Eldenring has been outside for 2 months and the players have taken the game immensely whether they are Speedrunner who conquer the game in minutes instead of hours, or newbies who have fun von software s formula for the first time. There are so many bosses that it seems trivial to bother to count them, but a particularly grotesque monstrosity is the ulcerated tree spirit , a recurring boss that you will meet everywhere in the lands. This boss can be physically impressive, fast and aggressive, but there is a crucial weakness in its design that you can use in a powerful way. Read on for our guide How to find the ulcerous tree spirit in Elden Ring Käset!

Elden Ring Ulzerated Tree Spirit Cheese: How to defeat ulcerated tree spirit cheese

The ulcerated Tree Spirit quickly gets angry when you approach it, but depending on where you can find it, the key is three basic steps:

  • Provoke it.
  • Return at a safe distance, sneak behind it and wait until it stops moving.
    Spam poison fog * if directly behind it, or in a similar way to poison.

This approach was successfully used by players in the Elden Ring Community, but Ogles, who posted a video on this topic, preached patience. The ulcerated Tree Spirit is not incredibly weak towards this disease, but since Poison does not provoke his aggro technically, even though it causes persistent damage over time, this can lead to a completely unpainted victory.

You can already find the ulcerated Tree Spirit in the depths Burg Sturmschleier at Berg does not come or Leyndell , among other things, and they normally guard valuable treasures. The boss is also a big goal for projectiles, and if you have to get into a fight, the main thing is to prepare yourself to try to reduce the distance a lot and pretty quickly.

This completes our guideline How to make the ulcerated tree spirit in Elden Ring Käset! Be sure to check out our other guidelines and our review!

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