Zed is the most hated champion by League of Legends players. Those who play Riot Games MOB for less time may say that the one who really occupies this post is the Yuri cat, the truth is that the Mid Later accumulates a much higher ban (44.9%) if we take into account all the links about the game. Facing it is true torture, and we cannot blame those who think the best way to escape your fatal and is to prevent it from appearing in the game. However, banishing him does not taste as good in his mouth as humiliating him in Summoner’s Rift.

A revenge on behalf of the League of Legends community

After trying to counterattack Zed with Cassandra in the champions team, a player had to go through a situation that no member of the League of Legends community wants to face. The shadow master appeared out of nowhere on the upper route, where Annie was the top, with eight back slaughter and two more levels.

Everything invites who watch the video to think that everything will go wrong, that Zed would get another slaughter easily and move on in the match, but believe me, everything ended the worst possible way for the shadow master.

Annie’s sequence of actions is perfect. Having spent her passive on the wave of minions, she didn’t have many tools. However, she got rid of zed‘s first blows thanks to her molten e-deed. To make matters worse, Zed still uses Thomas to prevent the damage to the opponent’s electrocuted rune and a basic attack whose animation had already started. All this after Annie has already released Timbers to further decrease the life of her enemy. And the worst is yet to come…

Annie managed to fit a w-linked, q-detectate and the heated explicit item. The play is worthy of pro players from LOL’s competitive scene, but believe me, the average link of the game was platinum 3.