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DFB Academy Inside Back to the World Top Now

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By Tobias Haunt (head of the DFB Academy)

Our national team has qualified as a group player for the World Cup in Qatar under Hans Flick. Our U-21 national team has become European champion this year. Our women’s national team has unbeaten for the European Championship in England. With Jürgen Klopp, Thomas Tuchel and Ralf Rang nick, three of the top clubs in England currently employ a German head coach — in addition to the FC Arsenal with a Mertesacker one of the World Cup heroes of Rio for the offspring is responsible. With Florian With, Karim Adam, David Room and Lukas Mecca, promising talents have celebrated their debut in the A national team this year. So if changes in German football are not necessary? But on the contrary!

Our starting position is still good. But we all have the highest demands, want to start the fifth star for Germany and at 2024 the summer fairy tale 2.0. In some areas, however, other nations have expired the rank — such as. In the consequence, the talents and their individual development in the center, the individual support of top talents in the transitional area as well as the subject of data analysis and new technologies. I would therefore like to look back on an important and eventful year at this point, in which we have already turned to decisive set screws in order to return to the world top and to be successful in the future.

Publisher & converting engine

The DFB Academy works in here and now at the success of the German football of tomorrow by using numerous experts (note: The male form includes all sexes) our 15 national teams — men and women equally supported as a pioneer and implementation engine content. In the Performance Center we have developed concrete solutions for our teams — z. B. in the areas of periodization, position-specific programs, goalkeeper DNA, sleep optimization, individual diet and leadership.

The Performance Center creates optimal content conditions in order to enable the greatest possible success of our teams on and in addition to the course. Our experts are based on international top football and regularly bring new impetus in German football. The solutions that are being developed will be provided with the entire football family. The motto is: Creating knowledge, share knowledge!

Pulse generator & competence center

Our claim is to be the impetus and competence center for all German football. Therefore, we turn each stone individually and build u. A. An own Tech Lab, in which the latest technologies discovered, tested and checked for their added values ​​for football. Technology and digitization not as an end in itself, but as a means for the purpose of creating concrete solutions for real existing problems. For example, new impetus for our national teams and German football have delivered two hackathon formats in which new insights have been recovered in automated game analysis. The DFB Academy’s own leadership podcast allows views over the box and provides unique insights from leaders of all social areas.

External education institution

The DFB Academy continued to establish itself as a training and continuing education institution of German football last year: We have reformed all coaching in Germany by replacing the license pyramid by a staircase. New licensing levels such as the B + and A + license strengthen the individual development in child and youth football. In addition, we have developed a children’s coach app and started a first pilot project with two regional trainer developers.

In addition, we specifically invest in the key positions of German football by offering specific training programs for the coaches (e.g. elite head coach training, Excellence training, etc.). For the sports directors of the future, we have launched in the narrow shoulder with the professional clubs and the DFL a separate training program — there are more certificate programs for the LA leaders, sports psychologists and team managers. Through special common scholarships of DFB and DFL, women in football are sponsored in these programs. In addition, we implement offers for current and former national speakers. The well-founded education and training of key positions is a crucial success factor for the future of German football. The motto is always: Man and his individual development are in the center!

Network & Exchange Platform

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Another important role for the future of German football, the DFB Academy comes as networking and exchange platform — both analog and digital. Already, themes are bundled on the platform of the Academy, and the top experts of German football exchange here regularly to work out together solutions to current challenges. After the joint US trip in 2019 as participated top decision makers of German football in this year’s Leadership Days in Kitzbühel 23rd In addition, for example, the medical conference and training series Football medicine have been established for those working in football doctors. Especially in the current pandemic also the digital ecosystem of the DFB Academy is used to stay with our players in contact and provide individual training content.

Beginning in 2022 represents the entire DFB another highlight and a milestone in the future development of: the draw of all DFB employees in the new DFB campus. The heart of the new building forms the DFB Academy, where the German football will get the first time in its 150-year history, its own sporting home. The culture change which has been more than three years, part of our DNA and is characterized by openness, honesty, transparency and mutual trust, will then be felt in the new home of the DFB for everyone. A next crucial step back to the top.

Tobias main (37), a Doctor Football, since 2018 head of the DFB Academy. Here he is responsible for u. A. the areas of performance, technology and innovation as well as the entire coaching and expert development in German football.

Once a month, write experts from the DFB Academy in Hansi Flick on the various topics such as Academy coach education, art school, Tactical School, Manager Certificate, nutrition, neuro-centered training or artificial intelligence. It’s all about development and progress in football — in short: Academy inside.

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