“We are extremely happy,” says the 46-year-old and answered the question of whether the sovereign success of Saturday does extra courage: “It’s definitely lacking us. We are always brave, so we also go to this game. When we play a competition, we want to win that too. Especially I’m extremely and try to transfer this to the team and to the entire club. ” This last sentence of the coach is also a promotional message in our own thing, because: Since it is no longer the rise in Hamburg this season, it’s about the coach. Basically, the responsible persecutions pursue the goal of continuing with Walter, which is contractually bound by 2023, but this wish must be underfed by results.

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“Great feeling, part of this troupe, part of this club”

Walter delivered against the KSC. Not only three counters, but also clues for the readiness of compromise, which make many long-standing companions in agreement. He avoided his 4-3-3 system and nominated a second tip with Mikkel Kaufmann. Although the Dane borrowed by FC Copenhagen did not really use his chance, but the offensive play overall was paryning, although Walter had also voluntarily waived the Sonny Kittel, which was also volunteered by the Ludovit rice. “We had a brutal energy in the square and even after the 2-0 still power and passion,” praises the boss and concludes: “It’s a great feeling to be part of this troupe, part of this club.” Even with this sentence, Walter clearly underlines that he understands these last games as an application tour.

Asking opportunities are even theoretical nature even after the Easter weekend even after the Easter weekend, it is now about the final. Then probably again in the usual basic formation. And with a coat. The came against the KSC late into the game, “because we wanted to keep him in rhythm. Sonny trained only once during the week. That’s why he did not start, but I’ve been brought him,” explains the coach and makes it clear, ” Need him. ” For a sensation in the second duel with Walters compatriots. They would not only be important for his future. But of immense importance for an entire association, which for years after lechzt for years of breaking out athletic insignificance.