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Month: January 2023

Mika: Genshin Impacts Future Four-Star Cryo Polearm User Who Can Use A Crossbow As An

Mikey is the future four-star Cry Pole arm user, whose kit supposedly allows him to use a crossbow as an additional weapon.
It should appear in version 3.5, but you can farm it in advance, since all its leaked materials for ascension and talents are available in the game.
However, keep in mind that they are based on information provided by sources of information and may change after the official release of Mikey.

All materials to increase the level, talents and Ascension Mike in Genshin Impact

The cost of increasing the level

You need to prepare the following to increase the level of Mike to 80 or 90. This does not include the cost of ascension and talent.
Level 1-80
Hero wit: 248
Morey: 987 905
Level 1-90
Hero wit: 420
Morey: 1 672 530

materials for climbing and cost

You need to prepare 420,000 moras and the following materials for the full ascension of Mike.
The value of the Morey does not include the cost of increasing levels and talents.


Local delicacies and bosses

The local delicacy of Mike is called a wolf hook, which can only be obtained in the wolf world.
Meanwhile, his material for the boss is pseudo-tanks, the scraped crush in the tunnels of the vein is east of the passage of the ghouls.


They fall out of all cryo-normal and world bosses, such as cryo-regiswein, cryo-hypostasis and the baptismal herd of Mishap.
In addition, you can convert materials using a workbench to turn your existing precious stones into a cry stone.

General materials

They are discarded by fate shooters, which can be found throughout SYVAT.

Materials and the cost of increasing talent levels

You must prepare 1,652 500 Morey and the following materials to increase the level of all three Mike talents to 10 levels.
The value of the Morey does not include increasing the character level and the cost of ascension.

Materials of Talents

They can be grown from the domain of the broken fault south of Springtail on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

General materials

They are discarded by fate shooters, which can be found throughout SYVAT.

Material Boss and Crown of Surge

Crowns of Insight are limited awards that can be obtained for large events.
Midas World Boss material is called Mirror of Muslin.
You can farm at Soki-Kami in the workshop of Terri, located in the Chin hat gorge.
To learn more about Mike, see who is Mikey in Genshin Impact?
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Unlocking The Full Arsenal Trophy: Where To Find All Gun Locations In The Dead Space Remake


Ask yourself where all gun locations are Dead Area remake so that you can finish the complete toolbox trophy, or are you looking for a particular weapon that you can update to eliminate Mesomorphs rapidly?
There are a total of 9 weapons that are dispersed via the Chimera.
At the same time, a few of them are required to advance the story and others can be missed out on.
Nevertheless, do not worry since we have actually broken down the position of every weapon based upon the chapter in which you can discover you.
Here is everything you require to understand about all weapon areas in Dead Area remake so that you do not lose any valuable time.

All weapons areas in the Dead Space Remake

Keep in mind that all locations and zones in Chimera are marked with neon signs above the door.
Utilize this to your benefit so that you do not get lost or waste time by unnecessarily looking for a location.

Chapter 1-newcomers

There are 2 weapons that you can find in Chapter 1:
Plasma Schneider: In the service workshop you will discover the plasma cutter on a workbench.
You will not be able to miss this weapon.
Tension module: You will discover the Tension module in the cable car control space.
You will require it to avoid the faulty door from obstructing your way.

Chapter 2-Intensive Care

There are two weapons that you can find in Chapter 2:
Kinesis module: You will discover the Kinesis module at the very beginning of Chapter 2. It sits right in front of you on an upside down locker.
Impulse rifle: The impulse rifle is dropped by the passing away gatekeeper at the medical cable car stop.

Chapter 3-Correct Correct

There are 2 weapons that you can discover in Chapter 3:
Rear likewise: You will discover the ripper sitting on the flooring in the device hall.
Flame thrower: You will discover the flamethrower on a body in the corridor that causes the fuel bearing.

Chapter 4-Explanshing looms

In Chapter 4 there is only one weapon to discover:
Contact beam: You will discover the contact bar on the floor in the archive.

You need the security agency 2 for access to the Records Workplace.

Chapter 5-deadly commitment

In Chapter 5 there is only one weapon to discover:
Handgun: You will discover the line weapon in the emergency equipment storage facility.
You require the security company 2 to get access to this storage area for emergency situation equipment.

Chapter 6-Environmental risk

In Chapter 6 there is only one weapon to discover.
This is also the ninth and last weapon that can be found in the game:
Force weapons: You will find the Force handgun in the West Seedling Space A. You require Security Clearance 2 to get access to the West Seedling Room An area.
There you have it!
You will unlock the complete arsenal trophy or success by gathering all weapons.
If you are not exactly sure which of the 9 weapons you ought to use, make certain to read our finest weapon guide for additional information.
Making the empty space brand-new for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC.
– This article was updated on January 29, 2023

Martina Voss-Tecklenburg Speaks Out On Her Future Plans

Martina Voss-Tecklenburg has been in the spotlight since becoming head coach of the German women’s national soccer team last year. With her tenure now in question, Voss-Tecklenburg spoke out on her future plans and how she intends to stay on as head coach for the long term. Read on for more insight into what’s next for this inspiring leader.

Despite the existing break with the DFB, nationwide coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg can envision a long remain on her post.


I wish to stay till after the 2027 World Cup, for which we use together with Belgium and the Netherlands, said the 54-year-old of the Build.
If it does not work, I don’t know what must come for me in football. I would have to think of that for a long time, she said.
After the very first talks, Voss-Tecklenburg needs to now wait and see who will follow the German Football Association on Oliver Bailiff.
Oliver Bailiff was among the decision-makers on our topics. Now there will be a reorganization. We take it into the brand-new year.

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