In this article, learn all the details of how RB Leipzig’s revolutionary innovation will change the game. This innovative training technique is really one of the most interesting ideas in football right now and could have some huge implications for clubs across Europe.

The Saxons share that the current yard is converted by stitching.


Special devices are supplemented by the existing yard with synthetic fibers, which are stitched at a depth of around 18 centimeters.
According to the club, the benefits are: extra stability, more equality, increased resilience and a longer service life.

The extra stability of the lawn not only makes sure consistently high quality for our players, however is likewise ideal for decreasing the threat of injury, describes Johann Pledge, handling director of corporate development and includes: At the very same time we can likewise conserve energy and CO2
make a crucial contribution to the objectives of our sustainability technique.
According to Leipzig, this indicates that energy cost savings of approximately 20 percent, given that the hybrid turf requires less lighting and heating.
The mix of art and natural turf is not a novelty in the Bundesliga, FC Bayern has been playing on the blending covering in the arena for several years.