PLAIN has launched a PS5 / PS4 version for domestic PS5 / PS4, a strategic action PRG Mount & Blade II: Banner lord developed by Tale worlds Entertainment.

This work is a medieval RPG set on the Palladio continent 200 years ago from the previous work Mount & Blade: War band released in 2010. Players are involved in the destruction or survival during the confusion of the huge Arcadia Empire. In this work, which has a high degree of freedom, it is possible to start with a faction lower-class warrior with hegemony on the continent, and a series of leading lords, finally a king, can be created with the player’s own hands. Instead of a variety of people envisioned, such as adventurers, merchants, bad guys, heroes, justice rulers, cruel tyrant, the name of Arcadia’s history and an experience to create a new world from the ash of the old days. It is possible.


After about two years of early access period, the PC version and the Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/overseas PS4/PS5 version were officially released on October 25, 2022. This time, the PS5/PS4 version has been released for Japan. This work is planned to continue to be expanded by updating and content.

Mount & Blade II: Banner lord is on sale on PC (Steam)/PS4/PS5/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One.