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Uth: This is complaining at a high level

It was an unusual defeat on Saturday, not only because after the 0: 1 against VfL Wolfsburg, all of Cologne sank. What makes the bankrupt so special is the statistics: after 90 minutes, the chance ratio was 10: 2 for FC, the “billy goats” posted eight chances more than Wolfsburg and were nevertheless empty.

The fact that this happened to Cologne for the last time, namely on matchday 11 of the 2003/04 season against Hannover 96, shows how little this is, the Bayern Munich even noted 14: 6 chances, the result was 1: 2.

Foul gegen Mark Uth
At least eight chances more than the opponent and still lost – this has only happened twice in the last five seasons (since 2017/18): Bayern Munich lost to Bayer Leverkusen 2019/2020 with 15: 4 chances with 1: 2 that TSG Hoffenheim earned Against VfB Stuttgart on matchday 33 2017/18 a whopping 12: 2 chances and lost the game with 0: 2.

We were crystal clear the better team, simply didn’t score the goal.

Mark UTH

Mark Uth was annoyed accordingly: “We were crystal clear the better team, simply didn’t score the goal.” But Cologne’s tens did not want to go to court and his colleagues too much: “This is complaining at a high level, we played an excellent season.” Such a good thing that a whole city cheered despite the defeat.

According to appeal: Nagelsmann criticizes Sc Freiburg

On the fact that Bayern threatens after the alternating error of Freiburg a stake through the DFB Sports Court, Oliver Kahn had reacted completely. Julian Nagelsmann can not say that of themselves.

“I’m not so relaxed as the CEO, I’m honest,” says the Bayern coach on Tuesday at the press conference before the first leg in the Champions League quarterfinals at FC Villarreal. The judgment of the DFB sports court could “just go in one direction”.

Nagelsmann kritisiert Freiburg nach Einspruch wegen Wechselfehler

The procedure of the Freiburg responsible criticized Nagelsmann explicitly explicitly: “From a personal point of view, I can not understand that Freiburg will do that. Because in the 18 seconds, I think I did not have two goals. I personally did not have it because I think That you exploit a mistake of a third party to come to themselves, because the pressure of the fans or sponsors becomes so big. “

“I have clearly communicated to the club that we do not appeal

Nagelsmann continue: “I do not know if you can knock on the shoulder in November at the Annual General Meeting with the sponsors on the shoulder, you should play internationally due to the three points you have done athletic de facto just not won. I would not be so happy if that would be the case. That’s why I have clearly communicated the club that we do not appeal. In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves. “

He had the objection “not so expected”, but he also “not surprised”, said Nagelsmann. “This is the topic for me as well.”

Comment: Two major defects in the legal system – that’s why the Freiburg opposition is correct

No procedure against Frankfurts Hinteregger

At the 1: 2 defeat of Eintracht against the Sports Club on Sunday Hinteregger Freiburg’s Philipp Lienhart had caught his hand on his hand after a two-sided scramble.
Although this is small on the TV pictures, this is small and seen on the edge, which does not matter anymore at all.
“The DFB Control Committee will not initiate a procedure in this regard, because the prerequisites for the subsequent punishment of a crass of a strange behavior in accordance with paragraph 8, point 8 of the legal and procedural order of the DFB here are not here. The scene was checked in detail by the video assistants, the referee

Has decided on (simple) foul play and thus hit a fact decision, “a DFB spokesman took a Freiburg Philipp request.
The evaluation by one of the impartial excludes a subsequent barrier.
On the subject:
Two persons at the goal post costs the Eintracht 7500 Euro

Valorant The great reaction of a player when discovering the spectacular detail of the new skins

TABLA LEMME (State, Germany, December 14, 1991) is a German policeman and exfutolista. The last group of her was the Arsenal of the Fa Women’s Super Organization English.

On the occasion of the next beginning of the Valorant Champions, Riot Games has carried out a new event in which he wants to convey part of the emotion of the World Cup to all players. He has highlighted the new access to free rewards for seeing the competition or login. However, it has done it even more the launch of new skins that are already located as the favorites of the community.

Thus, players reacted to the new skins

Cosmetics have two very interesting new mechanics. The first is the one that makes the contour of the weapon light up when we are leading the marker of low in departure. Interesting to have an additional reward when we are taking out our team forward, the one that has caught the attention is the second. It is about an animation obtained through the condominium evolution that completely changes the map to transport us to the video clip of the song of the Valorant Champions.

When Pro Valorant Players enter LEGEND MODE!

Being an unprecedented mechanics in the Skins of Valorant, have not been few players who have been surprised by it during their first games with the new aspects. Among them a player who was using her for the first time and that she was extraordinarily surprised to see how everything was dyed red and black and the figure of Brimstone appeared in heaven.

Riot Games is finding how to surprise players with the new aspects. The skins each time have more quality and the company continues with an evolutionary process in which it does not stop exploring all the options it has to make them attractive. After all, This type of product is those that hold the Budget of Valorant, and the company needs to offer something perfect at fans.

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