GROUND GAME ATELIER announced on March 25, adventure game “The Time I Have Left” . The corresponding platform is scheduled to be released in late 2023 (Late 2023) in PC (STeam).

“The Time I Have Left” is an adventure game that incorporates an RPG element. This work is “TIME-DRIVEN (Time Dryvin)” and incorporates time limit elements. The stage is a huge underground facility called COLONY 7. The main character, Aline, will be dying by the phenomenon of the Miasma (瘴瘴). Within 6 hours of players, Colony 7 and The Miasma and the mystery, which are on the background of the main character aline, must be unwhested.

This work progresses about the search of Colony 7. While fighting and fighting, we will find a secret and clues and discover new capabilities, shortcuts, unique items, etc. Also, there are also events that do not occur if they do not have a specific time. Colony 7 also has a grotesque mysterious monsters. These monsters can not be defeated, and aline does not have to run away. The battle is a RPG-style turn-based system, and it becomes a goal of reading her enemy’s movement and escaping with it. From the concept of this work, it has been suggested that the time limit with six hours is efficiently utilized several times. However, there are many mysterious parts for specific systems, and I would like to expect information in the future.

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“The Time I Have Left” will be released in late 2023 for PC (STeam).