Activision Blizzard, which handles the “ CALL OF DUTY ( COD )” series, published the series of jobs on its own website.

As of the end of the article, it has already been recruited, as it has already been recruited, but according to it, it was recruited this time that the influencer marketing manager position. The application guidelines are subject to detailed person statues and skills to lead to global brand content, and among them, it is the word “ COD 2.0 ” that draws in particular.

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According to the 2022, it is said that it is a wonderful opportunity for “COD”. And the selected “player experience” “Multi-platform game play” “Subscription-based content” “Mobile game development” “COD 2.0” is collectively “COD 2.0”, which is aligned, such as “Mobile Game Development”, “The Connection of Player and Community” It is called.

By the way, the release of the mobile version “Call of Duty: Warzone” was decided, and the development staff was recruited.

With regard to the recruitment of this manager, it is strong that you are looking for a tough human resource that can demonstrate leadership for further growth of COD franchise, but from the word “COD 2.0”, you can predict something big in the future am.