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“Kojinami” Collected specification change that collects Akakos blame “rewind”-“Wife” is again for random attacks

HOYOVERSE conducted the “Ver. 2.6 Update” of Open World RPG “ Little God ” on March 30, but about the Adjustment of “Yatsuko” included in this update, Rewinding Correspondence was performed .

What adjustments have corrected a bug that the elemental skill “Sakai” has randomly attacked the surrounding enemies. After correction, “” Nearmost enemies within the range “is now attacked priority, but it is better to attack randomly if you have an advantage to attack random than decided and attack the priority There were a lot of things, “What is substantial nauf?” On the net.

The official announces this adjustment content on March 31st. I observed data for about two weeks on a test server, and it was said that even after adjustment, it was possible to confirm that there was no significant adverse effect on the performance on the battlefield.

However, when we analyzed based on combat data on formal servers and feedback from the user, it has been found that the consideration to the combat scene by this adjustment is insufficient, and a deployment plan lacking. The update on April 6 is to return “Walking Sakai” to a random attack. As a compensation, “Rose × 100 pieces” also distributed to all users who reached Adventure Rank 5 by 17:00 on April 6.

In addition, improving the “celebrated enemy unknown” which became a central issue of this case is difficult and long-term goals to continue improving the improvement in the future as a difficult and long-term goal. Except for the matter of “Words”, the reconciliation of the celebrity specifications held this time will also remain valid.

Also in future test validation, it is to develop a more comprehensive verification method, assuming that the adjustment that the player’s experience is impaired as much as possible and not to be affected by the original experience..

2K Games: Message: Lego

As reported with the plans of the company, 2K Games and Lego have signed a partnership, which should include several Lego sports games.

The beginning makes a Sumo Digitally developed LEGO football game, which should appear to the football World Cup this year. This is followed by a Lego-Open World racing game of Visual Concepts, whose publication is considered 2023. In addition, another Lego sports title should be in development based on a large sports franchise.

According to the sources Plane 2K Games its sports offer, which currently consists of WWE and NBA titles, to expand and see Lego as the perfect partner to address younger players.

For the video game division of LEGO breaks with the deal a new era. Previously, the popular building block company had an exclusive deal with TT Games for years. The British Studio has developed various Lego titles since 2005, which often spread on licenses of well-known brands such as Star Wars, Marvel or Harry Potter.

TT Games should even have a veto right in terms of lego titles from other game developers. As reported, LEGO plans this type of agreement, however, does not continue to continue.

!Game of Bricks LED for LEGO!
Neither 2K games nor Lego has officially officially expressed the reports.

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