Last Friday, the early start of the new final wobbling extension of Final Fantasy 14 ensured full server in online role-playing. Especially on the weekend and at peak times, the queues were extremely long, which is why many of the players of the pre-ordered players previously had no chance to try the contents of final cobblers. From Tuesday, the extension will then be available for all other buyers, which is unlikely to calm down the current situation. In the blog, the development team of Square Enix has now ever apologized for the difficulties.

In addition, those responsible want to compensate for the lost season, which are created by long waiting times, with a gift. Accordingly, all owners of Final Fantasy 14 for the official release of End Walker received a total of seven more days for the MMORPG on 7 December. These include subscribers who are currently active with the 30-day test phase. If the situation is not changing in the coming days, the team will give away more playing time. Final Fantasy 14 Including the new End Walker extension is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker players to get free game time due to server congestion

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