As part of a new statement shared by the competence and market authority, or CMA).

In a new document, both PlayStation and Xbox point out that their next generational consoles would reach the market not before the fall of 2028. This information came to light, because it has been indicated that Microsoft presented a contract to Sony for Call of Duty still reaches his consoles until 2027, which would damage his next generation sales. This was what was said about it:

[Microsoft and Activision] do not argue that a part of the players is likely to reevaluate the property of their console at the beginning of a new generation. But they also notice that this is an event that only happens approximately every eight years.

It is not expected that the next new generation of consoles will be launched before the fall of 2028 as very soon.

For its part, it has been pointed out that the contract presented by Microsoft gives Sony enough time to adapt its commercial strategy. In response, this is what PlayStation commented:

Microsoft has offered to continue making the activation games available in PlayStation only up to 2027… for when it sits the next generation of its PlayStation console (which will probably occur around [written]), it will have lost access to Call of Duty and other activation titles, making it extremely vulnerable to consumer change and subsequent degradation in its competitiveness.

Even assuming that She had the ability and resources to develop a successful success franchise to Call of Duty, many years, many years and billions of dollars to create a rival for Call of Duty, and the example of Battlefield of EA shows that efforts are very likely to succeed.

The idea that a new generation begins in six years should not be a big surprise. Recall that the PS4 and Xbox One also enjoyed almost eight years in the market. The interesting thing is the fact that, probably, Call of Duty games no longer arrive in PlayStation when the next generation begins.

In related issues, PlayStation would have revealed the number of users at Xbox Game Pass. Similarly, Microsoft wants Sony to be as Nintendo.


Editor’s note:

It seems that by 2028 we would see a new generation of consoles. This means that in the next six years, both PlayStation with Xbox will have to do everything possible to stay out of a technology that advances quickly.