Talking about anime is always something that is good for us from MGG; With autumn at its maximum splendor and Vicious to One Piece, many are waiting for something new to be able to get the tooth. But… why not try the manga once and for all? The series always entertain for their movement and sound, but do not know what you miss many times when you do not read the written and drawn versions.

That is why we want to recommend four moderately short sleeves; We will tell you two with less than 10 volumes and two others with a little more, although not something excessive. Everyone is available to buy in Spain, so what is going to read it physically have no excuse when choosing to buy the volumes little by little.

Parasyte-8 volumes

One of the great classics of Japanese literature is a more than viable option when you start reading manga if you are not very regular at this type of books. Released in November 1988 and written and illustrated by milestones hi Izaak, Parasite is about a parasite extraterrestrial that one night arrives at earth to try to take over the body of a young teenager named Shin’CHI Izmir.

The objective of this parasite is clear: to take over other parasites to survive; But the problem comes with his body partner that his intention is totally the opposite. The story initially seems moderately simple but a bit crazy, but where this manga shines is in the development of characters and script turns that incite you to continue reading until the end.

Akira-6 volumes

It is likely that many have seen the famous film, but the manga that is inspired is a real madness and has nothing to envy to the feature film of the late 80s. For those who do not know this work created by Mutsuhito too, the manga talks about How Japan, on the verge of financial and social collapse, has secretly developed a weapon that had no rival: to develop in people a force that they call absolute energy.

It is here when the protagonist appears following an accident that he has with his motorcycle. We will not tell you much more about the work, but if you liked Cyberpunk 2077, this manga will love it, and you will even learn much more about this genre than with the CD Project Red game.

Chainsaw Man-11 volumes

We feel it, but we have to speak of one of the best-selling sleeves in recent years. The second manga of Katsuki Fujiko has been a success for different reasons, but especially thanks to the way in which Shōnen’s conception has changed. With the anime in broadcast, Chainsaw Man tells the story of Benji, a young man who has lost everything and who has Wichita, a demon chainsaw, as the best and only friend.

After a series of events, the young man ends up becoming the demon chainsaw and will begin an adventure that hopes to be moved, entertaining and above all, bloody. The script turns, the development of characters and the enormous drawing power that Fujiko has are enough reasons to read in a weekend one of the most outstanding works of the decade.


Gypsum Punpun-12 volumes

Last but not least we have good night Pun pun, a work that I am since I never recommend, but I love it. The manga created by Into Asana narrates the childhood and adolescence of Pun pun, a teenager represented by a very cuckoo drawing that will realize what it is really living and the reality in which we live all human beings.

You will wonder why I do not recommend it even though I love it; Easy: It is possibly the manga that has made it worse, each page is a more weight in the scale of my anxiety, but in fact it tells you in the most sincere and hard way possible what life and the blows that It can give you. Because yes, there are successful heroes, but there are never talk of people who have not achieved anything or are in a spiral of depression and sadness that cannot escape.