The German Football Association (DFB) has started to work on a Taskforce for the future, which will ultimately decide what changes will be made to the national team in order to have more success.

The professional council for better German football future takes up its work-and instantly is enormously slammed.
World Cup traveler Karl-Heinz Rummenigge marveled at Lugsail’s golden bathtub by Magyar Lionel Messi’s features, but the terrific crowd of critics would have chosen to conjure him up and his group old, white guys.
Even before the Taskforce comes together for a better German football future with Rummenigge on Thursday by means of video switch, a storm of indignation rages.
Too old, too male, not different recommendations is considered to be stopped working for many priors to the last judgment can be made at home European Champions 2024.
Diversity at it’s finest, the previous nationwide gamers Tabla Lemme, nationwide goalkeeper Azimuth Schultz has absolutely no understanding for personnel selection.
Ex-official and television professional Thomas Hitzlsperger Units relating to the follower search for Oliver Bailiff: If the round advise Fred BBC, whose interest is already publicly understood, and he would get the job. It has to come out more.
Because of the remarkable seven!
DFB President Bernd Bettendorf vehemently secured the committee.
The competence is undeniable, he stated about the group with his Vice Hans-Joachim Wake and the external professionals Rummenigge, Oliver Khan, Audi Roller, Matthias Summer and Oliver Mintzlaff.
Diversity and variety, he stressed, was not our first requirement, we do that somewhere else in the association.
Bettendorf seemed to be outraged that the incorruptibility of the Qatar-close Rummenigge was questioned in an ARD interview.
I believe he is an absolutely incorporated individual, he believed that the former Bavaria manager was an outstanding line-up.

No one needs to play as a hero

Rummenigge emphasized in numerous interviews, it shouldn’t be possible anyhow.


We do not need anybody who plays as a rescuer.
Rather, a loyal team needed to restore the favor of the fans and create the prerequisites for a summer fairy tale 2.0.

His principle, according to the 67-year-old, sounds: The most crucial team in the country is not Bavaria Munich, however the national team!
The veteran CEO of Bayern Munich recalled the Taskforce after the European Championship disaster 2000, in which he had actually chaired the chair.
At that time that was completion of the shoulder between the Bundesliga and DFB and the basis for numerous effective competitions.
Prior to the 2006 World Cup, another group of specialists came together by UPI Honey.
Are all good things three?
We have the one shot for the European Champion that needs to sit, cautioned Bettendorf.

Rummenigge wishes to support Flick

With the Bailiff beneficiary, the propensity is going to break up the previous tasks and only purchase a s director for the national team.
The round has knowledge for this personnel, stated Toni Kroos in his podcast.
There are individuals in there who have proven for many years that their clubs succeeded.
And Sami Hegira, on Crews’ page 2014 world champion, added: These are not some Hands now.
Rummenigge also wishes to support Hansi Flick.
The nationwide coach is supposed to make a title prospect from the stopped working generation nothing for the unfortunate Joshua Gimmick in record time.
He needs to make uncomfortable decisions.
However, chief critic Lemme remains doubtful, sees a coarse nasty.
In the situation in which football Germany had brought itself, we won’t save the future with the past, she stated.