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Sergio Agüero dreams of comeback: in two years? Lets see!

More than three months after his involuntary career end, Sergio Agüero dreams of a return to the football field.

“Yesterday I thought that I could play again. Inter Miami called me, but I rejected. In two years? Let’s see,” Agüero said to tyc Sports. In any case, the fire blends in the former topstormer. “The doctors have told me that I have to pause five or six months, but I want to train again,” he said.

Agüero had had to end his career in December on the advice of his doctors. Previously, the Argentine, who was at the time in services of the FC Barcelona, was collapsed at the end of October in the league match against Deportivo Alaves with heart problems on the square. “This is a very difficult moment for me,” Agüero said under tears, “but I’ve made the decision because of my health. I am very proud of my career”.

Sergio Aguero Is Considering Coming Out Of Retirement
Since then, he already expressed himself in questionable words about his state of health. “If I’m trying to play current football tennis, I’m out of breath when I want to sprint. I just realize that my heart does not work properly,” explained the 33-year-old in February on twitch.

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Overall, Agüero completed 667 competitions for Barca, Atletico Madrid, Manchester City and Atletico Independiente in his career. He achieved 380 goals. His most successful time experienced the Argentine with the cityzens in England. With the Skyblues, Agüero won the English Championship five times and became a scorer in the Premier League in 2015. With the Argentine national team he won the Copa America last year, but remained without use in the final against Brazil.

Pedro dAguillon Jr. died, Mexican dubbing actor

Again the world of entertainment is located in mourning after the sensitive death of Pedro d’Aguillon Jr ., A Mexican dubbing actor who lent his talent for series as Dragon Ball, Cyborg 009 and Bleach. The cinema also had important contributions giving life to different characters in films like ghostbusters , the nightmare on the street of terror, and the games of hunger.

D’Aguillon Jr. died on February 3 to his 74-year-old, D’Aguillon Jr The news was confirmed via Twitter by the account Mexican dubbing, Who shared the following message:

For its part, Eduardo Garza, Another recognized dubbing actor and dubbing director for the latest films of dragon ball , it was also pronounced about it with the following message:

D ‘Aguillon Jr. He lent the voice of him to Tao Pai Pai at Dragon Ball, to Chang Changku in Cyborg 009, and Yoruichi Shihouin in his cat shape in Bleach * *. In the cinema, he was the voice of Freddy Krueger and the voice of Willy Tanner in Alf. **

Rest in peace, Pedro d’Aguillon Jr..

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