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New Game of Lego filtered for PS4 and PS5

A new Lego The game for PS4 and PS5 has been filtered. Last week, Lego Star Wars: Saga Skywalker was launched on a variety of platforms, including PS4 and PS5. And it is one of the biggest releases so far this year. However, it was developed by TT Games. This new game comes from Light Brick Studio and is now available on some platforms.

The game in question is The Journey of the Lego builder, which has not been formally announced for PS4 and PS5, but we know that the game will reach PlayStation platforms since it has risen to PSN backend for both consoles. This could be an elaborated error, but it is very unlikely. This not only filters the existence of these versions, but suggests that they will be launched soon, since things are not charged at PSN backend until its launch is something imminent.

The Trip of the LEGO builder debuted for the first time in 2019, but only through Apple Arcade. In 2021, he arrived in Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, and now it seems that it will come to PS4 and PS5. After its launch, the game obtained favorable reviews and obtained an 80 in Metacritic. However, how it is sold, we do not know.

The Travel of the Lego Builder for PS4 from

LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Gameplay Walkthrough FULL GAME 4K 60FPS No Commentary


«The trip of the LEGO builder is a game of atmospheric geometric riddles that asks us that sometimes we follow the instructions… and sometimes we broke the rules,” is read in an official speech of the game. «Take your time to experiment with the resolution of free way as you submerge yourself in a poetic world of LEGO bricks. Throughout the narrative, there will be ups and downs, challenges and celebrations. Find out who we are and what we became the builder’s way. In creative mode, you can build your own models. Choose a thematic construction plate and be creative. Build a racing car, a pirate ship or perhaps a new game scene. Enter the photo mode where you can adjust the angle of the camera, change the mood and take a photo to share it with friends. The impressive world of LEGO bricks comes alive with the Lego elements rendered with the greatest precision so far on the screens ».

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FC Schalke 04: Bundesliga

At FC Schalke 04, Donis Avdijaj was once equipped with an exit clause of almost 50 million euros. The worry was that top clubs could buy the then jewel under value. Eight years later, Kosovare does not play for Real Madrid or Manchester United, but for the TSV Hartberg in the Austrian Bundesliga.

The big breakthrough remained deserved by the Gelsenkirchener so far. About stations in the Netherlands, Turkey, Scotland, and most recently on Cyprus, Avdijaj posted for the second time in Austria last summer. 2015 Storm Graz, now at the TSV Hartberg.

In Styria, the 25-year-old belongs to the regular personnel, scored three goals in ten games and delivered another assist. In the Bundesliga, Hartberg still fights for the championship round, in the Cup last moved into the semifinals.

Avdijaj peaks first title of his career

“We want to take the momentum and of course come to the final. It is clear that we would like to win the Cup ultimately,” explained the offensive player in the interview with the “kicker”. For Avdijaj it would be the first title of his career.

It seems possible that in Avdijaj’s turbulent career for the first time for a long time, something retires. He realize in the Hartberger environment “human a tremendous development. I’m more mature and a person who can classify different things much better.”

Even with his Real Madriding achievements, the midfielder is satisfied. Not least because of the fact that the former problem player completely rolled its environment. “I have been a new consultant and a new athletic coach for some time now. These guys are the best that could happen to me,” he explained.

Return to Schalke 04? Avdijaj leaves it open

Successful Thioune Debut | Fortuna Düsseldorf - Schalke 04 2-1 | Highlights |MD22–Bundesliga 2-21/22
“Fixed bedtime, regeneration phases and the use of nutritional supplements” now belong to the routine of the ex-Schalker, which was formerly stumbled by an eclat in the next.

His disciplinary missing has taken the 25-year-old well – and his “big goal” continues and again firmly in view. “In the long term, I would like to return to the German Bundesliga,” Avdijaj gave unwounds to: “I trust myself.”

Whether he could concretely introduce a return to FC Schalke, the right foot was open. Nevertheless, “I would, of course, wish that Schalke creates the climb.”

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