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BVB star changes to Manchester City: Thats why Real Madrid Haaland is said to have canceled

One of the longest transfer poker in recent months has been history since Tuesday: Erling Haaland leaves Borussia Dortmund in summer and joins Manchester City. Real Madrid, which for a long time was a hot iron around the 21-year-old Norwegian, was empty. In Spain, one now wants to have revealed why a deal for the royal was ultimately not an option.

According to the positive experiences at BVB, Erling Haaland is said to have insisted on a contract model that is known only too well in Dortmund. Lu Martín from the Spanish radio station “Cadena Ser” wants to learn that.

Accordingly, Haaland and his now deceased consultant Mino Raiola have asked for a signature at Real Madrid that he can leave the club in the summer of 2024 for a fixed transfer of 150 million euros.

As a reminder: Haaland currently enables a similar agreement to say goodbye to BVB. However, the Dortmunders “only” collect around 75 million euros.

For Real Madrid’s President Florentino Pérez, however, such a scenario is not an option under any circumstances, the report says. Haaland’s entourage therefore received a “clear no”.

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Mancity makes Haaland a top earner

In Spain, exit clause are mandatory, the clubs therefore often provide the contracts of their stars with incredible sums: DFB defender Antonio Rüdiger will allegedly only be available for 400 million euros after moving to Madrid, according to the Spanish newspaper “ABC also exists No players with a clause under 160 million euros.

It is not clear whether Haaland’s working paper at Manchester City contains such a clause. Ultimately, however, the striker decided to move to England and step into his father’s footsteps. Alf-Ling Haaland played for the blues from 2000 to 2003.

However, there should be more than a family gang behind the decision. On the one hand, Haaland is considered a great supporter of Mancity team manager Pep Guardiola, the international allegedly even demanded a Guardiola clause, on the other hand, Haaland is supposed to earn a whopping 20 million euros per season in Manchester and thus catch up with top earner Kevin de Bruyne. This reports “Carrusel Deportivo”.

Case Jatta: Public Prosecutors Office

The case Jatta is not yet stuck. “I asked the prosecutors to introduce immediate appeal against the non-opening decision of the district court of Hamburg-Altona from 07 March 2022,” said Advocal General Jörg Fröhlich on Monday. The reason is that the appeal has prospects for success in preliminary consideration. First, the “Hamburg Morgenpost” had reported about it.

Cheerful: Examination takes place alone according to legal standards

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According to happily, documents would have to be evaluated in the files, which has been incorporated into the court decision, but the prosecutor’s office is partly unknown. The testing achievements alone according to legal standards, emphasized cheerfully. “She is neither dependent on newspaper campaigns, nor on behalf of opinions or comments of third parties.”

The district court had at the beginning of the past week – about two and a half years after the first allegations to the identity Jattas – rejected the opening of the main proceedings against Profi. It shows “according to the present investigation result no sufficient suspicion against the accused”, it said.

The prosecutor had charged 2021 indictment against the 23-year Jatta today. According to the authority, he should actually be the two and a half years older Bakary Daffeh. The Gambier had been passed against the residence law in four cases as well as in a further case indirect misconception.

The first allegations to an allegedly false identity of the HSV striker had given it in August 2019. At that time, the “Sport Image” reported about evidence that it could be the older Bakary Daffeh, who received the residence permit in Germany based on false information. Because as at that time 17-year-old and thus minors, Jatta defeated other criteria for leadability.

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