With the 4-1 test game against FC Zurich, Bayer 04 finished the very first part of the winter preparation.
On January 3, ABI Alonso awaits his players for the second part in Leverkusen.
The Spaniard will largely invest the break in his house country.
I have the chance to drive back house for the very first time because I was at Bayer 04. I will celebrate Christmas with my family and good friends and enjoy in San Sebastián, said the 40-year-old on Saturday.
Football will of course not let go completely.
Particularly not on the day of the World Cup final in Qatar, which, although his Spaniards are no longer represented in the tournament, he will continue to pursue.
After all, Leverkusen’s Argentinian midfielder Ezequiel Palacios is the possibility to grab the crown of world football.
When you have the opportunity to play the World Cup last, then you not just desire to play it, however likewise win. It is a terrific difficulty, says ABI Alonso in memory of 2010 when he won the title with Spain, You can inform your whole life about it.

I keep my fingers crossed for Paley that he brings the enthusiasm of being world champ.

ABI Alonso
He should not be the only one in the Bayer cabin in the future if it is after him.

Since every title enhances the winner of a single gamer and thus likewise that of a group.
As a result, a certain self-interest also resonates when ABI Alonso explains: I keep my fingers crossed for Paley that he brings the enthusiasm of being world champion.

Palacios already has last players

The Argentine eighth, who has been utilized three times in the tournament, has some final players and more favorably prior to the last: with his ex-club River Plate, he won the final of the Argentine Cup (2017 and 2019) and the South American club competitors Copa Libertadores (2018, comparable to the Champions League) and Recopy Americana (2019);
In addition, with Argentina that of Copa América (2021) and recently the finalissima in June, in which Argentina kept the upper hand in the battle of the Copa América winner with European champ Italy.
Bayer 04 in his existing crew to ABI Alonso would have the second title hamster with the highest award in world football if the Albiceleste in Qatar succeeds in Accomplishment.


Experience that would also help the factory club on the square.
Which is why not just the coach Palacios keeps his fingers crossed in Leverkusen.