Niklas Sule will leave FC Bayern on the end of the season. Schalke-Legend Huub Stevens sees the decision of the central defender quite critical.

After a total of five years, the chapter FC Bayern ends for Niklas Slee in summer. As the Münchner confirmed on Wednesday, the expiring contract of the national player will not be extended. According to Slee Media Reports, suggesting an offer for an annual salary of around ten million euros. But instead of staying at Bayern, the 26-year-old must look for a new club.

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Huub Stevens, the Slee trained from October 2015 to February 2016 at the TSG Hoffenheim, the decision of his former protective woman can not quite understand. “I am very surprised that Niklas did not extend the Bayern. He plays well and continues to develop the most successful German club. At FC Bayern 40 games this season, something means,” said the 68-year-old at “Niklas1”.

Stevens: Slee makes financially a “huge”

At the same time, Stevens warned the defender: “That can be a risk for Niklas. That could be an own goal for him. But he is growing up. Maybe he has long since promised a new club.”

Financially, Slee will make a “giant jump”, the Schalke icon is safe. “He does not have to worry about his future anyway.”

DERBYSIEGER Dortmund:Schalke 27.04.2019 HUUB STEVENS
In the common time in Hoffenheim, the Dutch of Slee met as constituent professional. “He already met her idiosyncratic decisions, then I had to talk to him to convince him of something else. He also saw that,” he betrayed, “I was curious where he ends up now.”

The FC Chelsea and FC Barcelona are considered a commitment as hot candidates.