There was still an encounter on Sunday. At the end of the first matchday of the Regionalliga Bayern, SpVgg Greuther Fürth deservedly hit FC Pipinsried 1-0. The decisive goal was already in the preliminary stage. After a press strike near the charge area in between Fürth’s Ismail and Pipinsrieds Dzemailyi, the ball surprisingly hit visitor keeper Thiel. The home team after that missed several chances of the second goal. Pipinsried left his only harmful opportunity in the preliminary jike shot a charge to the left of the goal. After the break, absolutely nothing took place for a very long time. In the final phase, the guests became much more powerful. Regardless of 2 great possibilities for Pipinsried, the hosts’ 1-0 success continued to be.

Bayern as well as Club get without troubles

After the modification of sides, Moratz also had the 1-1 on the Schlappen-Rüber. The Eichstätter Wille-Eberle was thus broken 2 good opportunities. Ten minutes before the end, Metu made the third goal after a counterattack on Copado Schrobenhauser, that also racked up the 4-0 in included time with a fine time.

TSV keeper Wenzel played the ball in the charge area in the fine location, who only had to place it from a short distance. The second goal of the FCN was also favored by another defensive mistake, from which Kayo benefited 10 minutes after the restart. Nischhalke sent Hong, who noted his 2nd goal from 8 meters and at the very same time noted the 3-1 final rating.

In the late Saturday afternoon, FC Bayern Munich II also began the last title prospect in the brand-new round. At VfB Eichstätt, Martin Demichelis team won 3-0. Bavaria at the starting took the issue of action and was already compensated with the lead in the initial stage. The Eichstätter defensive was not accessed against Copado Schrobenhauser, the offered at the second article Lee, who responded. After half an hour, the residence side became braver as well as had two great chances to adjust with goal getter Eberle.

Nord marketers allow or gneers fulfill for 9 secs for Turkgücü

The two goals from Burghausen’s Winklbauer were no less beautiful, who twice the leather after an edge from the sixteen edge directly into the stitches. In injury time, the substitute Herzner was on foot on the foot, good luck for the previous Bundesliga club that the attacker’s shot from ten meters just light weight aluminum küse last.

Both mountain climbers from the Bayernliga Nord made a bold appearance in their debut in the early Saturday mid-day. While the SpVgg Ansbach involved a point win at the SV Wacker Burghausen traded in the promo race, the DJK Vilzing was also able to take 3 points from the get of FC Augsburg.

Ex-third division group Türkgücü Munich likewise celebrated a begin. The residence team of the Kayabunar team did not make it simple, even if the Munich nine seconds of Berwein, who chose a long round and put it dry from 20 meters in the goal, took the lead in the goal. Most likely the fastest goal in the regional organization Bavaria background.

The novice from Vilzing started with the FCA II without much respect as well as took the lead early via Müller, that only awarded the penalty factor, however racked up in the margin. The Upper Palatinate even had the possibility to add numerous times. The experience stood till the end on blade reducing side before Vilzing’s train Josef Eibl showed a happy hand as well as with Stowasser, that achieved the well-known 3-2 for the Upper Palatinate 2 minutes before the final whistle after a counterattack.

Würzburg comes across Underdog Hankofen-Schweinfurt starts confidently

On Friday evening, two co-favorites began the organization: the Würzburger rounds, in the penultimate season, a second department team, and also were handling surprise marketers SpVgg Hankofen-Hailing by themselves lawn. The preferred duty was as a result plainly dispersed and additionally on the square there were originally corresponding balance of power. After a superior very first fifty percent without entrances, the Würzburgers experienced a young-subsidiary in round two, which just had to push a cross pass from Kurzweg over the line, deservedly in the lead with 1-0. The equalizer was as shocking and worth seeing: Lermer went after the ball from a range to 1-1 into the mesh. In the adhering to minutes, the Dorfbuam of the SpVgg protected one counter self-sacrificingly; Würzburg pressed, but was no much longer able to place itself in the spotlight.

The visitors from Aschaffenburg set the course in a solid first phase, fulfilled by Baier (by penalty) and also Desch within two minutes. In round 2 of these open and also enjoyable video game, nonetheless, no more hits were located.

FC Schweinfurt 05, on the various other hand, was able to tape-record another very traded team. It was a should have success of the visitors, Böhnlein by reduced shot as well as minor with a deflected round triggered the 2-0 break tour of the Schweinfurter in the last minutes of round 1. Rain held versus over 90 minutes, yet was extremely good versus it, but hardly racked up any opportunities.

Hobsch satisfies: Haching gets the start in Buchbach

Currently on Thursday evening with the SpVgg Unterhaching in the opening game, one more co-favorite deservedly dominated 3-1 at TSV Buchbach. The group of Sandro Wagner was tone from the start and also continuously increased the outcome. The Hachinger initially provided the lead in the lead one in the lead. After the break, fourth organization leading marker Hobsch increased once again according to Maier theme. Buchbach after that raised up briefly, however sometimes excluded great opportunities. The replacement Fetsch penalized this with the 3-0. In the last minutes, the SpVgg became somewhat negligent. Ammari used this for the 1: 3 honor goal and also final score.

Ten minutes prior to the end, Metu made the third goal after a counterattack on Copado Schrobenhauser, that additionally scored the 4-0 in added time with a fine time. The two objectives from Burghausen’s Winklbauer were no less lovely, that two times the natural leather after an edge from the sixteen edge straight right into the stitches. The home group of the Kayabunar group did not make it simple, even if the Munich 9 seconds of Berwein, who picked a lengthy sphere and also put it completely dry from 20 meters in the goal, took the lead in the goal.


Pipinsried left his only hazardous opportunity in the first round jike shot a penalty to the left of the goal. After half an hour, the house side came to be braver and also had two great possibilities to match with goal getter Eberle.