In addition to the injured main protector Kevin Chris (knee issues), the Workers with the obstructed Sandro Leeches and Jannie Marx were missing their 2 tactical bridging cables on the 6. Faith Dorsal, after a persistent muscle injury with manageable video game practice in the course of the season up until now, made his thing really well as a replacement, especially at the beginning, but was changed later.

After six unbeaten video games with four wins (2 of them in the association cup), the Workers had hoped that this was likewise a special slip from the game 0: 1 at TSG Balingen. After a good start, the Sarmatia might be gotten rid of from the idea of the highly suspected Hamburger 0: 1. Little fit, with one objective, the Formats were still well served at the break. The standard scenario breaks us emotionally, knew coach Max Behring.

In between, it looked really excellent for the promoted climber before the game, which ultimately might not successfully safeguard four basic situations.

After the modification, the climber unexpectedly raised a real power play. After a number of thick opportunities, the settlement and in return after a defense package also followed the next outright setback: central protector Jean-Yves Photo saw the red card for an emergency brake, Fabian Gisele scored with a charge. Strong, as we then came back in to outnumber, stated Behring, however once again not continued to compensate for the 2-2. To make matters worse, there was likewise a second red against Nils Fischer for an overwhelmed You are so bad against the referee. Under no situations ought to this happen, irritated Behring, whose group stagnates in the table in 13th location.