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One Piece returns to Emission: ReleJapanese televisione date of anime episode 1014

The anime of One Piece will resume its emissions on Japanese television next Sunday April 17 . After Hachao to Toei Animation servers on March 15, which resulted in the indefinite suspension of the main series of the Japanese company in the main distribution channels, including the releJapanese televisione date of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the audadevisual duties of the work of Eiichiro Oda hJapanese television confirmed the end of this hiatus.

Episode 1014 of One Piece will be issued this April 17, 2022

Therefore, this April 17 will not only be issued episode 1014 of One Piece on Japanese television and Crunchyroll, where we can see officially and with subtitles in Spanish the series in simulcJapanese televisiont, but that the rest of the affected series will also return to His paron next week. In particular, this is the premiere calendar of the main series of Toei Animation affected by the security gap.

One Piece Episode 1014 Release Date Announced! and Some Huge news!
* One Piece – Episode 1014 on April 17; They will re-issue a recap Japanese television a summary of the Wano arch this Sunday, April 10.
* Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai – Episode 73 on April 16; They will re-issue episode 72 this Saturday, April 9.
* Delicious Party Precure – Episode 6 on April 17; They will re-issue episode 5 this Sunday, April 10.
* Digimon Ghost Game – Episode 22 on April 17; They will re-issue episode 13 this Sunday 10 April.

The tv Japanese televisionahi chains, Fuji TV and TV Tokyo, in charge of issuing the episodes of these popular Series of Toei Animation, have confirmed the information and have decided to re-evaluate some key previous episodes so that fans are not lost with the plot, remember fundamental Japanese televisionpects Of the current acts and re-refund after this unexpected paron.

In the cJapanese televisione of One Piece, we remember that episode 1013 is The pJapanese televisiont of Yamato – the man who Japanese televisionpired at the head of an emperor, issued on March 6 with Opening Paint. It corresponds to the chapters 998 and 999 of Manga of Eiichiro Oda, is a canonical episode **.

Premier League: Sale of FC Chelsea probably already in April

Final bids for Chelsea takeover to be submitted by April 11
The sale of the Champions League winner FC Chelsea should go to the stage according to a report of the “Times” in April. As the British newspaper reported to US Bank Raine reported, the preferred bidder will be presented in the week from 18 April. Four bidders were therefore still in the race for the English Football Club. You have to give your final commandments until April 11th. RAINE and the Chelsea Responsible will then choose their preferred candidates. The British Ministry of Finance then decides whether a license is granted for the sale. Raine has been commissioned by Chelsea with the settlement of the sale. The Russian club owner Roman Abramovich, who had taken over the Premier League club in 2003, had been occupied by alleged links to Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin by the British government with hard sanctions. The decision to sell Chelsea, the billionaire had made a short time ago.

Crimesight, Konami Detective Set, will come out in April

CRIMESIGHT Release Announcement

Crimesight, the multiplayer detective title announced by Konami last June, already has a launch date: it will be on April 14. The game is set in a futuristic version of London where crimes can be predicted using an “analytical developed program used online data”. This has caused the number of crimes to be reduced all over the world, but at a given time, the system predicts a grim that could “take the world to chaos”. The creators of the program develop an artificial intelligence called Sherlock to investigate and prevent this event. Sherlock will have to prevent the criminal – that, of course, is called Moriarty – Comet the crime, while Moriarty will have to try to create the perfect crime. The trailer explains that the game will be between two and four players, and that takes place in a kind of virtual board. Crimesight will leave on April 14 on PC.

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