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Samsung Electronics has won a regular officer in 2022, which was a 30-year-old business and a 40-year-old vice president.

It is aiming to reinforce leadership for future persistent growth by promoting a performance and growth potential. At the same time, we have integrated Vice President, Vice President, Vice President, and Metropolitan Government.

Samsung Electronics announced that it was a regular officer of 198 people, a total of 198 people, including a total of 68 people, 113 of the Below, and 16 Master. In 2021, the executive personnel (vice president 31, total of 21, former 21), Fellow 1, Master 16, etc.),

Samsung Electronics said, Under the Principles of Performance, the promotion of the great width for the reinforcement of the leadership for future sustainable growth.

The great feature of this person is that it has been boldly accomplished the personality with growth potential, regardless of the position and annual position. Young leaders such as 30, 30, and 40 vice president, were emitted.

We also expanded promotion to foreigners and women. Foreign women’s credentials were 11 in 2017, 11 in 2019, and 10 in 2020, and we promoted 17 people this time. Samsung is a position to maintain an enlargement of promotional door to foreigners and women to strengthen the ‘diversity of diversity’, which is the basis of organizational innovation and sustainability management.

In order to secure a future core growth engine, which is a software-centric-based, it has been submitted for excellent workforce. Representative of the company’s technical strengths, 1 Fellow 1, and 16 Master.

George Ferreira, Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Samsung Electronics Africa
Samsung Electronics has established a horizontal organizational culture of capable and accelerating a young and excellent manager to accelerate, integrating vice president and executive in this person. At the same time, the vice president of vice president was vice president — Prior to, Samsung Electronics has paid a greeting, the issue, and in 2008, after the abolition of Commercial Commerce, we have operated the executive, executive, and vice president’s executive system.

Samsung Electronics said, The future vice president will leave the age and performance, promote the age and performance, promotes the main management, promotes the growing executives and deployed to the core guidelines, and plans to cultivate experience and manager qualities as future CEO candidates.

Samsung Electronics will confirm the reorganization and guidance of the organization.

The following is a list of regular officers in 2022

[SET Division Promotion List]

□ Vice President Promotion

Kim, Seong-joon

Kim Joe Kim Jae-won Kim Jae-won Kim Jae-won Kim Windsor

Kim Chan-woo

Park Chan-woo SEO Hansen

Yew Senghor Lee

Lee Byung-soo

Lee Cheong-yong Anglo Young

Jo young Jun Choir Kwangju

Jude Buckley (Jude Berkeley)

□ Business Promotion

King Minsk King Run-on Kim Kentwood

Kim Sung-min

Kim Yew Kim Typhoon Kim Tae-hyun

Run Seung-hwan Park, Jong-un

Balkan SEO Jung Yuk

Shim Hwang Run

Soon Sung Took Lee Rangoon Lee Bung Lee

Lee, Bond Lee Seek Lee Joe Hewn Lee Jung Ho

Lee Jae-young Lee Jin-woo Lee Chang won Lee Hounding

Lee Hyun-jung

Jung Sung-won Jung Jun Jung Hymn Jun

Choir Yeo-jin Choir Changchun Choir Changchun

Huh, Jun! Young Hong

James Fisher (James Fisher) Olaf May (Olaf Me)

□ Master senior

Kim Young Jin Woo Young Yoon

[DS division promotion list]

□ Vice President Promotion

CWA Ho-woo SWAK,

Kim Young-young Kim Hyun-cheol Kim Hansen Kim Byung-soo Kim Jong-il

Moon Chang Rock

Bedsit, Yong Byung-soo,

Shin Byung-soo

Gang Seen Leon Jung Jae-won Hong Sung He

□ Business Promotion

Kim Jong-il Kim Wang Kim

Kim, Young-jung Kim Young-jung Kim Young-jung

Kim Jae-young Kim Tae-hyun Kim Hyun-geun Kim Hyun-seok Min Jae-won

Park Rangoon Park Sung Bum Park Tae-hyun Park Ho-woo



Lee Sang-seop Lee Sang He Lee Seung-hwan Lee Jin Took

Jangling Gentleman Chung Sung-hoon

Georg Ho Choir SEO Rim Choir Young Don Ha Hyung Sew Han KYU He

Michael Goddard (Mygogodad) Buying Hi

□ Fellow senior

Kim Dong Won

□ Master senior

King Jeong-wook

Sung Youngstown

Jung Hyung Seek