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FC Chelsea: RB-Leipzig

After taking over the brand-new owners around Todd Belly, FC Chelsea has actually rearranged itself in a number of settings. According to numerous media reports, Christoph Freud must also be brought for the sporting administration.

Oliver Mintzlaff must be of unique interest for FC Chelsea, createsthe athletic _. As necessary, the handling supervisor of RB Leipzig comes from a variety of individuals with whom the blues have actually mentioned a feasible commitment.

The 47-year-old Mintzlaff has an agreement in Leipzig up until 2026. Currently, in the summer, Mintzlaff and the Champions League winner of 2021 conversations with each various other led over transfers. As thetwistreports, final talks with Borussia Mönchengladbach will be held on Monday. According to Mintzlaff, however, one is on the house stretch.

According to the report, one might well picture in London. The 47-year-old Mintzlaff has a contract in Leipzig up until 2026. Because 2016 he has actually been helping the incumbent cup victor in a supervisory position.

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Just how realistic a change from Mintzlaff is presently hardly near. As thetwistrecords, final talks with Borussia Mönchengladbach will certainly be held on Monday. According to Mintzlaff, nevertheless, one is on the house stretch.

Already in the summer, Mintzlaff and the Champions League winner of 2021 conversations with each various other led over transfers. Time Werner relocated from the island back to Leipzig and also about central defender Joke Guardiola is claimed to have been spoken. Nonetheless, the 20-year-old stayed in Germany.

Christian Eriksen to comeback at Brentford: “I am a happy man”

Christian Eriksen has given his comeback on the football court in the game of FC Brentford against Newcastle United 259 days after his cardiac arrest. After the game, the Dane emotionally commented on his return to the lawn.

“If you ignore the result, then I’m a happy man. After everything I’ve been through, is a great feeling,” said Eriksen after the game.

Eriksen gave his comeback in the 52nd minute when he was brought to the Danes for Mathias Jansen from Brentford coach Thomas Frank. Jansen had taken after Eriksen’s collapse at the EM whose place at the Danes. The viewers rose from their places and applauded, just like the players on the court – a goose bump torque. Brentford was already in arrears at this time with 0: 2, finally remaining.

“The coach did not say much to me before the game,” Eriksen said. “He wished with good luck and meant that I should enjoy the game. To play at Brentford, something special has been very special since day 1. I got a lot of help and the club has taken care of me well.”

“Everyone is here today. My family, parents, children, mother-in-law and even a few doctors who have supported me on my way,” heiksen continued. “What these people had to go through all is still harder than everything I had to go through.”

???? CHRISTIAN ERIKSEN RETURNS TO THE FOOTBALL PITCH | Brentford 0 Newcastle United 2 | Premier League
As a result of his cardiac arrest at the European Championship game between Denmark and Finland (0: 1) On 12 June of last year, a defibrillator had been used. That intervention prevented the continuation of his career at Inter Milan, as it is prohibited in Italy playing with defibrillator. In Brentford, Eriksen found a new home.

“I can remember it exactly,” Eriksen said in the run-up to the game about his cardiac arrest at the EM. “Except for the minutes in which I was already heaven.”

Christian Eriksen: Thomas Frank enthuses after comeback

His coach also expressed himself after the batch of Eriksensen’s remarkable comeback. “I believe for anyone who has something to do with football was a special moment,” Frank explained. “He was greatly received by the fans and hopefully he can only talk about football in the future.”

“I had the privilege to watch him closely in training in the last three weeks,” the trainer continued. “There you could realize a lot of his brilliance, as he plays the ball behind the chain and the passports he does. He is a great player and will help us with his class enormously.”

After a final whistle, Eriksen turned a small round through the stadium, the Brentford fans pushed their disappointment about the defeat and celebrated their heroes.

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