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All new lungs in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Light Bowgun is perhaps the most universal long-range weapon at Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.
He can offer DPS, support in the form of healing and buffs, as well as several other tricks to keep the monsters in suspense.
Although he may not be the best in any category, there is no doubt that he can affect the course of the battle.


Light onion guns MHR Sunbreak

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All new bows in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Here it is, an archetype of weapons, who is favorite of elves, rangers and everyone who does not want to stand before Rajang. Onions are the complete opposite of the hammer of the sanbreik from Monster Hunter Rise, but this is normal. Not everyone wants to slowly get to the monster only in order to release the equivalent of a nuclear bomb. Some prefer to bring down hell from afar with arrow the size of a spear. So prepare these coatings and let’s plunge into the list of new toys.

Luki Mhr Sunbreak

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Mmorpg Dragon Trail: Hunter World open for pre -registration

Mobile devices on Android and iOS can already be pre-registered in the MMORPG Dragon Trail: Hunter World. Players have to take on the role of a hero who goes in search of Loyat’s book and learns that he is able to change the fate of the whole island, because he was elected dragons themselves.

The player will have to explore the world of the game, cultivate pets, perform tasks and exterminate evil dragons that threaten the island. Four classes of characters will be available on the release: warrior, monk, archer and assassin. Below you can look at a small video with, as stated, a real intra-game picture.


The exact date of the release of the game has not yet been announced, but the project should be released over the next 90 days.

All new Switch axes in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

For those of us who are so insatiable that one type of weapon will never be enough to satisfy our traction, Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak has Switch Axe.
Transforming between the ax, a long sword and something that explodes around the monster in a blush of the spectacle of domination, this weapon is flexible enough to fulfill any desired role.

axis of the Sunbreak Mhr switch

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All Sunbreak Key quests for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

For those who wanted more content with the Sunbreak expansion in Monster Hunter Rise, rejoice! This expansion has added dozens of hours of content, and that’s just with key quests. While it is not necessary to defeat them all in order to progress and complete the story, players will be able to handle most of them.

MHR Sunbreak Key Quest List

MP 1

  • It could be worse…
  • Red rolling terror
  • Barrot off to a great start
  • BRRRR Plus ZZZzz equal?
  • Sinking feeling
  • Ned hunter, ASAP!
  • You had me in Poofy
  • Shattered cat dream

MP 2

  • Rumble in the jungle
  • Hidden disappointments
  • Confusing situation

  • Temple destroyed
  • This is what I call great!
  • Queen’s Garden
  • Alabaster Devourer
  • Somnakant for sleep
  • Poisonous drops on the sand
  • Jamboree Bird Wyvern

MP 3


  • Shadow in the jungle
  • Nest of sand spiders
  • Purification of hate
  • Tale of two titans
  • Stone, Razor, Pincers
  • Trial of Almudrone
  • My ceanataur is crying tenderly
  • White knight on ice
  • Oh my Garsh Kharag
  • Night troubles

MP 4

  • Dark Wings, Dark Work
  • Absolute strength
  • Great need
  • Spooky Citadel!?
  • Blasphemous Thunderwolf
  • A thousand scales of terror
  • hot mud in your eyes
  • White Knight, Armored Warrior
  • Summon Mizutsune
  • Dust Devil Despot
  • King of the crumbling castle
  • Ticks vs Pyro

MP 5

  • Leave no trace
  • Settle account!
    *Baselgeuse Warning
  • Evil Forest
  • A blade shrouded in darkness

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Monheon Rise sold more than 10 million copies

In the Monster Hunter series, the title of more than 10 million sales came out again.

On today (5th), Capcom announced on its official website that Monster Hunter Rise has surpassed 10 million cumulative sales. Capcom analyzed that since the release in March 2021, measures such as continuous free updates, PC versions, and set bundle plates have been effective.

As a result, Monster Hunter Series Bonga has combined ‘Monster Hunter: World’ and ‘Monster Hunter: Rise’, and has a series of titles sold more than 10 million copies in a row for two consecutive years. In addition, ‘Sun Brake’, a new expansion pack of Monster Hunter Rise, is also cruising with more than 2 million sales from July 5 to the present.

Capcom also evaluated that the sales strategy of the super-large expansion pack ‘Sunbreak’ was also valid for the high attention and evaluation of the switch and PC-only trial boards, and the sales volume increased due to continuous promotions due to regular free updates and price measures in the future. He announced that it will continue.

‘Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Brake’ is a super-large expansion content of ‘Monster Hunter Rise’ released in March 2021. The player can not only meet monster Hunter Rise and meet new monsters and fields full of personality, but also challenge various master rank quests that stimulate challenge.

For more information, please visit the Monster Hunter Rise official website.

How to get a chopped old bone at Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

The chopped old bone can be found in Bonepiles in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. They can be found on the map of the citadel and it is best to farm during expeditions during the surge of bone blocks. Players collecting these materials can use some skills to get more materials every time they interact with the point of collecting bone breasts. Here’s how to get Chiped Oldbone at MHR: Sunbreak.

How to farm Chiped Oldbone in MHR: Sunbreak


Players will be able to farm chopped old bone in citadel . Players will gain access to the map after the completion of MP3 quest guarantor has been crazy and can freely go on expeditions after. Looking for bursts frombone piles will be the best way to get more materials every time the player interacts with the collection point. These bone piles can also be marked with sniff them * Palamut ability.

skills and jewelry for the farm

Geologist skill in 1 level -this is all that players are required to collect an additional item in bonePiles. If the players do not have a jewelry for him, they can also forge leather headdress X , leather gloves x or leather pants X for equipment equipment.

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raisins d’Etr Dango will reduce the time required to revive the collection points. Thus, players can focus on the citadel to harvest from bone piles and, possibly, return to their bone piles when they are survived. This reduces the time of appearance from about four to five minutes to about three minutes.

Why are Chiped Oldbone used

Chipped old bones are necessary for forging bloody helmet as well as Lunagaron coil as well as several types of weapons.


Blood helmet *-headdress of Magal General
Lunagaron reel *-Lunagaron reel


RO vaga+*-paired blades of the Evcantic tree
Vivern Zubastik -Big Sword of Bone Wood
Crown of the defender -Sword and shield of the Bishate tree
Durman Splitter *-Sword and shield of wood Pukei Pukei
Barong Kutot -A sword and a shield made of bone wood
Violet October -heavy onion Renlos tree
Injector gun+*-heavy gun from the Wesopoid tree
Rifle spear Gargantua -Rifle spear of bone wood
Costolom curtain -charging blade made of bone wood
Dracila River *-charging blade of dragon wood
Sound onions+*-onions

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How to get large bones of herbivores at Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Large bones of herbivores are trophies in the game Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, which can only be found in quests and expeditions at the master level. They can be obtained by cutting out three small monsters: goncosta, rennolos and lump. A surge can occur in different areas, which will significantly accelerate the farm during the expedition. Here’s how you can get large bones of herbivores at Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

of which small monsters large bones of herbivores fall out

Master Rang Kozel , renlos and also slagtot everyone has a chance to reward players Large bones of herbivores Each time they cut out one of the small monsters. The chances are different for each monster and players who have a percussion pen can cut four times . This is unlocked by completing all the first six quests in the arena with each weapon. Dango Skill ofRose Dango can also be used to increase the number of materials obtained by thread. This is unlocked by completing Quest Seven Star Hub, a drained situation *.

How to farm Renlos in MHR

Renlos spaces in both sandy plains and lava caves . Players can often get Upsurge of Rhenoplos on sandy plains, which greatly simplifies the farm.

Renlos in sandy plains

Renopre can be found in areas 1, 3, 6, 8 as well as 10 cards in sandy plains.

Renlos in Law Caves

Renopre can be found in areas 4 as well as 5 cards in lava caves.

Materials Rhenoplos Higher rank

Renlos shell *- 35%
Renlos scalp 20%
Big bone of herbivore 20%
* raw meat-25%

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How to farm Slagtoth in mhr

barrier may appear in flooded forest as well as lava caves .


lump in lava caves

The barrier can appear in areas 1 as well as 2 lava caves.

slagtot in a flooded forest

The barrier can appear in areas 1, 2, 4, as well as 5 flooded forest.

Materials of the barrier Master of the rank

slag oil-35%*
Big bone of herbivore -20%
* raw meat-15%

How to farm Gowngoat in mhr

Goat can only be found in citadel in areas 1 and also 2 .

Materials Gowngoat Master Rank

thick goat fur-42%*
Bone of a large herbivore-28%
Fleas lump of goat-20%
* raw meat-10%

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