It is well known that it can go up to date 177 Series-A-duels between the two Italian traditional clubs Juventus and Inter. The number 178, where both teams were able to compete in the best of Bonucci apart from Bonucci, but raised something. Because all that has been offered in the first time since March 2020 Allianz Stadium the audience did not fit a normal piece of paper.

It started with an incredibly strong storm and penetration phase of the most recently since 16 (!) Series-A games unbeaten Bianconeri (eleven victories, five draws), which the Milanese festamed low back and chance to chance. The stupid only from the perspective of the Old Lady: Vlahovic failed to Torwart Handanovic (1st minute), Morata missed his goal (5.), Chiellini bunged the ball nearby to Dybala-bullet and too short Handanovic parade only to the lower edge The latte (8.), Dybala set a cheeky spacer shot only on the Tordach (11th), Cuadrado desperate also to Handanovic (15th) – and Morata did not get the gaming device from slightly pointed angle into the net (16th).

In the episode, hardness took into the country, on both sides were not given to intensive duels – Yellow cards and the replacement of the European headquarters drawn European champion Locatelli (head injury, turban, knee speeds) inclusive.

It will be wild – really wild

Unfortunately, Interoughness came little apart from a shot in the fall of Calhanoglu, the Danilo could block (32.). Until the 43rd minute, when it became really wild. First of all, Dumfries of Morata was hit at the foot, which is why it gave according to VAR use traceable penalty. At this, Calhanoglu took responsibility, but failed at Szczesny and Foulse when adopting nor Danilo, which is why the following actor of Rabiot did not receive a validity (45. + 1).

But for this, the VaR turned on again – and ultimately let the penalty repeat, because Juve-Weschennmann de lig was left too early. So Calhanoglu grabbed the ball again and thundered this short time later safely into the left corner (45. + 5). In the end, the first extremely intense portion was ten minutes longer, with Vlahovic again and just grazed (45. + 8).

Again only alu for Juve

Section Two was clearly “relaxed” therefore, but still offered highlights – especially on Turin side. Because while the Bianconeri always overshooting Cuadrado and deservedly deserved 1: 1, the Milan’s apparatus focused almost only on defending the scarce 1: 0 guidance.

Juventus vs. Inter Milan: Extended Highlights | Serie A | CBS Sports Golazo

And that almost went from the point of view of the reigning master. First of all in the minutes 52 (Dybala found near the five-meter room no customer), 57 (Perisic rescued in the highest distress against Dybala), 63 (Vlahovic-Schlenzer pulled by a breath type by), 67 (Morata missed) and especially after 73 pointer revolutions. Here, in the winter from Gladbach, Zakaria brought a great solo on the parquet, precisely cast off and desperate merely to the fingertips of Keeper Handanovic, who steered the ball so on his right post.

Last but not least, Correa also missed the possible 2-0 on the other side (82.), while Dybala performed a promising free kick too weak and significantly relocated it (90.). So it stayed with the narrow victory of the Nerazzurri, which is thick again in the championship race behind leader Milan and the worst pursuer Napoli. For Juve, on the other hand, not only the last strong series of 16 league games without bankruptcy ripped out, there were probably the quiet hopes, after the catastrophic season start of the record champion in the end, there is still a wonder in terms of Scudetto.

The current table of series A after the 31st matchday