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Followers of Eintracht Frankfurt awarded

The award exists prior to the Bundesliga home game of the Europa Organization champion versus VFL Wolfsburg (Saturday 3:30 p.m./ Sky) by the president of the charitable association, Roland Bishop.


Year’s victors, the fans of Eintracht Frankfurt are for that reason in the winner listing in enhancement to this year’s victors John Fine, Franz Beckenbauer and also Play Gunboat and also are now qualified German Football Ambassador 2022.

The Organization of German Football Ambassadors honors the looks of the fans of Eintracht Frankfurt during the past Europa Organization season with the awarding of a special follower prize.

With an excellent ingenuity, the Contract followers lived the worth of a traditional follower society and, with their appearances in Europe, motivated individuals throughout the country or club borders in a special way, stated Bishop.

The follower special Reward of the German Football Ambassador is awarded for the very first time. In the future, this will be an indispensable part of the major, honor and audience award in addition to the previous classifications.

Löw exploit several offers: No decision has yet been made

“There are some inquiries that one or the other offer that I am now busy with in the next few weeks. No decision has yet been made,” said Löw in Berlin at “Sky”.

The 2014 world champion coach is flirting with a job as a club coach. “I would like to train a club again. I would have fun,” said Löw. On the other hand, he assesses a commitment as a national coach as problematic: “If you were a coach of Germany, it is of course also difficult to find something different somewhere as a national coach.” From 2006 to 2021 he was a national coach, previously under Jürgen Klinsmann, assistant coach of the DFB selection.

He could certainly help one or the other club from the Bundesliga.

Joachim Löw ● Best And Disgusting moments in match ● HD

Bastian Schweinsteiger about Löw

The former international Bastian Schweinsteiger, who had become world champion with Löw in Brazil in 2014, explained in the ARD: “I don’t know if he is interested in the Bundesliga, but he could certainly help one or the other club from the Bundesliga.”

Various clubs are currently looking for a new trainer in the Bundesliga – read a comment on the topic (“A bad testimony – also for management”).

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