In Horizon Forbidden West, there are a number of cars with which Elau will face, and players need to know how to defeat them to collect materials and resources. Grazer is one of the acquisition machines with which Elo will meet at the beginning of the Forbidden West. These lightweight rates carry the flaming canisters on the back and rushed to ela, if it is noticeable.

In Horizon Forbidden West, each machine has certain weaknesses and is often vulnerable to a special spontaneous damage. Herbivores have three weaknesses, his red eye , Flame canisters and this Rotor horns . It is also weak against shock Attacks that cause damage, but resist attacks that cause damage by acid.

Players can assemble the Blaze canister, disconnecting it with arrows having a tear damage. Similarly, the use of shock traps to immobilize her herbivores is perfect for farm resources. The following components are available after the victory over the rometers:

  • Metal fragments
  • Flame canisters
  • Machine musculature
  • Braided wire
  • Metal bone

  • Durable solid plate
  • Little Machine Core
  • Circulator Grazera
  • Primary nerve grasher

Прохождение Horizon Forbidden West — Часть 1: Запретный Запад ✪ PS5
* Grayzer Rotor Horn

Players can also purchase a “shock warrior” onions at the merchant in the merchant light and use it for hunting on herbivores in search of resources. To override Grazers, players will need to visit MJ boot Located nearby None land .

Herbivores usually travel herds and try to escape if aela will shoot them from afar. They will attack Ela to protect the retreat of herd, but players can easily defeat them, aims at weaknesses.

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