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LEGO BRAWLS: Minifigures


After assembling your Lego Minifigure from the numerous parts, it goes right into battle.
You cross well-known LEGO themed worlds, such as the caves of Ninjago, the Wildwest Cocktail Lounge or the Jungle by Monkie Kid.

As publisher Bandai Namco announces with a brand-new trailer, the fighting game LEGO Brawls (from EUR 39.99 will certainly additionally show up on September 2, 2022 for PC as well as gaming consoles.


As a team, you can compete against other groups, play with close friends by means of cross play, or exist in Fight Royale mode.
On a ranking you can also see exactly how well you do contrasted to all other players.

Killing came again in the wilderness! “Waerybody behavior” x “Assassination classroom” collaboration event 2nd is held!

NetEase Games is developed and operated at the very popular Battle Royale game “Woono Act”, and from 10:00 March 31 to April 14, the second collaboration event with the TV anime “Assassination Class” Is held.

NetEase Games is developed and operated at the very popular Battle Royale game “Woono Act”, and from 10:00 March 31 to April 14, the second collaboration event with the TV anime “Assassination Class” We will hold it.

# Killer, new collaboration items with theme of Shiro & Itna appeared!

The collaboration between “assassination classroom” and “wilderness behavior” is the second. All collaboration items appeared in the first collaboration held in August 2021 will be reprinted, as well as many new collaboration items will appear!

Among them, the item of attention is “reproduction costume, disguise killing” that reproduces the appearance that killed. This is a figure that the killer disguised when everyone in the E group went to a school trip. The tentacles of his arms are visible, and it is also reproducible with the true body.

Currently, the revitalization costume of the enemy and Shiro also appeared in this collaboration. As the name implies, it creates a spooky atmosphere with the full-body white sum.

In addition, the motif of the original costume “His jack” is also appeared, which motifs the mascot character that is a mascot character of “wilderness behavior”. The appearance of the killing that can only be seen here is a check.

Fireworks are newly lineup of SP-RN94 with killing. The level is prepared in four levels, and the body of the killer that was fired by the level up is changed to yellow → red → black, and the expression will change accordingly. Fireworks Skin also appeared with AK47 with Shiro & Itna. A white tentacles are designed to get tangled in a white bargain.

Vehicles Skin, killed car skin and jeep skin, and car skins on the theme of Shiro & Itna are available. Killer’s car skin is designed to kill the face of the vehicle body, and yellow → red → black and color change. Take a car that fly around with the highest speed Mach 20 and ride the car and run the wilderness at high speed!

Besides, various collaboration items such as the fellow of the cute deformed killings and the same deformed killing seed rucks, and the bent that reproduces the ballast of the second generation god of death, so please check by all means.

# A special event for a collaboration period limited!

[7 days login event]
Period: March 31-April 14th
During the event, you can only receive special rewards simply by logging in to the game.

[Puzzle Event]
Period: March 31-April 14th
During the event, you can challenge puzzles on the event page using fragments that can be collected in the battle. Completing puzzles can earn special rewards.

# “Assassination classroom”

“Assassination classroom” is a cartoon work by Matsui Yukai, which was serialized from July 2012 to March 2016 at “Weekly Shonen Jump”. In January 2015, the first term television animation was broadcasted in January 2016, and the second phase was broadcasted and was popular.

Has the speed of Mach 20 and a universal tentacle, and in March next year, while declaring it to blast the earth, “killing” that became the teacher of the fall class “End of End of End of End” of Yumigaoka Junior High School., “Killing” assassination mission imposed by “killing” assassination mission to save the earth. The keyword “assassin” is a serious and unique set of students, and the story drawn, and the story that was thoroughly kneaded and the story that was carefully kneaded became a topic, acquired overwhelming support from a wide range of layers.

# What is the “wilderness behavior”

“Waorme behavior” is a Battle Royal game for ios, Android, Windows, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, which has been developed and operated by Netease Games. It has a breakthrough of 2.5 billion around the world, and about 100 players are Get down to the last one, let’s fight. If it is connected, you can play with friends anytime, anywhere!

[Hundred dive, survival rate 1%] Hundreds of warriors are getting down to the wilderness!
Vast Vision, Long Distance Sniper, Concertive Behavior, Survival! Can you survive to the end!

“Wilderness Behavior” Official Site: https://www.knivesout.jp/
“Wilderness Behavior” Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/game_knives_out
“Wilderness Behavior” Official LINE Account: https://lin.ee/smrtljx

© Matsui Yukiya / Shueisha / Anime “Assassination Class” Production Committee
© 1997-2022 Neteace, Inc.ALL Rights Reserved

Naraka: BladePoint celebrates his brand-new period with countless days to bet free

Naraka: Bladepoint is just one of the titles that, despite wagering on the Battle Royale As many various other projects in recent times, has actually managed to stay over time developing a large neighborhood on their servers. Since its launch has been commemorating unique enhancements, however additionally possibilities for those that have actually not attempted to do so.

Period 3 adds a duo as well as an event mode The promotion comes from the hand of the premiere of the 3rd season of the game. Bajo in support of TIER , it brings with it fire and ice themes and the Springtime Blooms period event, which permits players to finish goals to obtain Blossom Branches that can be retrieved by different rewards. In enhancement, a duo mode is available at the certifying items because of the demand of customers, as well as has actually been revealed (with the short you can see on these lines) the arrival of a brand-new character, Justina Gu * *, Available as of March 9.

With the very same spirit, 24 amusement has announced the celebration of a new complimentary weekend break for PC gamers who in fact extends beyond Sunday. STEAM customers will be able to try their proposal for activity as well as fighting styles free of cost.

Crimson and Winter - New Hero Justina Gu Animated Short | NARAKA: BLADEPOINT

When we talk about Naraka: Bladepoint spoke about a fight and action experience for up to 60 players with body-to-body clashes based on martial arts and also performed by personalized heroes geared up with skills and also tools. Currently it is offered only on computer , however it carries the horizon a version for PlayStation 5 in the future, although we do not recognize the details day of launch.

My Hero Academy presents its new Battle Royale proposal for free: First images

Is there room for a new Royale Battle? Surely yes, because it is the genre of fashion and more and more games are approaching this type of proposals; Even if your original conceptions have nothing to do. A well-known saga for all is My Hero Academy , which seem to be preparing your new game with this survival approach.

As directed as Gets, the game called My Hero Academy is on the way: Ultra Rumble . It will be a Battle Royale that will come soon to PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC through Steam . And the prestigious portal Fujitsu Ya has published the first images, which you can see below.

According to the translation of synopsis, the game urges us to join in some multiplayer action battles against 24 players . A figure quite lower than usual in the genre, but the games of the saga have components to be fun and distinctive.

In addition, it will be a title free-to-play , so it will urge everyone to prove it. At the moment, there are not too many more details, except for the presence of characters known as Izuku Midoriyama or Tour Ibaraki among others.

We remind you that in recent days you have also started to pre-record of My Hero Ultra Impact for mobile devices.

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