For whatever reason, PlayStation hasn’t publicized these details. This might be since it doesn’t believe it is very important enough to get the word out about or due to the fact that it does not wish to highlight the digital shop didn’t have the performance to start with. It’s likewise possible it’s because the function has returned early. If this is the case, it could go back offline sooner rather than later on. We will be sure to upgrade the story appropriately if this takes place. As for whether there have actually been any modifications made ti the performance, we do not know. It seems the same, but there might be some backend or smaller modifications we haven’t observed.

Sony has actually added a popular function back to the PlayStation Shop after previously eliminating it. What we do know is that the feature is back and is probably here to stay.


If you have not booted up the PlayStation Store today, then what you require to know is that the Demos area has returned, which in turn has actually revealed there are 352 demonstrations on the PlayStation Store for different PS4 and PS5 video games. And this filter is terrific to have back since it makes discovering demos a lot easier. And while demonstrations aren’t as typical as they utilized to be, they are beginning to pick up and there are numerous for some highly-rated and popular games.

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Sony has added a popular function back to the PlayStation Store after formerly eliminating it. Why it was eliminated and why it’s coming back now particularly, we don’t know. What we do understand is that the function is back and is probably here to remain.