In the league, Marc-André TER Steven, who acknowledged an objective in the very first place this season, has remained in his job for 625 minutes without a goal-hit. The document owner is Claudio Bravo (additionally for Barcelona) with 778 mins in between April as well as October 2015. In order to set a brand-new document, the German caretaker would certainly need to stay against Genuine without yielding an objective as well as also at the very least up to the 63rd min of the video game against Villarreal on match day 10.

The opportunities are not poor, since TER Steven is outstanding fit. The 30-year-old presently has the finest parade allocation in the league. He was able to ward off 20 of 21 objective shots on his goal (95.2 percent). In the pre-season, the goalkeeper just concerned 28 parades throughout the preliminary round, acknowledged 19 goals and also hence had the 2nd worst parade allocation (59.6 percent) ahead of Jan Black (50.0 percent). At the end of the season, TER Steven’s parade allocation was 69.1 percent.

TER Steven feels comfortable in the Bernabéu

TER Steven has a significantly favorable balance in Bernabéu: 5 of 7 games were won and also only two shed. He also won four of his 5 white West versus Genuine in Bernabéu. 4 of the last 5 affordable games against Actual in Bernabéu won TER Steven without conceding an objective.

In the organization, Marc-André TER Steven, that acknowledged a goal in the first location this period, has been in his career for 625 mins without a goal-hit. He was able to ward off 20 of 21 goal shots on his goal (95.2 percent). 4 of the last five affordable games versus Genuine in Bernabéu won TER Steven without conceding an objective.

TER Steven now wishes to show its good condition in the Classic. So much he has actually finished 16 Classics and also has a balanced record: 6 success, four draws and also 6 beats are available. In the 2nd half of 2021/22, he was able to win a Classic for the very first time after three years. Previously there were four defeats and also a draw. Generally, TER Steven accumulates 1.3 objectives per video game against Real.