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Cyberpunk cat? This is the raccoon in the city.

Cat in the cyberpunk worldview, Stray. It was very popular even though it was an indie game, but if you are waiting for a new journey with a relatively short story? Here, the troubles of the urban center, which is closer to the trash, and the story of Raccoon are also interesting.

On the 25th, the Future Game Show 2022, which was held with Gamescom, was released as an indie game SNACCOON as a world premier title.

The video begins with a raccoon waking up with yaws next to the trash. Raccoon, the protagonist who goes to the back alley where the garbage bags floats, also shows that they walk, run, run naturally, and surpass quite high obstacles.

It’s not just a platform element, but it’s a scene where you can see the donuts drawn on a human smartph1. The scene that confuses people to rush back and forth to confuse people reminds us of a ‘Titleless Goose Game’ that has harassed humans. Then, as if it was, the video was finished with a raccoon who laid down on a paper box and sleeped.

Hurt machine’s technical artist, Christian Spax, who developed hyper light lifters and Solar Ash, often stopped his existing tasks as a large fan-decicated situation continued. In 2020, he envisioned a personal project, which led to the development of the Snain Kuhn.

Spax said in a development journal that he was deeply concerned about the density of the current city center. In addition, he observed it closely and suffered a lot of trial and error to capture the jumping power and movement of humans and other raccoons as a platform element. He also built a parkour system similar to the effective camera movement and climbing that moves around the main character, Raccoon.

The detailed release date of the game has not been released separately, but the video will be released soon.

Spider-Mans canon: Freshman Year has fans confused


The San Diego Comic-Con 2022 is being carried out at the moment, which is why several GEEK world companies are releasing their strong cards as movies and series. And today, during the animated panel of Marvel there were more details about Spider-Man: Freshman Year , the next animated series of the iconic character.

The Marvel Animation panel reported that the world of Peter Parker will expand incorporating characters such as Amadeus Cho, Harry Osborn and Nico Minuro . In addition, the series will bring classic villains, including The Unicorn, Chameleon, Scorpion, Speed Demon, Tarantula, Butane, Carmella Black, Otto Octavius and Norman Osborn.

When it was first announced, it was said that it was the animated origin of Peter Parker of UCM , even the main writer of the series, Jeff Trammell, confirmed that it is set before the Civil War events . This has Marvel fans deeply confused. Since it was mentioned in No Way Home that Norman and Otto do not exist in the film universe.

Here are some fans statements:

Freshman Year is going to be crazy because he doesn’t care about binding with the UCM canon.

Oh, then this makes no sense for the continuity of UCM Lmao.

I thought Spider-Man Freshman Year was a homecoming prequel Why do Doc Ock, Rhino and Scorpion have? And why does all these other costumes have?

Amadeus Cho will get sick because of that.

Apparently with that statement, it is being affirmed that Spider-Man: Freshman Year will not have much to do with the UCM . It will be released at some point in 2024 in Disney Plus .

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