Infinity Ward, which develops the new 2022 new work “ Call of Duty (Call of Duty)”, updated the Twitter account icon and header to a black image. It is a topic that it is suggested that the release of the follow-up will be made in the near future.

The “Call of Duty” of the 2022 next to Call of Duty Vanguard announced that it was under development this February, and then the sequel to “Call of Duty Modern Warfair” released in 2019 Clearly. Infinity Ward, which has developed the “MW” series, is mentioned that the basic free Batrois “War Zone” is built together from zero.

The Icon and Header Images that the Infinity Ward has been updated is very dark, but from the image where the overseas media IGN is brighter, the characteristic that “Ghost”, the character of the “MW” series, is fitted with the characteristic You can check shadows like a mask.

Playing Warzone with the Real Ghost Voice Actor
It is unknown whether this guessing is correct, but it will be awaited for the public announcement that it will be held soon. The delivery timing and compatible platform of the new “Call of Duty” are undecided.