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Formula 1 agreement with Melbourne prolonged by ten years

This was announced by the motorsport series on Thursday.
The new contract has a term approximately as well as consisting of 2035. It is new that Formula 2 and Formula 3 will certainly also stop from the coming period.
Much, the races were taken care of by 2025.
There have been 25 Formula 1 races in Albert Park given that 1996, since of the Corona pandemic, no Grand Prix took area in Australia in 2020 as well as 2021.
According to main information, 419,000 spectators began the return in April.

There is still no day for the 2023 race.

DFB grants Dynamo Dresdens estate on fine

Football second division Dynamo Dresden has had his objection to a 60,000 euro fine success imposed by the German Football Confederation. As the DFB announced, the Football Confederations Court granted an estate requested by the club in the written opposition proceedings. Accordingly, the Dresdner may use up to € 18,000 for safety or violent prevention measures. This must be proven to the association until 31 August 2022. Dynamo had been sentenced to 60,000 euros in the past week after in the final ligament game at FC Schalke 04 on October 23, 2021 folders in the Dresdner Spectator area had been massively tackled. One of the folders broke unconscious after the block. After the initial supply he was brought to the hospital where he was treated in place for a few days. Another folder suffered several fingers.

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