Journalist Piers Morgan and the former English topstürmer Gary Lineker delivered a hot duel on Twitter. Subject of this was another English Football Icon – David Beckham.

Everything started after Morgan to take a photo with the freshly baked Super Bowl winner Odell Beckham Jr. From the Los Angeles Rams following sentence wrote: “Nice to see a Beckham, which can also play football.” With that, which apparently can not play, David Beckham was meant.

This statement did not want to leave lineker unassigned. “You do not like him for some reason, but David Beckham was a great footballer. One of our best,” replied the 80-color national player Lineker.

Once in ride, there was no stopping for Morgan and Lineker anymore. “You may want to make you popular for some reason, but Beckham is the most overestimated player in history,” wrote Morgan, who continued to claim that for Beckham in the Master Team of the FC Arsenal in the 2003/2004 season – the so-called invincibles – Not even a place on the bank would have been free. To assess this statement: Morgan is considered a follower of the Gunners.

Lineker sends Emoji

For Lineker these allegations were apparently such a thing as a majestic failure. He counted Beckham’s titles and successes: “Six times the Premier League won, twice the FA Cup, once the Champions League, once La League and Ligue 1, second at the balloon d’Or, 115 internationals for England – of which 59 as captain. “

Gary Lineker hits out at Piers Morgan over David Beckham swipe from Super Bowl

In addition, Beckham was one of the best flank encoders. What he held by Morgan’s statement “overestimated” showed Lineker with an Emoji that a man holding his hand facing the head.

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An opinion will no longer become Morgan and Lineker about the qualities of David Beckham’s footballers.