The new End walker expansion for Final Fantasy XIV is finally available for players who have booked the game and bring a lot of new content to explore. The Scions are ready to go to Charlatan to find a way to stop the last days and, as expected from any old MMO, there is a lot of new teams to prepare at the end of the game. Here is how to get gravestones of aphorism at FFI End walker.

First, if you are new to FFI and you are not familiar with Tome Stones, this is a coin of the end of the game that you can only get after you have defeated End walker’s main story.

Get Aphorism tombstones at FFI End walker

After completing the story, you can begin to gain aphorism tombstones by completing any raid or ladder of level 90 in the game.

You can also get some tombstones making your roulette daily. Below are always to get fat tombstones at FFI End walker:

You get as a reward for completing the wonderful diary of wonderful queues of Khloé.

FFXIV Endwalker | Ultimate Job Tier List
Complete any dungeon, event or level 90 RAID.
Participate in your daily roulette (expert, level 90, leveling, etc.)

While Daily Wheels only gives you a Tombstone payment once a day, you can still do the individual dungeons and incursions for a slightly lower reward. In addition to that, there is no weekly limit for the gravestones of aphorism, so you can grow as many as you need.

However, you can only carry 2,000 tombstones at a time, so be sure to spend them once you have reached the limit.

How to use the tombstones of aphorism

After defeating End walker MSC, you can start interacting with Gear Exchange providers on RADZ-AT-HAN. You can talk to them and exchange your Take Stones by ILL 570 team, which will drastically increase your team score and allow you to start addressing the most difficult final content.

That’s all you need to know How to get authorship tombstones at FFI End walker. Make sure you search for game to get more advice and information about the game.

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