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“Pure Magical Girl-Antitled Magical Girl-” Shino Shino, Yuana, Hiden, Uchida releases “Untitled Magical Girl” full MV in charge of singing!

SPARKLELING Co., Ltd. is a new project with StoryTelling Co., Ltd. In 2022, “Pure Magical Girls-Antitled Magical Girl-“, “Pure Magical Girls” in Fri- -Untitled MagicalGirl- “Subject Song” UNTITLEDMAGICALGIRL “(Song: Shino Shuna, Yuu, Hideau, Hideau Shu) informed the official YouTube channel.

SPARKLELING Co., Ltd. is a new project with StoryTelling Co., Ltd. In 2022, “Pure Magical Girls-Antitled Magical Girl-“, “Pure Magical Girls” in Fri- -Untitled MagicalGirl- “Subject of UNTITLEDMAGICALGIRL” (Song: Shino Shuna, Kaeda, Hideaki Uchida) has been released on the official YouTube channel.

“Pure Magical Girl-” Official YouTube Channel at the official YouTube channel, Mr. Shihiro Shui, Yui Hotoma, Mr. Hidiso Utito Magical Girl- “UNTITLED MAGICAL GIRL” full of “UNTITLED MAGICAL GIRL” MUSICVIDEO has been released.

▼ Pure Magical Girl-Intitled Magical Girl-Theme Song “Untitled Magical Girl” Full MV

# Song information

Lyrics: Ishijiro, FIFS
Composition: Ludi-tai (SIRAPH)
Arrangement: Hasoryo (Siraph), Tumai Nasuke (Siraph)
Song: Nanno This Only (CV. Shona Shuna), Nishiwaki Hikaru (CV. Yasushi), Yuna Higashima (CV. Uchida)

In addition, Hiroko Hiroko Sakusahara sings “Magical Girls of the Stars” Theme Song “Magical Girl to Love ☆”, Masami Okui sings “Wing Magical Girls” Theme Song “Hope Wings”, MAY’N sings Flower Magic Girls “The theme song” Flowery My Way “full MV is also available.

Please enjoy together.

# # Star Magical Girl Subject Song “Magical Girl in Love ☆” Full MV


Title: Magical girl in love ☆
Lyrics: Ishijiro, FIFS
Composition and arrangement: Technoboys PULCRAFT GREEN-FUND
Song: Hiroko Hasahara

# # Wing Magical Girl Girl Theme Song “Hope Wings” Full MV


Title: Wings of hope
Lyrics: Ishijiro, FIFS
Composition: Masami Okushi
Arrangement: Suzuki Daichi Hiden (Cubic Records)
Song: Masami Okushi

# # Flower Magical Girl Subject Song “Flowery My Way” Full MV


Title: Flowery My Way
Lyrics: Ishijiro, FIFS
Composition and arrangement: JUVENILE
Song: May’n

# “Pure Magical Girl-Antitled Magical Girl-“

A work that tries to draw a girl statue of the youth age who is a magical girl of the magical girl and the magical girl of that era. A story that new magic girls struggles, not being bound by someone and common sense, and pursue your own ideal figure and happiness.

We plan to make game application for smartphones in 2022.

# Production team

Original: Ishiijiro “428-in Shibuya-kept Shibuya ~” “Ben and Alchemist”

Creative Director: Sakai Shige Shimo (FIFS) “Prince of Stride” “Idol Master Sidem” etc

Main Character Design: の か (FIFS) “Prince of Stride” “Idol Master Sidem” etc

Music Producer: Woodcard Yohei (Stray Cats) “Love Live! (Μ’s)” etc.

Executive Producer: Harata Hanazawa “Toukan Ranbu -online-“

# Official Twitter “Pure Magical Girl–untitled Magical Girl- [Official]”


# Official YouTube Channel “Pure Magical Girl–Untitled Magical Girl- [Official]”


# “Pure Magical Girl-IPTITLED MAGICAL GIRL-” Teaser Site


Company Profile

Company name: Sparklling Location: 〒 150-0013 Ebisu 4-chome 20th Ebisu Garden Place Tower Ebisu Garden Place Tower Ebisu Garden Place Tower June 2020 Business Description: Cartoon, Anime, Video, New IP Planning, Production, Rights Management Overseas expansion, etc.

Curious game break in England

Purpose Template in the English Football Premier League: The game between FC Brent ford and the Wolverhampton Wanderers was interrupted on Saturday afternoon after about half an hour playing time at 0: 0 due to a drone above the field. Why the flight object circled over the stadium, initially unclear. Referee Peter Bankers called both teams in the cabin, after a total of 26-minute break, the first half was continued with a 19-minute nighttime time. Earlier, the game was interrupted after a collision between Brent ford’s Mathias Jensen and Rico Henry.

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