It is a fact that things in Warner Bros. Discovery are somewhat complicated, this since new CEO’s arrived to the company and were making a series of questionable modifications. That includes the cancellation of films such as Batgirl , the withdrawal of some animated series and now, with an uncertain future for the saga of fantastic animals .

According to a Variety report, Warner Bros. Discovery currently has no film derived from Harry Potter at any development stage. The brand wrote that there are no active discussions between Rowling and the company regarding future films. That is clearly for the spin off that has as its protagonist the explorer Newt Salamander .

There would be five films of Fantastic Beasts in total, but The Secrets of Dumbledore seems to be the last of the series, unless there is a miracle for fans. According to the reports, the study was waiting to see how the movie was received at the box office. This would give green light for two more tapes, but apparently it was not successful in the world.

It is worth mentioning that this last film had an open end, indicating that important events within the magical world would be arriving as the appearance of special characters. Nothing has been commented on if Voldemort will appear at least as Cameo, but fans expected the saga to end at least with the evil wizard arriving at the Sorcery College.


For now, all franchise films are available in HBO Max.