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Monheon Rise sold more than 10 million copies

In the Monster Hunter series, the title of more than 10 million sales came out again.

On today (5th), Capcom announced on its official website that Monster Hunter Rise has surpassed 10 million cumulative sales. Capcom analyzed that since the release in March 2021, measures such as continuous free updates, PC versions, and set bundle plates have been effective.

As a result, Monster Hunter Series Bonga has combined ‘Monster Hunter: World’ and ‘Monster Hunter: Rise’, and has a series of titles sold more than 10 million copies in a row for two consecutive years. In addition, ‘Sun Brake’, a new expansion pack of Monster Hunter Rise, is also cruising with more than 2 million sales from July 5 to the present.

Capcom also evaluated that the sales strategy of the super-large expansion pack ‘Sunbreak’ was also valid for the high attention and evaluation of the switch and PC-only trial boards, and the sales volume increased due to continuous promotions due to regular free updates and price measures in the future. He announced that it will continue.

‘Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Brake’ is a super-large expansion content of ‘Monster Hunter Rise’ released in March 2021. The player can not only meet monster Hunter Rise and meet new monsters and fields full of personality, but also challenge various master rank quests that stimulate challenge.

For more information, please visit the Monster Hunter Rise official website.

3. League: Berlin and Zwickau occur on the spot

3. Liga: FSV Zwickau lässt gegen Viktoria Berlin Punkte liegen (5. Spieltag) | Sport im Osten | MDR
Viktoria Berlin and the FSV Zwickau have missed the privileged liberation in the basement duel of the 3rd football league. The climber from the capital and the Saxons separated in a catchpartie of the 24th matchday 0: 0 and continue to hover in relegation danger. Zwickau, which could end at least one series of four defeats, has as Tables-15. Six points lead the first relegation place. Berlin follows after the tenth game in a row without victory in place 16, the upholstery of the Viktoria on the descent zone is only two counters.

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