The asymmetric EVE of the Behavior Interactive is once again on the movie IP and Crossover Event.

January 25, 2022 The official YouTube account has been updated on January 26 (local time).

The appearance of the trailer is’ Billy Doll, which is a symbol of the movie Saw>. Game contents ‘Entity’ is the existence of ‘murder’.

In the movie, Billy Doll is a toy that symbolizes the murder ‘secret’. In this update, the voice of the direct voice of the directory is known to be a Robin Bell, which was in charge of the role in the movie,

According to the information released by the developer, the users in this content update can get multiple compensation as the memory of the Movie Character Amanda Young and Tab Detective. It was reported that two new characters and 60 cosmetic items can be obtained.

For crossover events, Matthew Cote Director Furthermore, from our goals to the fans to provide a new and fun experience, the collaboration with a powerful movie franchise, such as , > I will invite it to a universe. I expressed this opportunity to give thanks to the Alliance Gate, who gave it.

The 2004-old is a horror film that is well known as , etc., James Wan and Australia, director and actor Lee Walking, a short film that has been produced by actor Lee Tone. A brutal depiction of a cruel depiction in a limited space scored a successful success.

Since the series has been produced by a total of 9 movies from 2021 to 2021 as many directors, including various directors such as Early Rinbaozman. Choose a victim on your own standards to draw a brutal ‘game’, the villain ‘Improving’ and the story of those involved in those who are involved in.

Meanwhile, has already been in the Saw> IP and Calls events in 2018. Murderma ‘Pig’ is a character added through the event, and the actual identity is the character ‘Amanda Young’.