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Tiktok with video games? The popular application is preparing for the next logical step

Without a doubt you know Tiktok , the popular original application of China that allows thousands (if not millions) of users every day see short videos made by the community. Over the years, Tiktok has quickly established himself as the essential social network and today concentrates most of the global influence figures.

But while the application exclusively offers this type of small videos, it seems that Bytedance , the founding company of Tiktok, now wants to turn to video games. As if its users did not spend enough time to the application, they would also have to play it.

Tik tok games?

A Reuters survey published on May 20 tells us about the intentions of the Chinese giant with respect to the video game industry. Tiktok games are not new, in Vietnam the system is already underway for a few months. But why Vietnam? Simply because the country has a young population, with 70% of its population under 35 This represents an astronomical amount of Tiktok users. Therefore, the area is more than propitious to prove such a characteristic, before applying it to the rest of the world.

Even according to Reuters, the Bytedance Plan would be to launch these video games in Southeast Asia this year . As for other continents, international users should be patient.

Tiktok and video games, a long history

** It is not the first time it is possible to play on Tiktok. But this time everything is different because the games that will be available on Tiktok will come from the wide catalog of productions owned by Bytedance, or at least they will be closely related to them.

As the Chinese application constantly adds new functions to retain the valuable loyalty of its young users, it would not be unlikely to see video games on the platform. They will undoubtedly be productions destined to bring the community closer and, as always, to promote content exchange .

If Real Life Was A Video Game Simulator

Why add games to the application?

As Bytedance said to Reuters:”We are always looking for ways to enrich our platform and regularly try new functions and integrations that contribute value to our community” _. So first, everything points to a continuous search for innovation.

Second, of course, money . If there are games in the application, there will also be many ads. Therefore, the Chinese company intends to make profitable the implementation of this type of functionalities collecting profits through advertisements. Quite simple, right?

Ultimately, this would allow Tiktok to attract a new category of users , mobile players. They have been, for a few years and thanks to the success of Candy Crush, Angry Birds and others, a significant number of people. Therefore, this great community may resort to Tiktok, if the application creates video games worthy of that name. One thing is safe, we can’t wait to see what this new function holds us!

Kakao reveals P2E game platform Clayton Games

Kakao (CEO Nam Gung -hoon) will showcase its P2E game platform ‘Clayton Games’ based on its clayton coin.

Kakao defined P2E as “Unlike traditional games led by game companies, P2E is a meta bus in the true sense of players.”

Clayton Games is a project for Kakao to support the P2E industry and expand the Clayton Coin ecosystem. Clayton Games is an IGO lunch pad. It helps to showcase new creepto projects related to game. Competitive products include BSCPAD of Binance and Avalanche’s Avalaunch.

Clayton Games aims to be an integrated platform for both game users and developers. Kakao expects Clayton Games to become synergy between users and developers.


Kakao cited the lack of channels for the P2E ecosystem, △ information fragmentation, △ lack of initial sales channels in game assets, and △ promotion of games. Kakao plans to solve the three problems of Clayton Games.

For example, to solve information fragmentation problems, Kakao collects information to Game Aggregator in Clayton Games. Game Egrigators will be a channel for providing comprehensive information for game ecosystems, such as basic gameplay information, related torque and news about newly launched games. Game Egrigators can operate channels based on the information provided by individual game developers in the early stages of the service, but aim for a user -based forum in the medium and long term.

Kakao said, “Clayton Games is a comprehensive P2E game platform that will not only provide IGO opportunities, but also solve essential matters for expanding the game ecosystem such as information fragmentation and game promotion.”

Nintendo Switch sports tennis guide – advice and recommendations

Tennis is one of the few Nintendo Sports games, which were part of the series from the very beginning. However, even if many controls are familiar, its version for Nintendo Switch still has several differences from the type of shots that you can make to the duration of the rallies that you can support.

How to PERFECT Serve in Nintendo Switch Sports Tennis! (Fast Ball Ace Guide)
If you want to maintain your position in Tennis Pro Leagues, the tips that should be remembered are below.

Tire the enemy

There are two things that can tire the avatars:

  1. Very long rallies
  2. The need to run far during a rally

As soon as the avatar gets tired, he begins to run slower and their income becomes weaker . In the end, they will take a throw (or a very shaky, slow and high throw). Quickly move the Joycon down to call defeat .

refrain from too much movement

However, fatigue applies not only to the avatar of your opponent. If your avatar runs from end to end to catch the ball, you will find yourself in a vulnerable position. As far as possible, you should never configure the field in such a way that it is TH who needs to run.

Thus, always direct your shots toopposite corners * of the opponent’s fields. Thus, they will have no other choice, except to return the ball to the center or to the side on which you are now standing. In any case, this guarantees that you do not have to chase the ball.

Never rock the Joycon too quickly horizontally.

Are your return always land outside the line? Perhaps this is due to the fact that you have a tendency to Click your Joycon turns too sharply to the left or right. It is safer to make “drawing” movement with the Joycon whenever the line comes back to return the ball.

Of course, with sufficient practice, you can evaluate how much strength you need to attach to your blows so that the ball does not land behind the line. Just do not forget to click Joycon!

for experts: Perform curved swings

Having experimented for some time with the “scooping up” of the sinks, you may notice how the balls that you discard are changing the direction. After he bounces once . Nintendo Switch Sports is a game that rewards you for getting closer to imitate movements in real sports . For tennis, this means that you can control the rotation of the ball depending on how you get it. For example, if you swing with your right hand diagonally inside, after the rebound, the ball bends to the right.

If you want to knock the enemy or avoid impact from the line, you are best suited for bent strikes.

To get additional information about the Nintendo Switch Sports, check out some of our other publications here, in games for professionals.

Saudi Oil Money that started to come in in the domestic game industry

From last year, Saudi Oil Money is being introduced in Korea. At its center, there is a Public Investment Fund (PIF), a Saudi Arabian local fund. PIFs bought major game shares such as Activision Bleeds, EA, Taku, and acquired ESL gaming with a large number of global e-sports leagues in January this year.

In 2022, there was a significant movement in Korea. It is a KOSDAQ listed SNK acquisition. In December last year, SNK announced that it is incorporated into the full-time company in its maximum shareholder electronics gaming debyulum, Electronic Gaming Development Company is a 100% subsidiary of the Miss Foundation, which was established by the Saudi Arabia Muham Mad Babilz, On the last year since December last year, public buyers have begun, and SNK on the day, SNK has recorded the upper limit.

SNK will open the Temporary shareholders’ General Assembly related to the abolition of a burglar of listed listing, and applies listed abolitions to the Korean Exchange. On the other hand, SNK is scheduled to publish a listed abolition according to the results of Korea Exchange. At that point, the maximum shareholder will be charged to sell all of the common stocks to our shareholder power. ‘ Calligraphy claims are notified in June.

The Dark Side of the Video Game Industry | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

SNK, who talked ahead, was listed on KOSDAQ, but the company itself was somewhat distorted by the Japanese corporation. However, since early this year, investment in domestic major game companies has begun. The first thing to look at first is NCsoft. The Saudi Local Fund PIF has purchased the NCsoft stakes several times as a buying for only 16, from February 8th to 16th. The current equity rate is 9.26%, based on this, PIE is currently in the 2nd shareholder of NCsoft.

The PIF side said it would only be able to exercise the rights guaranteed to the domestic trade, such as voting, warrants, and dividends, regardless of the number of stocks held, regardless of the number of stocks held. The Representative of NCsoft Kim, who has been achieved in the questions that PIFs will take advantage of their stake in the two shareholders, and will take action if they plan to earn more stake in two shareholders.

The PIE has been stake in Nexon, which was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in Japan, Related contents can be found based on the contents of PIF on the 13th, and the contents disclosed in the Japanese electronic disclosure system (Edinet). According to this, the PIF has steadily purchased Nexon stocks from January 25 to April 8th, and the total acquisition amount is 2,476 billion yen, and about 2,44,16.1 billion won. PIE Nexon’s equity rate is 9.14%, in modern two shareholders.

The purpose of the PIF side on the purchase of Nexon shares is also a simple investment, and it was announced that there was no critical offerings related to the purchase of stake. However, the news that the Saudi Local Fund is the two shareholders of Nexon, but in Japan, as well as the domestic stock market. On the same day, Nexon subsidiary Net Games, the day, the day, Nexon’s Tea was a merger with net Games.

Saudi Oil Money Inflow, Condition of Tent Tension?

The Saudi Local Fund, PIF, is a global investor in the Global Investment of the Asset Scale (US $ 612). In addition, Saudi Arabia is a business destination for Saudi Arabia since 2016. The purpose of this project, which is leading the Muhammad Babil, is to lower the reliance on their national oil industry and increase the economic structure of the economic structure. Particularly, the enormous funds with this PIF are invested in overseas industries such as IT and renewable energy, and to invest in the Vision 2030 business.

The main investment area also includes games. The PIF established the Gaming Group (Savvy Gaming Group “last year and the E-Sports Professional Investor, and this investor acquired the ESL gaming described above. The Cavy Gaming Group has been leading to the Brian Ward CEO, which served as the Activision Bleeds of the World Wide Studio. I predicted that it is highly likely. We added that the number of people under 30 were high, and 70% of them enjoyed the game, and a significant number of surveys that many of the local college students want to study the game related to the game.

At this point, the case of emerging is a Tencent, which was landed as a main factor that attracted a large number of cigars in the domestic game company in the mid-2010. In fact, Tencent invested in Netmarble, Craftton, Cacao Games, and has been investing in Line Games and Sum Age Authority Royal Cross last year. In addition, the share price was soared in the rumor that Tencent invested. In the background, there was anticipated that Tencent has a great asset in which Tencent has a scaffolding on investment, and a large market in China, and a large market, has anticipated that he could get a high profit.

PS4 will soon receive some exclusive games of Nintendo Switch

The PS4 will obtain some exclusive games of the Nintendo Switch console in the near future. Of course, none of these games are games published by Nintendo, since the Nintendo Switch games published by Nintendo remain exclusive to Nintendo Switch. However, that does not mean that games are not notable. The first is the house of the dead: Remake that was released exclusively in Nintendo Switch this week, but now it appeared in PSN backend (through Gematsu). This not only filters a PS4 port, but indicates that you will soon arrive at the console.

Game number two was filtered exactly in the same way. _ Shadowrun_Trilogy was announced for Nintendo Switch last year and is scheduled to get to Switch at some point this year. This week, the game was climbed to the PSN back-end (through Reddit), once again, does not only filter the existence of a version of PS4, but indicates that this version of the game will be launched soon.

The third and last SWITCH game that will arrive at PS4 has been officially confirmed, and that is Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Tow N, which has just been announced for PS4. The game, which was launched for the first time in Switch and since then has come to PC, will reach PS4 this summer.

Next, you can read more about the three games and see the progress of the three games:

Trilogy of Shadowrun: «Trilogy of Shadowrun_ comprises three worship tactical role sets that take place in a future Distópical Ciberpunk in which magic has woke up again, bringing back to life high fantasy creatures. Initially created as a board role game more than 30 years ago, this unique scenario in its kind has earned a large number of followers during the last three decades ».

The House of the Dead: Remake: «The House of the Dead: New Version is a rehery version of the game introduced in 1997 on the Arcade platform. An arcade shooting on classic rails receives a completely new entourage and changes in the game to adapt to modern game standards ».

Status history: Pioneers of Olive Town: «Welcome to Olive Town, a peaceful community established by your pioneer grandfather and the friends of him. Now that you have taken care of the farm of him, it is your work to continue with the legacy of it. Plant crops, breeding animals, build relationships and know the residents of your new home! »

Análisis STORY OF SEASONS: PIONEERS OF THE OLIVE TOWN ???? La Semilla del Éxito (Nintendo Switch)

For more game coverage, including the last in Nintendo Switch and PS4, click here or take a look at some of the links below:

Gran Turismo 7: The update 1.11 goes in the sense of players, everything is forgiven?

Si l’une des voitures ci-dessus est actuellement utilisée, ce correctif peut être appliqué en allant dans [GT Auto] > [Personnalisation de la voiture] > [Enregistrer le style].

Correction d’un problème où une couche de la conception de livrée enregistrée dans le stockage de la console disparaissait sous certaines conditions. Toute couche manquante avant la mise à jour 1.11 peut être restaurée en supprimant une fois les données de sauvegarde locales. Si la vignette d’aperçu est manquante, réenregistrer le design affichera une nouvelle vignette.

9. Modèle de simulation physique
– Amélioration de la physique lors de l’atterrissage après un saut, principalement sur des pistes de terre ;
– Correction d’un problème où la valeur de la vitesse du véhicule affichée sur le compteur de vitesse des autres joueurs dans les courses en ligne différait parfois de la vitesse réelle du véhicule ;
– Correction d’un problème où l’après-feu ne s’arrêtait pas dans certaines situations après avoir réglé le silencieux d’une Toyota Prius G ’09 et d’une Toyota Aqua S ’11.

10. Paramètres de la voiture
– Modification des options de réglage du système anti-décalage de “Désactivé/Activé” à “Désactivé/Faible/Fort” ;
– Correction d’un problème où la sélection d’une pièce dans la “boutique de réglage”, l’annulation de l’achat, puis l’ouverture des paramètres de la voiture par la suite rendaient le nom de la feuille de réglage nouvellement créée vide et la feuille de réglage se réinitialisait.

11. Race
– Correction d’un problème où les pénalités de temps n’étaient pas émises correctement lorsque des raccourcis à courte distance étaient pris ou que des raccourcis étaient pris en succession rapide ;
– Correction d’un problème où une pénalité était toujours émise pour avoir coupé la ligne blanche à Goodwood ;
– Ajustement de la position de départ des arrêts aux stands pour le Daytona International Speedway Tri-Oval.

12. Courses personnalisées
– Modifié pour que le paramètre Balance of Performance (BoP) puisse être activé ou désactivé lorsque les voitures actuelles appartiennent aux catégories Gr.1, Gr.2, Gr.3, Gr.4 et Gr.B.

13. Voitures rivales (IA)
– Correction d’un problème où les voitures rivales qui passaient aux pneus pluie après un arrêt au stand dans les courses “Wet Condition” avaient une accélération lente à la sortie des stands ;
– Dans les courses en ligne, mesures appliquées pour certaines voitures partant plus tôt ou plus tard lors d’un départ lancé en raison de problèmes de réseau.

14. Graphiques
– Amélioration de la qualité d’image de la fumée dans les photos de course ;
– Correction d’un problème où des débris lors de collisions en vue Cockpit pénétraient à l’intérieur de la voiture ;
– Correction de l’effet de fumée afin qu’il soit désormais rendu correctement lorsqu’il est vu à travers les vitres de la voiture (PS5 uniquement).

15. Rediffusions
– Modification de la façon dont le menu de contrôle de relecture apparaît à l’écran, passant d’une pression sur n’importe quel bouton à une simple pression sur les boutons Confirmer ou Annuler.

16. His
– La musique sera désormais lue en son surround lorsque le mode de sortie audio est réglé sur la sortie “7.1 ch Surround” ;
・Sur les systèmes PlayStation®4, cette configuration sera activée lorsque l’appareil connecté est compatible 5.1 canaux ou 7.1 canaux et que le « Mode de sortie audio » dans « Options » est défini sur « 7.1 Surround » ;
・Sur les consoles PlayStation®5, cette configuration sera activée lorsque l’appareil connecté est compatible 5.1 canaux ou 7.1 canaux et que le « Type d’appareil HDMI » sur la console est défini sur « Amplificateur AV » et que le « Nombre de canaux » est défini à ‘5.1 canaux’ ou ‘7.1 canaux’ ;
– Ajout des paramètres [Music Replay Volume Balance] et [Music Replay Master Volume] au ‘Sound Volume’ dans Options et aux ‘Replay Options’ dans Music Replay Playback ;
– L’écran « Options de relecture » dans « Play Music Replay » peut maintenant être fermé avec le bouton Annuler.

17. Settings
– Modifié pour que le paramètre [Afficher le fantôme de démonstration] dans [Paramètres fantômes] s’affiche uniquement dans les licences et les événements Circuit Experience ;
– Ajout de [Correction temporaire de l’exposition] aux paramètres du menu rapide. L’option ‘Temporary Exposure Correction’ vous permet d’ajuster temporairement la luminosité de l’écran pendant les courses. Quitter le menu rapide ramènera le jeu au réglage d’exposition d’origine.

18. Cars collection
\ – Add three new selection methods:
· The △ button will now move the focus on the current car;
· The L2 button and the R2 button will move the focus respectively to the previous vehicle and following in the list of cars already acquired;
· The □ button will move the focus on cars with the ‘New’ icon.

Gran Turismo 7's Credit Problems Are Fixed! (Update 1.11)
19. Automatic GT
– Unification of the brightness of replacement bulbs under [Auto GT]> [Customizing the car]> [Other]> [Bulb].

20. Trophies
\ – Correction of the “Wheely Good Fun” Trophy Text “bought 10 wheeled games at GT Auto”.

21. Title screen
– Divided the miniature image and the text of the news for them so that they are displayed separately.

22. Steering Controller
Additional buttons mapping When mounting replacement wheels such as Fanatec ClubSport Formula V2 flywheel at Fanatec GT DD Pro (only available when the compatible steering wheel is fixed):
· Assigned the upper / left upper pallets of the advanced fanatec podium palette module to the turn signals;
· Assigning the left / right rocker switch to switch and modify the MFD features;
· Assigned the analog stick to the rotation of the head.
\ – Changing the function assigned to the left rocker switch To be selection of the MFD menu and the function assigned to the right rock switch to adjust the MFD value when a replacement steering wheel such as the steering wheel Fanatec Clubsport Formula V2 is attached to Fanatec CSL Elite and Fanatec Podium.

23. Others
– Various other problems have been resolved.

How to get a level 2 ax in Grounded

The tools are important in Grounded, and possibly you will want to move from your level 1 pebblet ax to a more powerful level 2 ax. This will require work and you will need some things to get there.

How to get a level 2 ax

The first thing to do is make sure you have an established. The level 2 ax can only be built on the workbench, so even if you get all the pieces you need, you will not be able to make it unless you have one.

Once you have sorted, you will need to go to the area indicated on the map above to find the ladybug. The ladybug has a fairly wide patrol area here, so look for you until you find it, but make sure you do not be invaded by the spiders.

Now you have to kill the ladybug. This can give you the impression of being a villain of Disney, but the ladybug will make you shipfrost if you are touched. Two shots of a ladybug enough to send you to a reappearance point, so do it carefully around and light it with your spear when you can.

Grounded | How to Get Tier 2 Axe (FAST & EASY)
When he died, take the head and head to the camp analyzer – Analyze the head to unlock the insect ax recipe.

You will need the following resources to build the insect ax:

  • Loccinelle head x 1
  • Spider silk x 4

coins bomber

To get them, you will have to fight Bombardier’s bugs, which are west of where you find the ladybug. They are hard to fight because they spit on you a sticky substance that damages you and stuns.

spider silk

You can get spider silk by striking the cobwebs with your pebble ax, simply make sure to keep an eye on the spiders while doing it.

Mouse Gaming Razer Deathadder Essential at a gentle price

Connue pour être très accessible, la Razer DeathAdder Essential est une souris gaming qui mise sur les fonctionnalités essentielles des souris gaming afin de permettre aux gamers au petit budget de s’équiper dignement. En ce moment, cette souris gaming déjà très accessibe profite d’une petite promo chez Amazon, ce qui lui permet d’atteindre son plus bas prix de 18,89 €.

Le bon plan


  • Rakuten


  • Cdiscount marketplace


  • Darty marketplace


  • Amazon marketplace


  • Fnac.com marketplace


  • Shopping street


  • Amazon


  • Fnac.com marketplace


  • Darty marketplace


  • Ldlc


  • Materiel.net


  • Amazon marketplace


Worth Every Penny! - Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse Review

Difficile de s’étaler longuement sur cette R azer DeathAdder Essential quand son plus grand atout est cité dans son nom. En effet, cette souris gaming Razer reprend le design intemporel de la célèbre DeathAdder de la marque et lui enlève tout le superflu afin de proposer une souris à la fois accessible et performante.

Pour ne pas décevoir, elle embarque un capteur de 6 400 DPI. Si cela peut faire sourire quand on sait que Razer dispose de capteur autrement plus véloces, montant à 26 000 DPI, il est sage de rappeler que les 6 400 DPI de cette DeathAdder Essential sont loin d’être insuffisant puisque l’écrasante majorité des gamers ne montent jamais au delà de 3 000 DPI. Son ergonomie directement calquée sur la DeathAdder se révèle confortable et parfaite pour tous les types de prise, que ce soit de la paume, du bout des doigts ou en griffe. Il s’agit d’une souris gaming parfaite pour les joueurs de FPS ou de MOBA qui n’ont pas besoin de nombreux boutons. Attention, son petit prix lui permet tout de même d’intégrer des switchs Razer taillés pour 10 millions d’activations. Il va falloir cliquer intensivement pour en arriver à bout.

En ce moment, cette souris gaming lancée au tarif de 29,99 € est en promo grâce aux ventes flashs Amazon. Son tarif chute alors brutalement à 18,89 €, ce qui est son prix le plus bas et en fait une souris au rapport qualité/prix indéniable.

Découvrir l’offre chez Amazon

Quelle alternatice ?


  • Amazon


  • Amazon marketplace


  • Amazon marketplace


  • Amazon marketplace


  • Amazon marketplace


  • Amazon marketplace


Si votre budget peut être revu à la hausse ou que vous voulez tout simplement une souris plus performante, vous pouvez vous orienter vers l’ Asus ROG Keris Wireless. As the name suggests, it is a wireless mouse, ultra-performing.

En plus de son capteur très véloce de 16 000 DPI, l’ Asus ROG Keris Wireless mise sur sa qualité de fabrication et sa fiabilité pour séduire les gamers. Son poids plume cache une modularité exemplaire, permettant de remplacer les switchs pour des modèles plus adaptés à vos préférences mais également de changer les boutons de tranche. Il s’agit d’une souris capable de vous accompagner durant de longues années, d’autant que ses switchs installés de base sont taillés pour encaisser 70 millions d’activations et qu’ Asus fourni un jeu de switchs de rechange, des boutons de tranche de rechange ainsi que des patins en PTFE en plus. La partie sans-fil est également exemplaire, avec une triple connexion filaire, Bluetooth et 2,4 GHz, le tout grâce à une batterie assurant jusqu’à 78 heures d’ use. L’ éclairage RVB Aura Sync est bien entendu de mise.

Lancée à 99,99 €, cette souris présente déjà un excellent rapport qualité/prix pour une souris sans-fil de ce niveau, quand on sait que ses concurrentes n’hésitent pas à afficher jusqu’à 150 €. Mais en ce moment, les ventes Flashs Amazon ont de quoi faire sourire votre banquier puisqu’elle profite de 50 % de réduction, la faisant chuter à 49,99 €.

Découvrir l’offre chez Amazon

Trouvez le meilleur matériel

[Guide d’achat] Notre sélec’ des meilleures souris de jeu

All Locky Dice locations in Crackmast Cove in Tiny Tinas Wonderlands

Crackmast Cove) – optional area in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands with 22 happy cubes. Many of them are in areas that are available only after performing a set of side quests found in the area. This is all Lucky Dice locations in Crackmast Cove in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

All Locky Dice locations

Everything is three side quests that players must pass to get everything happy bones . Adventure Court over Sinpasis Phil Requires players to unlock two other quests, opening more and more areas.

Happy dice game 1

At the beginning of the level, players may notice happy death next to the waterfall. Jump on a wooden pillar, and then jump on the platform to the right will give the players enough height to get to it.

Happy dice 2 game

Once players reach sand, Happy death You can find the left of the hut.

Happy dice game 3

To the right of the entrance, following In the abdomen of the beast A side quest is Lucky Die in a cave.

Happy dice game 4

On the other side of the cave on the right there is a large marine creature, in which players can enter the in the abdomen of the beast by side quest. To the right of it is Happy death .

Happy bone game 5

On the shore there is a house with happy death just next to him. Players can jump in the boxes nearby to get to it.

happy dice 6

Then the rest of the large ship is located on the beach, in which is happy death inside.

happy dice 7

Houses on the beach on the right side hide Happy death at the top of them. Access to it can be obtained by bypassing the place where you can find a ramp to access the higher parts of the beach.

Happy dice 8

Further on the beach on the right there is a platform for water. A Happy death Sits only on him.

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happy dice 9

In the cave next to the goal of a side quest, Court over Smelzim Phil Players can find Happy death Without reaching a shallow water.

happy dice 10

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands All Lucky Dice Locations In Crackmast Cove
Solution of the riddles inside Phil s The house will indicate the path where happy death is near the gun.

happy dice 11

After players get Print For Phil, the doors open to the new area. Lifting through Ramp, halfway Happy death Players will need to jump onto a wooden beam to get to it.

happy dice 12

Raised by ramp, players can go all the way forward to get to the tent. Immediately behind him is Happy death .

happy dice 13

Below the area of houses near the water is the platform below. A Happy death And the chest can be found by jumping down or go down the stairs.

Happy dice 14

In the far corner, where players can find Narchaar This is Happy death .

happy dice 15

Building complex hides Happy death in the city of Pirates. This is a wooden blockade that shares two areas.

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happy dice 16

To the edge of the area, which is high in the air, is a staircase leading to the lattice. On the other hand, fiery traps and happy death at the end of this. Access to it can be obtained after opening the second gate in a side quest. Court of Socinozim Phil .

happy dice 17

As soon as the players reach Fila box on a short path leading to the beach, Happy death You can find next to him.

happy dice 18

Over the gates that players explode from the gun during a side quest is happy death on the right side of him.

Happy bone 19

As soon as the players get to a wooden bridge to continue the quest, to the left of the house there will be a staircase leading to Happy death . It does not completely down, so it takes a jump for fixing.

happy dice 20

After , everything is blurry by side quest, players will fall into the crude cave, where happy death sits on his own.

happy dice 21

As soon as the players get to the wooden gate in , everything is blurry by side quest, and Happy death You can find by rummaged on the wooden platform next to him. Having reached the second platform, the box will give enough height to get to it.

Happy dice 22

The latter Happy death will require the players to go through most wandering yes by-Quest. After reaching le chance to the right of the cave Happy death .

To learn more about Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, check out all Lucky Dice locations at The Fearmid in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands in Pro Game Guides.

One Piece returns to Emission: ReleJapanese televisione date of anime episode 1014

The anime of One Piece will resume its emissions on Japanese television next Sunday April 17 . After Hachao to Toei Animation servers on March 15, which resulted in the indefinite suspension of the main series of the Japanese company in the main distribution channels, including the releJapanese televisione date of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the audadevisual duties of the work of Eiichiro Oda hJapanese television confirmed the end of this hiatus.

Episode 1014 of One Piece will be issued this April 17, 2022

Therefore, this April 17 will not only be issued episode 1014 of One Piece on Japanese television and Crunchyroll, where we can see officially and with subtitles in Spanish the series in simulcJapanese televisiont, but that the rest of the affected series will also return to His paron next week. In particular, this is the premiere calendar of the main series of Toei Animation affected by the security gap.

One Piece Episode 1014 Release Date Announced! and Some Huge news!
* One Piece – Episode 1014 on April 17; They will re-issue a recap Japanese television a summary of the Wano arch this Sunday, April 10.
* Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai – Episode 73 on April 16; They will re-issue episode 72 this Saturday, April 9.
* Delicious Party Precure – Episode 6 on April 17; They will re-issue episode 5 this Sunday, April 10.
* Digimon Ghost Game – Episode 22 on April 17; They will re-issue episode 13 this Sunday 10 April.

The tv Japanese televisionahi chains, Fuji TV and TV Tokyo, in charge of issuing the episodes of these popular Series of Toei Animation, have confirmed the information and have decided to re-evaluate some key previous episodes so that fans are not lost with the plot, remember fundamental Japanese televisionpects Of the current acts and re-refund after this unexpected paron.

In the cJapanese televisione of One Piece, we remember that episode 1013 is The pJapanese televisiont of Yamato – the man who Japanese televisionpired at the head of an emperor, issued on March 6 with Opening Paint. It corresponds to the chapters 998 and 999 of Manga of Eiichiro Oda, is a canonical episode **.

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