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Microsoft, one step away from the purchase of Blizzard Activision: the European Union has the last word

The purchase of Blizzard Activision by Microsoft is currently in a cruise phase where several regulatory markets around the world are approval of the acquisition; They have even created a website that explains all the benefits on this agreement. Brazil It became a few days ago in the second government regulator in to approve the acquisition after the United Kingdom market and competence authority established a deadline of March 2023 for its decision… but Now comes the most important.

Currently, the European Union is carrying out its own research , with which, according to the reports, Jim Ryan de PlayStation recently met with them and which in turn is carrying out other similar investigations. As reported by Reuters, the EU antitrust regulators have begun to send surveys to different companies, developers and video game studies throughout the old continent to know their opinion about this agreement.

The European Union has the last word

It is said that the survey contains around 100 questions related to the acquisition of blizzard Activision by Microsoft, which will help the antitrust regulators of the European Union to make a preliminary decision next month. This is how great directives will decide the future of Overwatch and World of Warcraft parents, among others.

This test covers a series of topics related to the agreement , such as if Microsoft would obtain an advantage in the development and publication of video games by using the activation user data, or if the PC platform would obtain an advantage over competition by making the Blizzard Activision games exclusive.

In addition, the survey asks that if Microsoft would make the Blizzard Activision games exclusive for their Xbox platform, there would be alternatives to compete against it , which as expected, also wants to know how important the subscription services give it To the Call of Duty franchise, one of the most money has granted to Sony.

Survey companies have until October 10 to respond , so that eu regulators can make a preliminary decision on November 8 . The decision will be to decide whether the regulators will approve the agreement or not, but the EU is expected to follow the United Kingdom at the launch of a second phase of investigations to ensure that all this agreement does not hinder the free market established by international governments.

Saudi Oil Money that started to come in in the domestic game industry

From last year, Saudi Oil Money is being introduced in Korea. At its center, there is a Public Investment Fund (PIF), a Saudi Arabian local fund. PIFs bought major game shares such as Activision Bleeds, EA, Taku, and acquired ESL gaming with a large number of global e-sports leagues in January this year.

In 2022, there was a significant movement in Korea. It is a KOSDAQ listed SNK acquisition. In December last year, SNK announced that it is incorporated into the full-time company in its maximum shareholder electronics gaming debyulum, Electronic Gaming Development Company is a 100% subsidiary of the Miss Foundation, which was established by the Saudi Arabia Muham Mad Babilz, On the last year since December last year, public buyers have begun, and SNK on the day, SNK has recorded the upper limit.

SNK will open the Temporary shareholders’ General Assembly related to the abolition of a burglar of listed listing, and applies listed abolitions to the Korean Exchange. On the other hand, SNK is scheduled to publish a listed abolition according to the results of Korea Exchange. At that point, the maximum shareholder will be charged to sell all of the common stocks to our shareholder power. ‘ Calligraphy claims are notified in June.

The Dark Side of the Video Game Industry | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

SNK, who talked ahead, was listed on KOSDAQ, but the company itself was somewhat distorted by the Japanese corporation. However, since early this year, investment in domestic major game companies has begun. The first thing to look at first is NCsoft. The Saudi Local Fund PIF has purchased the NCsoft stakes several times as a buying for only 16, from February 8th to 16th. The current equity rate is 9.26%, based on this, PIE is currently in the 2nd shareholder of NCsoft.

The PIF side said it would only be able to exercise the rights guaranteed to the domestic trade, such as voting, warrants, and dividends, regardless of the number of stocks held, regardless of the number of stocks held. The Representative of NCsoft Kim, who has been achieved in the questions that PIFs will take advantage of their stake in the two shareholders, and will take action if they plan to earn more stake in two shareholders.

The PIE has been stake in Nexon, which was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in Japan, Related contents can be found based on the contents of PIF on the 13th, and the contents disclosed in the Japanese electronic disclosure system (Edinet). According to this, the PIF has steadily purchased Nexon stocks from January 25 to April 8th, and the total acquisition amount is 2,476 billion yen, and about 2,44,16.1 billion won. PIE Nexon’s equity rate is 9.14%, in modern two shareholders.

The purpose of the PIF side on the purchase of Nexon shares is also a simple investment, and it was announced that there was no critical offerings related to the purchase of stake. However, the news that the Saudi Local Fund is the two shareholders of Nexon, but in Japan, as well as the domestic stock market. On the same day, Nexon subsidiary Net Games, the day, the day, Nexon’s Tea was a merger with net Games.

Saudi Oil Money Inflow, Condition of Tent Tension?

The Saudi Local Fund, PIF, is a global investor in the Global Investment of the Asset Scale (US $ 612). In addition, Saudi Arabia is a business destination for Saudi Arabia since 2016. The purpose of this project, which is leading the Muhammad Babil, is to lower the reliance on their national oil industry and increase the economic structure of the economic structure. Particularly, the enormous funds with this PIF are invested in overseas industries such as IT and renewable energy, and to invest in the Vision 2030 business.

The main investment area also includes games. The PIF established the Gaming Group (Savvy Gaming Group “last year and the E-Sports Professional Investor, and this investor acquired the ESL gaming described above. The Cavy Gaming Group has been leading to the Brian Ward CEO, which served as the Activision Bleeds of the World Wide Studio. I predicted that it is highly likely. We added that the number of people under 30 were high, and 70% of them enjoyed the game, and a significant number of surveys that many of the local college students want to study the game related to the game.

At this point, the case of emerging is a Tencent, which was landed as a main factor that attracted a large number of cigars in the domestic game company in the mid-2010. In fact, Tencent invested in Netmarble, Craftton, Cacao Games, and has been investing in Line Games and Sum Age Authority Royal Cross last year. In addition, the share price was soared in the rumor that Tencent invested. In the background, there was anticipated that Tencent has a great asset in which Tencent has a scaffolding on investment, and a large market in China, and a large market, has anticipated that he could get a high profit.

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