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Tower of Fantasy port release date for the console. Does TOF come on PS4 and PS5?

Tower of Fantasy is the long-awaited science fiction game from Hotta Studio. This common game with the open world is largely similar to the popular Genshin Impact and promises to offer almost limitless content for PCs and mobile devices. But this may make you think about whether Tower of Fantasy will be transferred to the console, especially to PS4 and PS5.

will Tower of Fantasy be released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5?


The answer is no, the fantasy tower without releasing on the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, at least for now. It was not confirmed whether Tower of Fantasy will be released on PS4, PS5 or any console in this regard. At the moment, the game is available only on iOS, Android and PC.

Throughout the development of Tower of Fantasy, it hung in the air, whether the game will really be transferred to the console. Initially, it was assumed that Tower of Fantasy would be released on consoles, but this constantly changed between interviews, messages in Discord and many others. But the Twitter fantasy tower published in April 2022 that there were no plans for a console release .

Naturally, this statement remained open , and Hotta Studio informed the players whether the console version was being prepared. Until there is more news, you will have to play Tower of Fantasy on a mobile phone or PC.

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My Hero Academy presents its new Battle Royale proposal for free: First images

Is there room for a new Royale Battle? Surely yes, because it is the genre of fashion and more and more games are approaching this type of proposals; Even if your original conceptions have nothing to do. A well-known saga for all is My Hero Academy , which seem to be preparing your new game with this survival approach.

As directed as Gets, the game called My Hero Academy is on the way: Ultra Rumble . It will be a Battle Royale that will come soon to PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC through Steam . And the prestigious portal Fujitsu Ya has published the first images, which you can see below.

According to the translation of synopsis, the game urges us to join in some multiplayer action battles against 24 players . A figure quite lower than usual in the genre, but the games of the saga have components to be fun and distinctive.

In addition, it will be a title free-to-play , so it will urge everyone to prove it. At the moment, there are not too many more details, except for the presence of characters known as Izuku Midoriyama or Tour Ibaraki among others.

We remind you that in recent days you have also started to pre-record of My Hero Ultra Impact for mobile devices.

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