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1. FC Cologne fails with urgent application for audience

Bundesliga club 1. FC Cologne has failed with its urgent application for the increase in stadium utilization in two instances. The FC wanted to obtain that at least 25,000 fans in the arena may be allowed on Saturday (18.30 clock) against Eintracht Frankfurt.

This refused by the Higher Administrative Court of Münster, and also the Constitutional Court of North Rhine-Westphalia, which the FC then called, agreed on the late Friday evening against the plans of the Cologne.

Four of the seven constitutional judges voted against the Cologne Eilean application. Thus, a maximum of 10,000 fans are admitted, as provided by the current Corona protection ordinance in North Rhine-Westphalia.

“We are disappointed that our argument was not taken into account. With us remains incomprehension that in the comprehensible relaxation for the Cologne carnival, the thousands attrip the streets, a viewer limitation in the Rheinenergiestadion is enforced to 10,000 spectators, although we are already have proven that our hygiene concepts grasp and presented home games no danger to the hospitalization rate, “said Cologne’s financial executive Alexander Wehrle.

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However, the OVG concluded that “the attacked capacity limitation for football stages does not obviously violate the principle of proportionality”. The “relation of the dangers for life and health of the population and the functioning of the health system” are more important than the “economic interests of the applicant”, said the court: “That the consequences of the current capacity limitation are liable for them, the applicant has the applicant Only claims and does not approach. “

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Express procedure in spectators

Administrative Procedure Act - Introduction
Football Bundesligaist RB Leipzig has explained the express procedure against the audience restrictions according to the Saxon Upper Administrative Court (OVG).

This was done after the amendment to the Corona Emergency Regulation of the Land Saxony and the granted approval for the admission of 15,000 spectators and viewers for the coming home games, the court announced.

The relevant Senate will therefore no longer have to decide on the provisional disclosure of the regulations.

RB Leipzig had already announced that on February 11, the game against the 1st FC Cologne (20:30) could be able to leave 15,000 spectators and spectators under 2G-Plus conditions (vaccinated or preserved and tested) into the stadium.

Whether the audience number in the Red Bull Arena is increased to 50 percent (25,000 fans) for the Games against San Sebastián (17 February) in the Europa League and the Sc Freiburg (March 5), decide on the Cologne game, RB had been communicated.

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