still unclear where the keeper will go. At the beginning of May, “Transfermarkt.de” reported that FC Basel is interested in an obligation. Hitz was previously associated with his ex-club FC Augsburg.

The BVB has to reorganize itself in the goalkeeper position. Gregor Kobel will also be between the posts in Westphalia in the coming season, but a gap is gaped behind it – after all, Roman Bürki also says goodbye.

The former number one joins the new St. Louis City MLS club. Bürki had lost a regular post in Hitz last season. Now the goalkeeper duo leaves the Dortmund Borussia together.

BVB, news and rumors: Does a veteran take the escape to Augsburg?

Marwin Hitz could leave the BVB in summer. Manuel Akanji could replace a legend in Juventus and an ex-BVB professional criticizes Borussia Dortmund for the release of Thomas Tuchel. Current news and rumors around the BVB can be found here.

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Hohe Ablöse für Dortmund? Neben United will auch Juventus Turin Manuel Akanji! | BVB NEWS

BVB, rumors: Marwin Hitz returns to FC Augsburg?

After the violation of Gregor Kobel was Marwin Hitz at the guest performance against FC Bayern in the box of BVB. Was it one of his last performances for the Borussen? At Instagram Hitz published a photo and wrote: “The Last Classic”, so “the last classic”. One could certainly interpret as farewell announcement.

According to Augsburger Allgemeine, it could be that Hitz returns to FC Augsburg. Where Hitz acted very successfully between 2013 and 2018. Speculation has been around for some time.

This is also due to the situation at the FCA: Rafal Gikiewicz, who has been the Augsburger Gate since 2020, played a top season 2020/21, but built something in the folge season. With Hitz he could get a competitor who makes him a little more fire than Tomas Koubek, who could return to France. Hitz ‘contract is still running in Dortmund until 2023 – a transfer would be due.

BVB rumors: new interested part for Manuel Akanji?

Manuel Akanji, so far again and again, awakens the interest of the Premier League clubs and, above all, Manchester United is often traded as a potential buyer. But now a new option seems to be refurbished, which could be interesting for the Swiss. Namely, Juventus Turin should be around the BVB star in the race. The Italian Transfer Expert Rudy Galetti wrote that Akanji is on the list at the old lady.

Juventus needs refreshment after the end of the dominance in the series A a refreshment in the squad. Especially in the defense, it requires a replacement for legend Giorgio Chiellini, whose career end.

By the way, with transfers from the Bundesliga, Juventus knows: Last winter, Denis Zakaria moved from Borussia Mönchengladbach to Italy, previously committed the club Weston McKennie from FC Schalke 04. As in both cases, Juventus would have to pay a transfer again, as Akanji’s contract still 2023 runs.

BVB, News: Ex-BVB star criticizes Tuchel release in Dortmund

Ex-BVB Professional Michael Rummenigge has criticized in the interview with t -online Borussia Dortmund that one once released Thomas Tuchel as a trainer. “I believe if Thomas Tuchel would have been in Dortmund as a coach, Bayern had not brought the title ten times in a row. Favre was just turned, but then played everything in the second half.”

Rummenigge, who played between 1988 and until 1993 for the BVB, now sees RB Leipzig in front of the Dortmundern. Rummenigge: “It must also be one of the other great clubs and say, we want to offer the FC Bayern Paroli and break the Phalanx – even on the danger that it does not work out. I would do something for the new season also want to hear from Leipzig, which are currently the number two in Germany for me – and not Borussia Dortmund. “

At the BVB, he sees a fundamental problem: “For me, the problem is also a quality question of the players. As some endowed some tremendous, which stand on the lawn, and at the same time comfortably furnished in the liga in the league.”

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BVB: The final season games of Borussia Dortmund

Date Competition Opponent
Saturday, 30.04., 3:30 pm Bundesliga VFL Bochum (home)
Saturday, 07.05., 3:30 pm Bundesliga SPVGG Greuther Fürth (Away)
Saturday, 14.05., 3:30 pm Bundesliga Hertha BSC (home)

Weidenfeller: BVB was always disadvantaged against FC Bayern

The not given in the Bundesliga duel between FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund was the excitement scene of the 31st matchday. The BVB struggled with referee Daniel Siebert after the game. Club legend Roman Weidenfeller complained about the wrong decision – and has long seen the black and yellow.

In the 59th minute of the top game between FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund (1: 3), referee Daniel Siebert focused on. Jude Bellingham passed Benjamin Pavard in the opposing penalty area, who clearly touched the BVB professional. The Englishman went down, the pipe remained silent.

With a penalty, Borussia would have had the chance of the 2-2 in the meantime. Consequently, the Dortmund responsible were applied after the encounter.

BVB legend Roman Weidenfeller gave his ex-club law. “It annoys me too,” said the 41-year-old on Sunday at “Sky90” and even went one step further: “In the past ten years, when it has been exciting, we were actually always disadvantaged. That started in 2013 in the 2013 Wembley. “

Weidenfeller’s conclusion: “Unfortunately, the referees have always disadvantaged us over the years. You have to clearly capture that.”

Siebert: BVB would have had to get penalty

Referee Siebert has now openly admitted his mistake in the top game between FC Bayern and BVB. “The penalty would have been the right decision,” the referee told the “kicker”.

Siebert explained: “This first attempt fails, Pavard does not play the ball, instead his leg represents an obstacle in Bellingham. In terms of regulations, it is a chance and therefore a foul. It is irrelevant that Pavard touches the ball shortly afterwards. “

Pavard hidden him in this situation, so he decided against a penalty whistle. He could decide as a referee “not to suspect” on penalty.

FC Bayern | Salihamidzic: No Lewandowski

Hasan Salihamidzic, playerss board of FC Bayern, was a guest on Sunday at “Sky90”. In the poker around Robert Lewandowski, the 45-year-old spoke a powerful word. In the live ticker of players there are the most important statements for reading.

Like Salihamidzic, FC Bayern Munich has not led a concrete negotiation with Robert Lewandowski, whose contract expires in the summer of 2023.

The striker had left his future open after winning the German Championship on Saturday. He announced after 3: 1 against Borussia Dortmund but a quick decision. “Soon something happens. The only thing I know that it comes to a meeting,” said Lewandowski at “Sky”.

The FCB playerss board closed at least a change in summer categorically. “You have to manage Lewy, but he’s also athletic. I definitely exclude that Lewandowski leaves the club in the summer. He has a contract until 2023. What then happens is not yet fixed,” Salihamidzic explained.

The most important statements of Salihamidzic and Co. for reading in the live ticker by players

+++ Brazzo believes in Hertha league under Magath +++

“I believe in him. Magath will do that.”

+++ Brazzo makes his job more fun +++

“The job is a lot of fun. If I ask myself the game against the BVB, I believe that we did not do too much this season. We have to continue working on the squad and next season it will turn right again. FC Bayern continues to be very familiar. The core of the troupe is closely together and fits very well with each other. If the job would not be fun anymore, then I would not exercise him anymore. “

+++ Salihamidzic with fight announcement +++

“We’ll turn every stone and attack right next year, we will analyze everything. The guys who have experienced that in Villarreal will not happen again in the coming season. They will learn and make it better in the future.”

+++ Salihamidzic hopes for Gnabry-Binding +++

“He’s a great boy who holds well into the team. We hope he stays. In the game against the BVB we have seen how important he is for us.”

+++ Brazzo About Bayern Philosophy +++

“We have a philosophy in the club. We will have 14 top players in the squad and, in addition, a number of top talents we want to develop. For further top players we do not have the money. In England, that looks like this. We also have a corresponding one Trainer. Our claim is still to be part of the top 4 of Europe. Whether we would touch the fixed deposit account for an absolute wish transfer is questionable. We do not want to risk the future of the association. “

+++ Salihamidzic over the transfer market and consultant drama +++

“If you put together top teams, this belongs to the daily work. The market is available to the price. We can not compete with England in Germany. It is bad if a player is hired. If the money only at the players And the counselor lands, that’s harmful. That’s the fact of football. “

+++ Brazzo via a possible Haaland transfer +++

“It makes no sense to talk about Haaland because we have Lewandowski. He is the best striker in the world.”

+++ Weidenfeller exercises criticism of Haaland +++

“He does not like himself and the team if there is no clarity regarding his future. He is not on the point there and the body tension is not complete. The mood around the club tilts slowly and the fans turn off partially, There must be a decision slowly. After that, I believe that he can bring his achievements to the end of the season. I strongly assume that he has made his thoughts. He and his team will certainly have an idea. “

+++ Weidenfeller over the personnel planning of the BVB +++

“It would be measured to say that we want to be master. We want to make a good axis. I can not officially confirm here. If Haaland should not stay with us, I could imagine that he played in the Premier League would.”

+++ Salihamidzic talks again about the squad width +++

“We can not drive the club in the ruin. We have to watch what we can do. That we can not have 20 top players, but is clear after the pandemic.”

Who is the fastest player? Team-mate Insights presented by Allianz with Lewandowski, Müller & Sané

+++ Brazzo confirms talks with Gravenberch +++

“We are in conversations, he is a good player. Such a transfer, there must be a lot. It’s difficult, I can not say more.”

+++ Salihamidzic over the squad width +++

“Goretzka has failed for four months. We can not replace such a player. Also, Davies has failed for a long time after New Year’s Eve. The top players can not be replaced. This team is strong when it is complete. Then it’s top. Players like Roca and Richards Need more playing time, but we have to admit Nagelsmann that he first wanted to get the title. I am firmly convinced that Roca would start in all teams of the Bundesliga. “

+++ Brazzo praises Upamecano +++

“Upamecano is a top man. He is getting better and better. I believe in him and the other guys.”

+++ Weidenfeller doubts about the money justification +++

“I do not think the BVB pay more than FC Bayern. He will not have felt completely faithful in Munich. Only the reply of Rummenigge, after the change became known, speaks.”

+++ Salihamidzic over Slee +++

“Basically, he is a great boy. What is the worst for a club? If such a player is free-refrease. We did not have the necessary change in order to convince him financially from the whereabouts. We tried everything to keep him and know everything how important he is in the cabin. But our other central defenders have also developed well. Against BVB, UPAMECANO, PAVARD and HERNÁNDEZ have played sensationally. I’m really sorry that Slee changes. We often talked to him and his management, Alone the playing time expressed how much appreciation he got here. Finally, the negotiations failed. “

+++ Salihamidzic about the financial problems after the pandemic +++

“In front of the pandemic we had rising revenues and the salaries were at a certain level. Now we have falling revenues and rising salaries. This is a big problem for the club and the entire Bundesliga. We have to look that the Bundesliga is not important in importance World football loses. What the pandemic has done with us is a huge problem. “

+++ Brazzo optimistic with new and Müller +++

“We have been very relaxed in the last few weeks in the talks with new and Müller. I hope the two remain as long as they can play. We have very good talks with them. They are pillars and power carriers of the club.”

+++ Salihamidzic excludes Lewandowski change in summer +++

“I’ve seen Lewy relaxed in the last few weeks. He is a full professional and always gives everything in training. You have to manage Lewy, but he also has a playersy back. I definitely exclude that Lewandowski leaves the club in the summer, He has a contract until 2023. What happens then is not fixed yet. “

+++ Salihamidzic optimistic about Lewy negotiations +++

“I’ve talked to Lewy couple that the FC Bayern has to be a bit more cautious with the finances due to the pandemic. We still have to wait. He still has a contract until 2023. I believe that works. We will talk to him “

+++ FC Bayern has not yet negotiated with Lewandowski +++

“We want to keep Lewandowski. He has received much appreciation from the club and returned with playersy performance. We have all the time in the world to talk to him about the day. The FC Bayern has the best striker in the world under contract. We have not negotiated yet, but it will do it now. “

+++ Salihamidzic takes Sané in the duty +++

“His arrogance on the square is good. He is no longer a young player now. He has become a man. We want to go back what we have given him. He is self-exploded that he is exploding on the court. He is a Super boy. In the first round he decided the games myself. I have trust that he gets it back. “

+++ Salihamidzic over Sané +++

“Sané is an incredibly talented man who has all the qualities and mental strengths. He has to supply now. If he has the body tension, that’s good, but if he misses them, that’s not good. I do not want to see that I talked to him. He has potential, but I want to see that in the square. We told him several times. We expect it to snug it on the square. The responsible persons, the trainer, the players: all expect he expect he exploded in the square. It’s hard to say why he does not bring the desired services. He is well listening. I hope he implements that. “

+++ Weidenfeller over Leroy Sané +++

“I believe that he is a very sensitive player. There was a time in which he has delivered constant. What is it that it is no longer the case, I can not judge. Of course, he will help him also leadership players It’s about himself to go the next step. “

+++ Salihamidzic about the missing development of young players +++

“We certainly also had players in the cadre width who could have played more. But he first wanted to develop his idea and secure the playersing success.”

+++ Salihamidzic about Nagelsmann +++

“I’m scared that we could win the Bundesliga with the new coaching team. We want to start a new era with Nagelsmann. Our work is very, very good. He is a very communicative and open guy. It makes a lot of fun with him to train. Nagelsmann is the largest coaching talent in the world and only 34 years old. The leaders support him. We all work closely together. “

+++ Is Lewy early off the master celebration? +++

“I do not know if it’s true what willowfeller says. I was not the same table.”

+++ Weidenfeller mourns earlier times after +++

“I talked to lame yesterday: the duel had another explanation in our time. Since the FCB has also had respect for BVB in Munich.”

+++ Salihamidzic wants more competition +++

“We have great respect for the BVB. You are our competitor number 1. We need such duels and do not want to be mastered with 15 to 20 points.”

+++ Salihamidzic counters +++

“We deserve won. All data has spoken for FC Bayern. An arbitrator’s decision for or from. The penalty maybe you can give, but FC Bayern was the better team in the round trip and return.”

+++ Weidenfeller over the contested penalty scene in the top game +++

“If it has been exciting in recent years, the BVB was always disadvantaged by the referees. That started in 2013 in the Wembley in 2013. Also in the first game of the current season, Zwayer has taken wrong decisions. Why does not siebert go to the screen and look at the scene ? “

+++ Hamann criticizes the BVB +++

“The BVB is not constant enough. Bavaria has shown many weaknesses, but Dortmund did not make enough pressure in the crucial moments. The chance was there to become Master.”

+++ Weidenfeller over the BVB +++

“This year, the chance would have been very big to annoy FC Bayern. If you consider that you lose in the last eight direct duels seven times, that’s too little for the claim of BVB.”

+++ Salihamidzic continues to annoy the CL-OFF +++

“That from Villarreal did we hurt us very much. We have missed a great opportunity. In the first leg we were served with the 0: 1 very well. We could have also collected four goals. It still hurts. The defeat will still hurt Stay longer. “

+++ Salihamidzic about the Master Party +++

“The celebration was very nice and the guys were very good on it. It was a great evening, especially after this game. The fans have supported us sensationally.” It was everything fit. “

+++ The program goes +++

In addition to Salihamidzic are u. A. Also ex-BVB-Keeper Roman Weidenfeller and Dietmar Hamann visits guest.

+++ Robert Lewandowski makes future open +++

Does he stay or leave Bayern after seven years? Robert Lewandowski could not or did not want to answer this question even after the victory against BVB and another championship with the Munich. More here!

BVB-Knipser Haaland in good time before top game in Munich again in form

For the flaring of the title fight, the Dortmund goalkeeping comes too late. At least as a fun brake at the planned masterpiece of Bayern, BVB could still be daft.

Especially since Torjäger Erling Haaland has returned back to the next weekend in time before the summit. “He is not painless, but you could see that he tolerates the pain very well,” said coach Marco Rose: “It’s getting better.”

At the 6: 1 (5: 0) -torfestival against the VfL Wolfsburg, the Norwegian had first watched the others at the goal shooting. On the 5-0 he then stopped and finished his approximately 400 minutes of thirst for thirst, the longest of his BVB time. He succeeded in euphorized 6: 0, despite his ankle complaints and the highest Dortmund half-time leadership in their own stadium quickly decidedly decided play 90 minutes on the square.

Erling Haaland leads Dortmund past Wolfsburg | Bundesliga Highlights | ESPN FC

Rose ensures amazement

In front of the game, Rose had still provided for amazement with statements about Haaland’s fitness condition. Even in your own club. “A little unhappy” the Dortmunder licensing player chief and early Torjäger Erlings director Sebastian Kehl called. In the foot, “certainly broken something broke,” Rose had said. But you could “do not push the boy in the tube, if he does not want it. He bites on his teeth, then possibly takes a tablet before the game and then it should work.” It worked amazingly good – even off the gates. “He played very well, gave us a lot of depth, was very present as a wall player and has laid the second goal great,” praised the coach.

However, it seems clear that the appearance on Saturday in Munich will be the fourth of the fourth of Haaland in the BVB jersey. And that it is not an immigration for Bayern. Munich’s Chief Executive Board Oliver Kahn acknowledged in the Torjäger Erlings1 “double pass” that one deals with the 21-year-old. But also clearly, the package from transfer and salary was “very, very far away from what we imagine. These are financial dimensions that are outside our performance.” So Haaland, whose change to Manchester City seems to be concretized, probably for the time being for the time being for the last time against Bayern. That too can be a motivation.

“That was really fun”

Motivated, the entire association is not to watch Bavaria in the finalization of the tenth title in series and an exuberant masterpiece. Rose is due to the interim gate-noise against Wolfsburg with five hits in less than 14 minutes in any case the hope for a seasonal finale with a lot of spectacle. “That’s really fun and felt great,” he said, “There was a great atmosphere. It should become a kind of drug to always have this mood.” In addition, the Dortmund can play a bit more reluctant, because the qualification for the Champions League has been at risk since Saturday.

At the low point, however, the mood is back in Wolfsburg. “In the first half, this was a desolate performance in all matters that requires a football game,” said coach Florian Kohfeldt: “That’s not possible, that was catastrophic. A neck stroke has served to throw us out of the train. And and The problem is unfortunately not new. “

That’s exactly why the coach has to collect, at least 21 Bundesliga playing in the Office, in addition to the two wins for safe league preservation, even diligent pluses for themselves before the seasonal analysis is pending. “Everything after the 1: 0 was not bundesliga appropriate,” said Torjäger Erling director Marcel Schäfer: “Such an appearance is not worthy of a VfL Wolfsburg.”

Ex-star over burglary of BVB: We were decrypted

In the summer of 2017, Borussia Dortmund leafed 20 million euros on the table to break away Maximilian Philipp from the SC Freiburg – an investment, which was not sustainably crowned from the point of view of BVB.

After a good debut season with nine goals and two templates in 20 league games, Philipp 2018/19 hardly got a leg on the ground. It followed the farewell towards Dynamo Moscow, who washed the BVB at least most of the investment back into the coffers.

Meanwhile, Philipp kicks again in the Bundesliga, where he gets it on Saturday (15:30 clock) in the jersey of VfL Wolfsburg with his ex-club from Dortmund. Before asking for him personally so crystals Duel spoke the 28-year-old in the interview with the “Ruhr news” about his sobering time at the BVB.

Under Trainer Peter Bosz, the team 2017/18 was “incredibly good” started in the season, “with a lot of possession and extremely high pressing” were played and “very risky” played, so Philipp – an occurrence that the offensive actor according to its own statement ” Very good was “.

The statistics also underpin the statistics, which Philip already had five goals and two templates after nine matchdays. But then the success series of BVB ended.

“At some point, however, the burglary came. It was as if we were decrypted. The opponents knew how they had to play against us and we did not play so well,” Philipp was ruling back.

BVB has “still a chance on the title”

Former employee charged in connection to resource center burglary

He himself could also shine rarely and pulled himself to all overflow just before Christmas 2017 a serious injury to the patella tendon, with whom he performed months.

The BVB had to tremble the qualification to the Champions League to Bosz’s dismissal and the takeover by Peter Stöger until the last matchday. This succeeded hair.

Currently Philipp sees the situation in the table space two listed BVB significantly more positively – and despite nine points behind the FC Bayern. “You still have a chance on the title – no so big, but the chance is there,” said Wolfsburger.

BVB: Sebastian Kehl monierts stupid actions

Borussia Dortmund’s designed BVBs director Sebastian Kehl makes mainly two sticking points for the 1: 4-Heim debacle against RB Leipzig responsible.

“There were individual actions that tilt the game in the wrong direction. We were actually good in the game, but we did not make the 1: 0. Then we advised by two stupid actions in residue and Leipzig gains enormous stability “Kehl said the” Ruhr news “.

After Marco Reus in the initial phase a good way to the BVB leadership, the guests beat freezing cold. As a result of a negligent ball loss in the game building of Emre CAN Konrad Laimer scored the 0: 1 (21.).

BVB: Sebastian Kehl calls for “Structure”, even after setbacks

As more often this season, the Dortmund lost the thread after the residue. “Of course, we are asked to maintain our structure even after setbacks and to be cleaned out,” Kehl said.

It was in the top match against Leipzig but nothing to see. Laimer rejected the second hit for RB for RB (30.).

Christopher Nkunku increased after the break to 0: 3 (57.), Marriage Donyell Paint first shortened for the BVB (84.). Dani Olmo made the final score with a worthwhile farchusor (86.).

BVB must look back

“Of course we try to play better, successful football. But you can not forget that we are still second. Nevertheless, it does not feel well right now,” Kehl explained in conversation with “picture”.

Sebastian Kehl beleidigt Schweinsteiger!!!!
After only two wins from the last five Bundesliga games, the BVB (57 points) in the table must also look back.

First pursuer is Bayer Leverkusen (51), then the Leipziger succeeded in the second half of the year (48). 18 meters are still to be distributed in the six outstanding games until the end of the season.

Thats why a victory of RB Leipzig would be extremely pain the BVB

In the football Bundesliga, the direct duel between the BVB and RB Leipzig on the last Sunday clearly went to the red bulls. The Saxons sat down with 4-1 at Borussia Dortmund and shortened the residue on the black and yellow on nine counters. Now RB could give the BVB again a bitter pill to swallow.

If the Leipzig in the first leg of the Europa League quarter-finals on Thursday evening (from 21 clock) against the Italian representative Atalanta Bergamo, they would overtake the Dortmund in the UEFA five-year rating.

Borussia Dortmund - RB Leipzig 1-4 | Highlights | Matchday 28 – Bundesliga 2021/22
Currently, the BVB is still conceivably ranked in front of the red bulls in 17 of the European club ranking, while RB stands in 18th place. The two teams only separate two counters from each other – 78 to 76.

In the case of a victory against Atalanta, two points would be at Leipzig, due to the better record in 2021/2022, the Tedesco team would be in front of the Westphalia.

With a view to the upcoming season, this place exchanges would have serious consequences for the BVB. When only third-best Bundesliga team in the five-year rating Borussia Dortmund would no longer be set in the pot two at the Champions League draw. The likelihood of getting a true hammer group in the premier class in the royal class would increase significantly.

FC Bayern leads the five-year rating

Among other things, teams such as Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid or the FC Liverpool in pot 2 of the draw were found again, to which the BVB was still out of the way.

One sorrow, the other Freud: RB Leipzig also wants to convince further reprint with a view to this perspective against Atalanta Bergamo, to give the new number two in football-Germany.

“After this short period of being able to go a step in the five-year rating, would be fantastic and shows that we are on a good way to establish ourselves permanently in Europe,” he was quoted in Leipzig’s commercial head of direct duels in the “picture”.

By the way: In place one of the ranking, the FC Bayern Munich perched with 136 points in front of Manchester City with 127 and the FC Liverpool with 124 points.

BVB: Discharge of Marco Rose apparently no topic

After the painful 1: 4-home building against RB Leipzig is at Borussia Dortmund Tristesse. More and more fans turn from the current BVB team, but above all from coach Marco Rose. Nevertheless, the club guidance from the exercise manager seems to be convinced.

Like the 2: 5 against Bayer Leverkusen, the 0: 4 at Ajax Amsterdam, the cup of pokal on St. Pauli or the 2: 4 against the Glasgow Rangers was also the latest performance of Borussia Dortmund again a wink with the whole fence. Many followers believe that the team needs a quick, profound change – and a new coach.

There are some documents: As Routinier Mats Hummels the BVB season on Saturday before running cameras for finished, scurried in the background some fans “Rose out!”. Already during the game it had become restless in the sold-out signal Iduna Park.

The return of the yellow wall on the southstanding tribute, the first game in the fully occupied stadium for 763 days – it became the disaster. The more remarkable is how Stoisch Michael Zorc, Sebastian Kehl and Co. hold to the battered rose.

According to “kicker”, the native of Leipziger is still “not for disposition” despite poor results in all trophy competitions and a changeable Bundesliga season.

BVB: Marco Rose remains guilty solutions

At the same time, decision-makers are not escaped, how few revealed Roses had been declarations for the total failure after final track.

“We had made a lot and wanted to get momentum for the final phase. So we braked massively today,” Although the 45-year-old was perfectly correct, but approaches for changes until the summer break was guilty.

More about this: Press Reviews: “RB Leipzig too strong for Labilen BVB”

However, if the BVB is similarly confused in the remaining encounters as most recently against Leipzig, the mood threatens to tilt with the Westphalia. At the latest then Roses Job should also be in danger.

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