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Author: Jay B

Philipp Lahm Congratulates Lionel Messi On Winning The World Cup Title

It’s a moment of great joy and pride for football fans around the world as Lionel Messi was recently crowned FIFA World Cup champion with Argentina. As a mark of respect, Philipp AHM, captain of the 2014 World Cup winning German team, has sent his congratulations to Lionel Messi for this outstanding achievement. In this article, we’ll explore how this momentous occasion was celebrated by the football world.

Rio World Champion captain Philipp AHM has paid fantastic regard for his World Cup accomplishment with Argentina after his World Cup accomplishment.
It is insane about the pressure he had at this tournament and how he was withstanding it. That he was able to hold up this trophy versus us after the bitter defeat in 2014, I’m happy for him.
Has actually also formed my career, stated AHM to the Editorial Network Germany Messi had actually lost the final in 2014 against Germany with 0: 1 after extra time, now he won the most crucial title in football at the age of 35.


Argentina is a definitely been worthy of world champion. When you saw the first 65 minutes in the final, where they were definitely remarkable to how they supported each other-that impressed me throughout the competition. And obviously I approved Messi the title,.
Said AHM.

AHM Morocco, which was the very first African team, described a semi-final as a favorable World Cup surprise.
The greatest dissatisfaction, on the other hand, was the German group.
You left in the initial round. All of us envisioned it differently, he stated.

2K is going to make the soccer game that we have been asking for years, but it is not what you expected

One of those news that has left us with his mouth open. We have been asking for a 2K ** football game for years and finally they will do it… although based on the LEGO universe. That is what they count from VGC in an exclusive news, where they indicate an agreement between the Toy brand and the video game publisher.

Apparently, fruit of this agreement will start a production of games that will exploit a sports line with these charismatic characters. Thus, they indicate that this path will start with a soccer game developed by Sumo Digital , Studio with extensive experience and whose last work is Sackboy: Big Adventure.

There will be more, and will continue with a “Open World Lego racing game” that is already under development under Visual Concepts, responsible for the WWE 2K saga. Of course, the change is drastic, but the proposal seems interesting and simple. Come on, they have won us.

According to the aforementioned source, it is expected that the soccer game arrives this year to take advantage of the thrill of the Qatar World Cup 2022 . The racing game would arrive at 2023 and there would be more, since they say that a third Lego sports title is also being developed, based on an important sports franchise.

With this idea, apparently 2K seeks to expand its sports games with the aim of attracting a younger audience and, in this way, they have considered that Lego is the best partner for the cause. In addition, they point out that _ “2K plans suggested that the Lego Sports Games could include guest characters from some of the popular cross-country licenses, such as Marvel, Harry Potter and DC” _.

Now, it is only necessary to wait for an official announcement about it to know more about these curious projects.

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